The Best Legal Practice Management Software For Legal Professionals

Onboard clients, check conflicts, seamlessly manage cases and clients. Generate custom reports and never miss any important data with CaseFox law practice management software.

  • Create Custom Intake Form For Your Firm

    With CaseFox, legal practice management software automate the process of client intake. Tailor the online intake form according to your requirements. Add a custom field and collect accurate data from your prospective clients. Use custom intake forms to capture leads and create a whole process with no interruption.

  • Stay Away From Conflicts With Conflict Check

    Our legal practice management software's conflict check feature is a great help to lawyers. It helps them avoid future arguments and legal problems. By quickly looking for any potential conflicts of interest, this feature helps lawyers make smart choices and steer clear of situations that could cause ethical or legal issues.

  • Seamless Case Management

    Manage your complex cases without any hitch with our legal management software. Store all your case data, files, and evidence in one place with 10 GB free cloud storage. Keep track of your case progress and stay updated with all court dates.

  • Gain Insights With Reporting

    CaseFox law management software program offers you complete insights into your legal practice. Keep track of all your cases, clients, payments, and documents. Get an overview of your practice with our intuitive dashboard and download reports in all formats PDF, Excel and Word.


Stories Of Success

Here's what lawyers have to say about CaseFox legal time & expense tracking software


"Amazing, cost-effective case management and billing software"

We have tried out literally 4-5 different practice management software solutions over the years, and we have finally found one that is simple, straightforward, and cost-effective. We love it.

"Works well and easy to use"

My overall experience with CaseFox has been great, it filled a gap in my practice software needs perfectly and now makes me look 100x more professional when dealing with complex cases.

"Excellent Product"

I use CaseFox every day. It has revolutionized the way I manage my practice's billing and accounting as well as utilized daily to remind me of tasks on my to-do list. Allows me to track time spent on a particular project with ease.

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Simplify your Legal Billing with CaseFox!

Our Legal Practice Management System lets lawyers accurately track time and expenses. Speed up the billing process and manage trust accounts.

  • Easy Time & Expense Tracking

    We offer the best legal firm software for time tracking and billing. Track billable time from any device accurately. Use a timer for recording time entries. Create or edit time entries in the note calendar and keep it updated. Record expenses and create entries for all your expenses.

  • Minimize Legal Client Billing Hassle With CaseFox

    CaseFox's advanced billing features help lawyers create bills with recorded time entries. Set recurring billing for clients and simply automate the process of billing. Create personalized bills for clients and generate accurate invoices.

  • Manage Client’s Trust Account With Transparency

    CaseFox law firm accounting software helps lawyers manage the trust accounts of the client. Manage multiple trust accounts for your clients. With practice management software get full control of IOLTA accounts for clients to ensure transparent accounting.

  • Secure Transactions, Anytime, Anywhere With Online Payments

    With CaseFox, the Law Practice Management Solution gets paid faster. Accept payments through PayPal, LawPay, ACH payments, and credit cards. Offer payment flexibility to your clients. Generate a custom payment link and help clients pay securely.


Take Law Firm Control, Your Way!

Organize and manage your documents, create calendar entries, update and review task, and store all your data on CaseFox cloud-based legal management software

  • Go Paperless With Document Management

    Store all your documents at one secure place with our legal firm software. Use pre-made templates for quickly creating documents. Create a backup for all your documents. Store as many documents as required.

  • Get Overview of Firm’s Schedule With Legal Calendar

    Get a complete overview of your firm calendar with our law office management software. Color code calendar entries and filter your entries on the basis of notes, events, and tasks. Get reminders for important meetings and deadlines.

  • Stay Organized With Task Management

    CaseFox legal management software gives you an overview of all the firm’s tasks. Create tasks for staff, send them notifications, and get status updates. Get a glance at all the firm's tasks with a task calendar. Download the task sheet for viewing it offline.

  • Secure Cloud Storage at Your Fingertips

    Cloud-based lawyer practice management software that securely stores your firm's data. Backup all your essential data. Access your files, documents, images, and other data from anywhere and at any time.

Build Stronger Lawyer-Client Relationships

Communicate with clients, share updates, send reminders, and build strong relationships with clients by using CaseFox legal management software

  • Seamless Client Communication

    Use CaseFox law firm practice management software for seamless communication. Send case updates, and communicate with clients through a secure client portal. Generate unique client portal links to keep your client communication secure.

  • Send Reminders For a Better Client Experience

    Send reminders related to the case, meeting, document request, or payment overdue through our legal management software. Send personalized reminders through email or the client portal.

  • Integration that Makes your Workflow Smooth

    Manage your legal workflow effortlessly with CaseFox integrations. Centralize your data and ensure seamless synchronization across platforms. Benefit from our partnerships with Xero, QuickBooks, Google, Outlook and more to streamline your processes professionally and efficiently.


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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Practice Management Software is a software that is specially built for legal professionals. This helps in streamlining their law practice. The software manages cases, clients, billing, and documents efficiently. This comprehensive cloud-based software offers features like case management, time tracking, document organization, and client communication. With secure access and integration capabilities, it enhances productivity and allows legal professionals to focus on providing top-notch services. The right Law Practice Management Software can improve your firm's efficiency and client satisfaction.

Legal Practice Management Software streamlines law firm operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity. It manages cases, clients, time tracking, documents, and calendars. With secure data protection and collaboration tools, it fosters better client interactions and teamwork. The software generates insightful reports for data-driven decision-making and integrates with other legal tools for streamlined workflows. Embrace the best cloud-based Law Office Management System to excel in the competitive legal landscape.

Legal Practice Management Software comes with a range of features to streamline the day-to-day operations and enhance the efficiency of law firms. Some key features include:

  • Legal Billing: Legal billing is one of the most useful features of a cloud-based legal practice management software solution. With the help of a legal billing feature, lawyers can easily record time, generate bills on the basis of recorded billable hours, generate bulk invoices, and also support LEDES invoicing. You can get payments faster with the help of legal billing software.
  • Time and Expenses tracking: This feature helps lawyers and legal professionals track billable hours spent on various tasks. They can generate bills on the basis of time tracked. Expenses management features allow lawyers to track and manage their expenses.
  • Case or Matter Management: The software allows users to create, organize, and manage cases and matters in a centralized system. It tracks important dates, deadlines, and tasks associated with each case.
  • Client Management: Legal Practice Management Systems provides a database to store and manage client information. It keeps track of client details, communication history, and documents.
  • Document Management: Legal professionals handle numerous documents, and the software offers a secure repository to store, organize, and access to legal files easily.
  • Calendar and Scheduling: The software assists in managing appointments, court dates, and deadlines.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Many Legal Practice Management Software solutions include communication tools, like email integration and client portals.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The software generates reports and analytics on various aspects of the firm's performance, finances, and case progress.
  • Secure Access and Data Protection: Legal Practice Management Software for attorneys ensures data security and access controls to protect sensitive client information.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Legal Practice Management Software solutions integrate with other legal software, reducing data duplication and enhancing efficiency.
  • Mobile Access: If you want to take your practice with you wherever you go. Look for a software that offers legal mobile apps. If not, a software with a mobile-friendly interface is also a good idea.

  • Law practice management software offers numerous benefits that revolutionize how law firms operate. Firstly, it streamlines day-to-day operations by centralizing case and client information, enabling easy access and organization. Time and billing tracking features ensure accurate invoicing and efficient law firm financial management. The software's document management capabilities facilitate secure storage and quick retrieval of legal files, promoting collaboration among team members.
  • Additionally, calendar and scheduling tools keep lawyers on top of critical dates and deadlines, minimizing the risk of missed appointments. With communication and collaboration features, firms can engage clients effectively and improve overall client satisfaction. Moreover, robust reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into firm performance and case progress, guiding data-driven decision-making. Overall, law practice management software optimizes productivity, enhances efficiency, and empowers law firms to deliver exceptional legal services.

  • Yes, you definitely need Law Practice Management Software. It streamlines your law firm's operations, improves efficiency, and boosts productivity. With features like case management, client database, time tracking, and secure access, it enhances collaboration and client communication.
  • This software integrates with other legal tools and provides valuable insights for better decision-making. If you want to discover your legal firm's full potential and achieve success in the legal industry, you must opt for a robust legal practice management system like CaseFox.

  • Lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, and legal support staff use Legal Practice Management Software across various legal firms. It streamlines operations, improves case management, client communication, and billing processes.
  • Whether you're a solo practitioner, a small firm, or a large organization, this software enhances collaboration and client satisfaction. With secure data access and protection, it ensures the safety of sensitive information.

  • If you're seeking the best law practice management software for your firm, look no further than CaseFox. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, CaseFox is designed to streamline your firm's operations and enhance efficiency.
  • It offers comprehensive case and matter management, ensuring you never miss important litigation dates or deadlines. The software's client management system organizes client information and communication history, enabling better client interactions.
  • CaseFox's time and billing tracking feature ensures accurate invoicing and expense management. Its secure document management keeps legal files safe and accessible. Plus, the software's integration capabilities reduce data duplication and boost overall productivity.

When searching for the best law practice management software for your firm, there are essential factors to consider, such as:

  • Assess your firm's specific needs and requirements.
  • Look for software that offers comprehensive features like case management, client organization, time tracking, and secure data access.
  • User-friendly interfaces and easy integration with other legal tools are crucial for seamless workflows.
  • Check for reliable customer support and training options to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from other legal professionals can provide valuable insights.
  • Opt for a scalable solution that can grow with your firm. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can make an informed decision and choose the ideal lawyer practice management software.
  • If you are looking for all these features and more, for the optimum performance of your legal firm, CaseFox law practice management software could be the absolutely right pick for you! CaseFox also offers a free law practice management software with it’s SOLO plan, with some limitation.

Getting employees to use law practice management software is essential for maximizing its benefits. To ensure successful adoption, you can follow these suggestions:

  • Start by providing comprehensive training to familiarize them with the software's features and functionalities.
  • Emphasize how the software streamlines workflows, saves time and improves efficiency.
  • Encourage open communication, address any concerns, and actively seek feedback to address issues and make necessary adjustments.
  • Lead by example and demonstrate your commitment to using the software consistently.
  • By highlighting the positive impact on their productivity and the firm's success, you can motivate employees to wholeheartedly embrace the law office management software and enjoy its advantages.

  • Practice management software is beneficial for law firms at various stages of their operation. Whether you are a solo practitioner, a small firm, or a large organization, utilizing practice management software can significantly enhance efficiency and streamline daily operations.
  • From the very beginning of setting up your law firm, implementing this software can help you establish organized case management, efficient time tracking, and secure document storage. As your firm grows, the software adapts, ensuring smooth client communication, billing, and reporting.

Explore More Features


Case Management

Manage every case detail at one place and stay organized from anywhere & anytime.


Document Management

Assemble, edit, organize and access your documents
all at one place.


Time & Expense Tracking

Streamline billing process with automated timer & track expenses with ease.


Legal Calendaring

Manage events, tasks, notes in calendar and sync it with Google calendar or iCal.


Legal Accounting

Handle trust and operating accounts from a single place and keep a record of all the firm transactions.


Online Payment

Accept online payments and offer payment flexibility to clients. Get paid faster with CaseFox.


Task Management

Assign and track tasks from anywhere. Generate comprehensive task reports for staff.


Client Portal

Communicate securely with clients and accept payment from a unique client portal link.


Insightful Firm Dashboard

Gain insights into billable hours, tasks, get an overview of firms' growth and finances.


Conflict Check

Run seamless conflict checks to avoid any conflict of interest with your existing clients.


Data Security

Industry standard data encryption and protection process to keep your law practice secure.


Reports & Tools

Generate comprehensive reports for cases, clients, time entries, vendors, invoices and more.

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