Master client satisfaction with utmost security

  • Secure & accessible client portal

    Log in directly into your client portal with a secure link from anywhere and anytime. CaseFox ensures your data, case details, and other important information is well protected with exclusive URLs available only to you and your clients.

  • Request appointments in no time

    With CaseFox client portal feature, clients can request an appointment from legal professionals assigned to them by simply filling out details like title, date, time, duration, and description.

  • Easy payments with unique URLs

    Make secure payments by a unique URL without the hesitation of your personal details getting compromised with CaseFox’s ultra secure client portal. This feature also enables you to pay a retainer fee/advance fee with the same URL.


Simplify, Connect, Succeed like a pro!

  • Download Invoices hassle-free

    With the case management feature of CaseFox, you can add fixed budget/max charges for all your cases. To avoid going over budget, CaseFox automatically calculates a discount to be applied when an invoice is created.

  • Get detailed account statements

    With this feature, you can download detailed account statements and trust account transactions hassle-free in just one click by accessing the client portal dashboard using your unique URL.

  • Efficient client communication

    The Online Client Portal allows clients to send you secure messages. These messages are saved in the "Client's Messages" section. You can start a conversation or reply to your client's messages, making communication easy.

Thousands of Legal Professionals- One Voice!

Numerous legal professionals vouch for the extraordinary CaseFox experience!


Data Migration

Seamlessly migrate your system data to CaseFox without any cost.


Free Onboarding

Fast-track your legal operations with FREE online onboarding demo sessions.


Staff Training

Onboard your staff efficiently with our training session on ZERO Cost!


24/7 Support

Access CaseFox's 24/7 support team via phone, email, or chat to raise tickets and get immediate answers


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Client portal software serves as a secure and efficient digital platform, enabling seamless communication, collaboration, and information exchange between businesses and their clients. This online gateway allows clients to access a range of services, documents, and crucial information tailored to their interactions with the company. From streamlined communication channels and easy document sharing to transparent transaction histories, client portal software enhances customer-company relationships.

Client portal software transforms legal communication. Seamlessly designed for law firms, this digital tool revolutionizes communication, collaboration, and information exchange. It enables the legal professionals to securely exchange confidential documents and engage in real-time communication with their clients. With the help of this client portal software, legal professionals can generate secure URLs for their clients so that they can pay their invoices, schedule appointments, download account statements, communicate with lawyers, and access to legal documents from anywhere, ensuring transparency and convenience.

Lawyers communicate with their clients through a variety of channels and methods to ensure effective and timely interaction. The communication approach may vary based on the nature of the case, client preferences, and the complexity of legal matters. Here are common ways lawyers communicate with their clients:

  • Document Management:Phone Calls: Direct phone communication is a common method for lawyers to provide updates, discuss case developments, and answer client questions. Phone calls allow for immediate interaction and personal discussion.
  • Client Intake:Email: Lawyers often use email to share detailed information, legal documents, and updates with clients. Email provides a written record of communication and can be accessed conveniently by both parties.
  • Deadline Tracking and Alerts:Client Portals: Specialized client portal software allows lawyers to share confidential documents, case updates, and messages securely. Clients can access information and communicate with their legal team through a centralized online platform.
  • Communication Tools:Meetings: In-person meetings or virtual meetings via video conferencing platforms offer a more personalized and in-depth discussion of legal matters. These meetings are especially useful for complex cases or when discussing sensitive issues.
  • Form Preparation and Submission:Letters and Correspondence: Formal letters and written correspondence are used for official communications, legal notices, and documentation. These can serve as legally recognized records of communication.
  • Task and Workflow Management:Text Messages: For quick updates and non-sensitive information, lawyers might use text messages to communicate with clients. Texts are convenient and offer a more informal way to convey information.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Adherence:Social Media and Chat: Some lawyers use secure messaging apps or social media platforms for informal updates and client queries. However, sensitive legal matters are usually discussed through more secure channels.
  • Reporting and Analytics:Legal Documents: Lawyers communicate through legal documents such as contracts, pleadings, court filings, and agreements. These documents outline legal strategies, terms, and actions being taken on behalf of the client.
  • Integration Capabilities:Client Meetings: Lawyers conduct face-to-face meetings in their offices or at client locations to discuss case progress, legal strategies, and client concerns.
  • Mobile Accessibility:Client Newsletters or Bulletins: Some law firms send out newsletters or bulletins to keep clients informed about legal updates, changes in regulations, and firm-related news.

In the plethora of law firms, the search for the best client portal software for law firms ends at CaseFox. This innovative platform transforms client-lawyer communication and collaboration.

With CaseFox, law firms and clients gain access to a secure and centralized digital hub. Seamlessly communicate updates, share secured legal documents, and book appointments. This software ensures transparency by enabling clients to view invoices, make payments, and manage financial transactions effortlessly.

CaseFox's client portal helps clients seamlessly navigate the complexities of legal matters, foster trust through transparent communication, and experience unparalleled convenience.

Through CaseFox's innovative features, lawyer-client communication becomes effortless and effective. This is how CaseFox does it-

  • Real-Time Updates: Our client portal ensures lawyers can provide instant case updates to clients. Lawyers can share developments, court dates, and progress, keeping clients informed without delay.
  • Document Sharing: Attorneys can securely exchange legal documents and contracts through the portal. This eliminates the need for physical meetings and speeds up the documentation process.
  • Secure Messaging: CaseFox's portal offers secure messaging options, allowing lawyers and clients to communicate directly within the platform. Clients can ask questions, seek advice, and receive timely responses.
  • Transparent Billing: Lawyers can share invoices and payment details through the portal. This level of transparency fosters trust and clarity in financial matters.
  • Task Monitoring: The portal enables lawyers to outline tasks, deadlines, and milestones. Clients can track the progress of their cases, ensuring they're informed about the ongoing work.
  • Client Accessibility: Our user-friendly interface ensures clients can access the portal from anywhere at their convenience. This enhances engagement and participation in legal proceedings.
  • Easy Payments: Clients can make payments directly through the portal, streamlining financial transactions and reducing administrative burdens.
  • Data Security: CaseFox prioritizes data security, ensuring all client-attorney communications and shared documents remain confidential and protected.

The cost of client portal software varies as per your needs. However, you can avail the CaseFox client portal software FREE of cost by just making your FREE ACCOUNT on The client portal features are also available for you if you are already a paid member of CaseFox. Apart from this, you can also avail other premium features of CaseFox like LEDES billing, Legal reporting, Custom tags, Multilingual support, Time & expense tracking, client intake, Conflict check, Bulk invoice generation, Task management, Legal accounting, Case management, Document management, and many more; you can opt for either annual plan or monthly plan.

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Absolutely! The CaseFox client portal software is built with robust security measures to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive client data. We prioritize the security of your information as a top priority. Here’s how CaseFox ensures complete client portal security:

  • Data Encryption: CaseFox employs advanced encryption protocols to safeguard all data transmitted between users and the platform. This ensures that any information shared remains confidential and secure.
  • Access Control: The client portal utilizes strict access controls, allowing only authorized individuals, such as clients and designated legal professionals, to access specific information. This prevents unauthorized parties from gaining entry.
  • Regular Security Audits: CaseFox regularly conducts security audits and assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. This proactive approach ensures that the software remains resilient against emerging threats.
  • Secure Servers: Our servers are hosted in secure data centers with industry-standard security measures, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems, to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Compliance Standards: CaseFox adheres to relevant data protection and privacy regulations to ensure that client data is handled in accordance with the highest industry standards.
  • Secure Communication: All communication within the portal, including messages and document exchanges, is encrypted to prevent interception by unauthorized parties.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Our dedicated security team continuously monitors the system for any unusual activities, swiftly responding to any potential security breaches.