Trust Accounting Software

Manage multiple trusts accounts and operating accounts easily with our trust accounting software

Easily manage multiple client trust accounts and save your time and efforts by maintaining a single ledger for all the entries. Bulk pay invoices from trust funds. Onboard new clients and manage trust accounting with ease.

Bulk pay invoices from trust accounts

In addition to the usual “pay one invoice at a time from trust funds” feature, a one-click bulk pay invoice from trust funds is provided. This must be used after carefully verifying all invoices because once executed, the entries cannot be automatically rolled back.

Manage multiple client trust accounts and operating accounts

Manage multiple trusts and operating accounts conveniently. If you have multiple attorney trust accounts with your bank, you can mimic those accounts in CaseFox. Every time you withdraw money from a trust account at the bank, make the same entry in CaseFox. This way you will not need to maintain a separate ledger for trust transactions. Alternatively, you may also create just one trust account in our legal trust accounting software.

CaseFox integration dashboard

Add and withdraw funds vs transfer funds to operating accounts

In operating accounts, funds can be added and withdrawn by your law firm. You can use the “Transfer Funds To Operating Account” feature for transferring money from a client's trust account to your firm’s operating account. Trust accounting was never made so easy.

IOLTA Accounting you can trust

Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts is used by lawyers who practice privately and need to maintain their client’s funds in separate IOLTA accounts. As the state ethics requires that those funds must be separated from attorney’s operating accounts and kept separately to a trust account. CaseFox helps you in maintaining your IOLTA Accounting correctly by giving the proper set of accounts for the same.

CaseFox bulk action on invoice

Top client services for the best client experience

With the premium features in all the plans offering top-notch client services when it comes to data migration and security, CaseFox makes your everyday practice easy.

The Legal billing solution is very user-friendly as it requires the least of inputs.

Best Support
Best support

Get help from our exceptional customer support team via email or phone. We are here for you.

Data Security
Data security

Protect your client’s information and firm’s data with industry-leading security methods and protocols.

Free Data Migration
Free Data Migration

Easily transfer all your data from your existing software to CaseFox.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal trust accounting software?

Legal trust accounting software is used in order to reduce your time and efforts as this software helps in managing multiple trust accounts and helps in maintaining a single ledger for all the entries.

Can I add and withdraw funds by using legal trust accounting software?

Yes, one can add and withdraw funds using the Transfer Funds To Operating account feature which can ensure safe transfer of money from a client’s trust account to your firm’s operating account.

Can I roll my entries back once I have made them already?

No, one should make all entries of invoices very carefully as once it’s executed it cannot be rolled back.

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