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Many responsibilities come with being a commercial attorney, from drafting different contracts to resolving many disputes. With CaseFox commercial legal software gets access to all crucial administrative and financial tools needed to execute your legal case hassle-free. Enhance your commercial legal practice management with CaseFox commercial legal management solution.

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Enhance your commercial law practice management, record everything in a single software

Get everything in a click, make effective decisions and increase law firm revenue. Instantly capture time and note billable hours in just a single click. Earn for the exact time you invested.

Systematize work Records

Enable access to any record or report in macro seconds. Look into both billable and non-billable hours separately and analyze the whole data in less time. Get paid with the exact amount of time invested, and generate effective billable reports for your clients.

Document Automation

Manage legal forms and data electronically which involve paper files. Edit, delete or print any document without extra effort. Keep all litigation-related documents in a single place. Access documents from anywhere whenever needed and never let your case get hindered with information inconvenience. 

Enhance your commercial law practice management, record everything in a single software

Boosts firm’s efficiency, manage time, enable quick search results

Don’t hustle between online search tools, operate, execute and search everything in a single centralized place. Eliminate paper file workload and get into a smart way to store and access any file in just a few minutes.

Boosts firm’s efficiency, manage time, enable quick search results

Manage core work painlessly

Save bulk time and invest in what’s important. Prevent conflicts, file motions, and work extra on taking actions on litigations.  Smartly organize documents and search them whenever needed without bringing the idea of paper notes. 

Enhance work efficiency

Manage time effectively and complete things before the deadline. Avoid double entry and automate tasks and work more smartly. Record every second of your matter from the time it opened and get a full report painlessly.

Keep litigations on track, remember every minute task with the initiative calendar

Get everything in place, save time in remembering and maintaining paper notes. Get notified without any delay. Execute tasks when needed without any hurdles and be on top of all schedules.

Schedule commercial tasks systematically

Schedule commercial tasks systematically

Manage all business legal matters, legal disputes, litigations, employee agreements, and many more within a single software. Let CaseFox systematically plan different tasks to be performed in just a few minutes.

Never miss court hearings

Never miss court hearings

CaseFox commercial law software, allows you to prepare everything in advance, by notifying you about the next court hearing. Be on time with all important dates and smoothly manage your commerce law.

Be ready beforehand

Be ready beforehand

Be updated and monitor different leases and be ready for all that needs to be executed without any future chaos. With CaseFox get access to exceptional tools and get ready with all information before the hearing date.

Access information in a click

Access information in a click

Search anything with names or keywords associated with it. With CaseFox, get full access to search anything you need, without jumping to other tools. Save your time and get instant efficiency with time management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercial law software?

Commercial legal case management software is designed to help commercial attorneys in dealing with all types of both private and public law of commercial litigations. It helps in making the tasks of a lawyer easier such as proofreading documents, scheduling meetings, researching about cases, drafting documents, and many more. 

Is CaseFox's law software built specifically for my practice area?

If you are a commercial litigation lawyer looking forward to managing each task efficiently with proper time management, then yes CaseFox is the perfect place for you to invest in. With proper tools, CaseFox also offers everything at the most affordable rates for your practice management. 

What does commercial legal software actually do?

CaseFox commercial legal practice management solution assists commercial litigation lawyers in storing documents, researching content, getting information, updating cases, securing data, and many more in just a single software. Run your commercial litigation by letting CaseFox onboard clients, execute case audits without much time consumption. 

Does CaseFox offer a proper calendaring feature?

By offering some top-notch features, CaseFox takes into consideration your schedules and priorities and sets reminders for your individual task. It notifies you and your client regarding court hearings and different meetings before time and assists in the smooth flow of work operations in your law firms. 

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