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Whether it be employment law, bankruptcy law, health law, or any other area, get complete software to manage all the practice areas hassle-free. CaseFox manages everything for you so you don't need to worry about taking care of multiple practice areas.

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One Intuitive Software For All Practice Areas CaseFox

Not just one! Get access to all practice areas

Get all the practice areas under one roof and increase your work productivity with CaseFox.

Health Law

Be ready to deal with health care fraud, insurance refunds, health care facilities, and many more issues related to health law. Streamline works with CaseFox health law software by accessing all important features in a single software.

Bankruptcy Law

Help your clients in paying their debts and deliver time to time advice to your new as well as existing bankruptcy clients from anywhere. Manage documents, communications, billing, and appointments on time with CaseFox.

Employment Law

Being an employment lawyer, you need to manage many types of documentation including claims, employment contracts, and many more. Store, edit, delete and access any document with CaseFox employment law software. 

Government Law

Many aspects need to get managed by a government lawyer. Work smoothly on preparing legislation, advising government members, and so on. Get features like online payments, legal calendaring, client intake, accounting, etc. in one software.

Personal Injury Law

Keep all the details in hand and manage documentation, cases, accounting, timekeeping, invoicing, and many more under a single roof. Help your client’s securely recovered their losses with CaseFox personal injury law software.


Say no to paperwork and store every information securely on a cloud-based platform. Manage all types of criminal acts and automate most of the day-to-day work with CaseFox cybersecurity law software. 

Criminal Law Software

As a criminal lawyer, there are many duties to be completed which include investigating the case, researching case laws, drafting motions, and many more. With Casefox criminal law software gets access to all the important features to smoothly manage every criminal case. 

Real Estate law

Manage each and every client separately and secure the conversation through an online client portal. Deal with real estate matters from anywhere incurring no additional cost. 

Intellectual Property Law

Save your time and schedule intellectual property law tasks systematically with legal calendaring. Organize documents and set reminders for every task with CaseFox. 

Commercial Law Software

Representing client’s in court, meeting deadlines, arranging client meetings and many more come into the daily duties of a commercial lawyer. With the modern cloud-based solution, get features like legal calendaring, quick invoicing, unlimited document storage, and many more.

Immigration Law Software

Giving legal advice, and dealing with complex issues come with the daily schedule of being an immigration lawyer. CaseFox immigration law software manages and runs every immigration issue without any hassle and completes all the tasks on time ‌leaving no deadlines. 

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