Intellectual Property Law Software

Being an intellectual property lawyer comes with many responsibilities and duties to be handled and managed which involves executing cases based on trademarks, patents, copyrights, and many more. Let CaseFox intellectual property law software provide you with all the necessary tools.

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Manage all types of intellectual property issues by meeting all deadlines

Easily draft patents and prepare prosecutions without any delay, and be updated with the whole schedule painlessly.

Stay top with the whole schedule

Whether it be a negotiation to be conducted or patent law to be protected, never miss any single matter. Manage your whole schedule timely by assigning tasks to the staff and setting deadlines for the same with CaseFox legal calendaring software. 

Set personalized reminder

Keep updated on what tasks are pending and what tasks have been completed. Set reminders for all the tasks and complete all the pending tasks without any further delay with task management.

Manage all types of intellectual property issues by meeting all deadlines

Boosts client intake smoothly

Your intellectual clients need help quickly, offer them what they need and increase your intake seamlessly.

Access to online intake forms

Create different intake forms for different intellectual property cases, let clients access online intake forms from anywhere anytime and boost your intake hassle-free. 


Seamless conflict check

Design intake forms systematically and collects all the information from your clients in a single form. Check backgrounds and manage conflict checks smoothly.

Seamlessly organize all case documents at a centralized place

Whether it be client information or case details, place everything in a single place without involving multiple tools.

With our dedicated ELM developers, get your feature requirements, customized

Access any information anytime

Manage all your real estate documentation in a centralized place. Say no to paperwork and manage everything on the cloud with CaseFox’s document management software.

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Customize all details

Create separate information columns for different intellectual property cases like brand image, product formulas, trademarks, and many more, and run each case smoothly without any confusion.

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Secure all information in a single place

Information regarding trade secrets projects, trademark law, patent law, franchising, etc needs proper security features. Store any number of data without the stress of losing the data. Streamline billing, accounting and reporting securely and flexibly. 

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Organize data systematically

Intellectual property cases involve many small and big data to be stored and protected from other visitors. With CaseFox store unlimited documents and access them anytime needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is intellectual property law software?

Intellectual property law software is an easy-to-handle solution that allows intellectual property lawyers to easily manage all their day-to-day intellectual cases tasks and activities in an automated and less time-consuming way. 

Q2. What does intellectual property law software do?

Intellectual property software is a cloud solution that enables intellectual property attorneys to hassle-free conduct virtual operations from anywhere anytime. 

CaseFox helps intellectual property attorneys in case management, document management, trust accounting, client intake, security, and many more in a single software.

Q3. Is CaseFox law software built specifically for my practice area?

Being an intellectual property lawyer involves many cases and tasks to be handled and resolved. If you are an attorney looking for online technological software that can help you in automating most of your day-to-day work, then yes CaseFox is the best solution for you to opt for.

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