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As a criminal defense attorney, you have to take care of the most serious violations of criminal statute cases. With CaseFox criminal legal practice management software always stays organized and puts most of your efforts on crucial tasks and generates instant best outcomes for your clients.

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Go Paperless, Flexibly Store And Access Documents From Anywhere Anytime

Quickly study any criminal related documents, keep proper track of every bit of data. Get everything you need to solve your criminal case in a single click without any trouble.

Customized Criminal Case Information

Create separate criminal case documents for different criminal cases like theft, fraud, embezzlement, and many more in a single software. Track every detail of the case in minute seconds. Create different heads for each case, and access it anytime with its specific file name.

Conveniently Access Criminal Documental Data

Access documents in a single click from any feasible device. With CaseFox top integrations like Dropbox, Google Doc, Box.Net, criminal cases can easily be imported and updated anywhere anytime. Save all information directly from the apps without any extra effort. Save time in maintaining different tools, sync all with CaseFox and run your practice smoothly. 

Custom featured software for your legal operations

Secure Every Single Client Message, Send And Receive Any Information Securely

Never get delayed while receiving payments, get quick payments with a secure client portal. Send, receive, delete, edit any message without letting any outsider access it.

Get notified, set deadlines, and keep your practice on track (1)

Transfer Information To Clients Regarding Unpaid Invoices

Allow clients to view invoices and payment reports. Make your client automatically get access to make payment in a single click. Update clients regarding unpaid invoices and never miss a single payment. Get a full view of unpaid invoices with clients’ names on a single screen.

Securely Receive Criminal Cases Related Information

Access all important information with the client portal securely without any duplication or misuse. Enable quick access to criminal case-related information with your clients. Keep your case as a priority, and save time in securing case information by automating security checks on it.

Never Miss A Single Court Date, Stay On Top With All Important Events

Don’t allow your schedule to get delayed, keep in track of all the crucial deadlines and tasks. Simplify schedules and complete everything timely without any delay.

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Be Updated With All Matter Related Deadlines

Work with the rules, set case deadlines for your criminal cases, and never miss any event or task. Set individual reminders and get notified timely. Stay updated with upcoming court hearings beforehand.

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Pre Plan All Your Schedules

Sync your calendar with CaseFox google calendar and set timely reminders for every task. Analyze each date and be ready with all necessary information, get timely alerts for deadlines. Manage deadlines with proper rules and guidelines smoothly.

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Eliminate Chaos For What Needs To Be Done

Create customized events and task lists and let your staff know what needs to be worked upon. Assign tasks and solve criminal disputes in a hassle-free manner. With CaseFox get access to custom reminders and finish pending tasks seamlessly.

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Hassle-free Document Backup

Edit, store, update, save and delete any documents anytime. Flexibly get the lost file with a click with the CaseFox document backup feature. Manage everything automatically without putting in any extra effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is criminal law software?

Criminal Law Software is an exceptional area that enables criminal case defense lawyers to store, edit, delete, update all case-related evidence, documents, proofs, information, and many more.

CaseFox criminal law case management software assists in generating effective invoices for your clients. Set deadlines, store documents, receive payments, generate invoices all with CaseFox.

What does criminal legal software actually do?

Criminal Legal Software automates document management and helps in storing criminal case-related files in an organized manner. It helps a criminal lawyer in easily staying ahead with time and setting proper case deadlines for each task.

With CaseFox eliminate the factor of time consumption while searching any old or new case, streamline the search process in a click.

Is CaseFox's law software built specifically for my practice area?

Well for a criminal defense attorney, getting access to all tools in a centralized place is something worth investing in.

With CaseFox’s criminal legal software you can get easy access to new clients and can prepare effective standard invoices in just a click.

Organize and implement everything that you need without wasting much of your time.

Boosts your efficiency with CaseFox criminal legal software.

Is CaseFox secure?

Yes, CaseFox provides top-notch security to all the data and information, as a criminal lawyer you can fully trust CaseFox criminal software in terms of both quality and security.

From sending messages to storing data, everything is safe for your law firm under CaseFox. All information transferred between you and your client remains secured with the CaseFox client portal.

Does CaseFox criminal law software offer quick payments for my law firm?

Yes, CaseFox offers exceptional payment facilities to its criminal case-related clients, by offering both credit and online payment options.

Nothing remains on standstill with the CaseFox payment mechanism. Clients can pay from anywhere anytime without any time or convenience hindrance.

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