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Seamless Conflict Check Software

Get your law practice an intuitive solution and avail fast, transparent, affordable, and automated features to investigate multiple conflicts of different clients. Keep your data safe and have a smooth communication process with your respective clients with the help of a client conflict check.

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Seamless Conflict Check Software

What is a conflict check?

The client conflict check tool is used to avoid and prevent conflicts between existing and potential clients. Further, a law firm conflict check tool for your law firm is used to prevent yourself from any malpractice that would have taken place if you wouldn’t keep a check using a legal conflict check.

Make case management seamless by avoiding conflicts

Manage complex cases and never miss any client detail. Get a fast-moving law firm conflict check system and accelerate your case process easily.

Search In Seconds

Quick Searches

Eliminate the access time and cost wastage on searching results for different clients’ data. Get results in seconds and evaluate conflict checks in a single go. Search for conflicts in a few clicks. 

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Casefox’s law firm conflict check is one of the simplest conflict check systems you can ever work with. It eliminates the need for detailed procedures and makes the process easy by just asking for your client’s name.

Secure All Information Hassle-Free

High-Tech Security

CaseFox client conflict checks system uses advanced technologies in order to ensure all-time data privacy and security. It helps lawyers to search for details and to keep it secure from any outside access.

Customized case categories

Professional Case-Work

CaseFox legal case management software provides functionality to enter the names of people involved in your cases, on both sides. Get a complete list of information and manage every single case without any conflict of interest.

You should note that this functionality is just one of numerous steps you should be taking to avoid conflict. It goes without saying that CaseFox law firm conflict checks depend on names entered in the 'Names' tab.

How does CaseFox’s conflict check system work?

For your law firm, the client conflict check feature is essential. Managing conflicts is easy with CaseFox.

CaseFox’s legal billing software allows you to enter the names of all the people involved in your case, on both sides.

For example, if you represent a son, you can enter his immediate family members. Also, you can enter the names of people who have some kind of connection to the opposing party.

To determine whether the moving lawyer has ever represented parties whose interests are opposed to those of the new firm’s clients, the firm examines computerized lists of clients and cases. 


By entering the name of the client you want to check the conflict with, you can easily use the tool to check if a conflict persists. As a result, you can count on conflict of interests. 


It is important to note that first and last names are verified separately when entering first or last names, and that conflict checks should not only be performed on a potential client, but also on the opposing party. You can also enter the name of a company or firm in either the first name or last name fields. On the Conflict check page, you may leave one of these fields blank.

Reliable, seamless, and easy-to-use conflict check

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Owner (Law Firm)

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CaseFox has made it possible for me to have a case management software while practicing as a part-time solo. Growing the practice is much slower than if it was my primary job/income. I would be using Word for invoices, Excel for time-keeping, and "Ctrl-F" for conflict checking if I never found CaseFox.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a conflict check?

A conflict check is a process executed by law firms in order to check whether any lawyer has ever represented a party that can conflict with the interest of the existing party to which the lawyer is giving legal assistance to. This process is generally completed before the attorney-client relationship begins.

What does conflict check management software mean?

A conflict check software includes examining computerized lists of clients and cases to understand whether the moving lawyer has ever represented parties with interests averse to those of the new firm’s clients, and usually, the disclosure of that information takes place before the lawyer is formally hired by the new firm.

Is this feature useful for attorneys?

Yes, the client conflict check management software is really helpful for attorneys and lawyers as it assists the attorneys to set up a conflict checking process to avoid conflicts. Checking for conflicts becomes more simplified with an automated conflict check system.

What does conflict check software do?

Conflict check software is an easy-to-use software that helps lawyers and law firms in running through different client conflict check processes for different clients. Client conflict check further ensures transparency in casework as the client’s background check is processed without any trouble of conflict of interest. 

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