Import Export Data

Import Export data hassle-free in one-click.

CaseFox provides you with an import-export data tool that helps you import client lists, google contacts, and export your entire data.

You can import the data listed below, easily:

• CaseFox helps you import files and clients from google contacts, Quickbooks online, or excel files. Quickbooks IIF format is also supported.

• You can import your case list from another system through the XLSX file. Imported cases can easily be edited and can also be moved to a different case in case any detail is entered wrong.

• You can also import time-expense entries from any other system through the XLSX file. Imported time-expense entries can easily be edited and can also be moved to a different case if entered wrong. CaseFox makes sure that data conversion is done within seconds.

Import Data

You can Export the following data with in a click:

• Export Invoices and client lists to QuickBooks. You can easily export invoices of particular months in IIF format or connect to Quickbooks online account and export invoices to the same.

• One-click export of all your data through a data export tool. Export time-expense entries, trust & operating account entries, case list, client list, phone message log, tasks, calendar entries, and invoicing data in an Excel Workbook.

• You can export data individually in a PDF file or Excel workbook as well. Export CSV for importing time entries into JURISTM, unbilled time entries, account transactions, etc.

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With the premium features in all the plans offering top-notch client services when it comes to data migration and security, CaseFox makes your everyday practice easy.

The Legal billing solution is very user-friendly as it requires the least of inputs.

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Best support

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Data security

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Free Data Migration

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