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Being a personal injury lawyer you help your injured party to cover their loss by providing them with legal representation. Let CaseFox Personal Injury Case Management Software manage your legal firm and track all the documents and negotiations so that you can effortlessly focus more on your client’s case.

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Be updated beforehand, and never miss a single deadline

Automate your calendering process, and make the work look more organized and updated. Present effective legal representation, and never miss any tasks and events.

Stay on top, track every task

Create a customized task list and let your staff know about their assigned work and the associated deadlines in order to gain the finest results. CaseFox personal injury case management Software always sets a personalized schedule to carry on day-to-day tasks seamlessly.

Get notified about each deadline

Customize cases and create separate reminders for all the cases. Based on US court rules, create calendar events for your personal injury practice automatically. Managing deadlines with bulk tasks is not an easy thing to go with. Automate reminders about each task and event and prepare yourself with CaseFox.

Be updated beforehand, and never miss a single deadline

Manage all your case documents with ease, and invest your time in core work

Build a strong case area, and let all your injury case documents be managed professionally. Automate your firm administrative tasks and save more time with CaseFox injury management software.

Be updated beforehand, and never miss a single deadline (1)

Keep track of personal injury case detail

Manage each of your cases smoothly and be updated with every minute detail related to your client’s case and keep adding it separately into your client’s tab in CaseFox cloud personal injury management software.

Search any stored information with ease

CaseFox keeps all your data including medical files, videos, client’s information, etc in one place systematically. Access and manage any legal documents anytime and from anywhere with just a click.

Simplify your intake for personal injury clients, and manage it without any obstacle

Manage each of your tasks, appointments, schedules, and calendar events in the most convenient manner with CaseFox Personal Injury case management software.

Automate communication from the very start (1)

Automate communication from the very start

Set automated client communications majorly for the new injury clients. Communicate with the clients about, when, and where they will receive all the notifications and updates. Don’t let a single thing get missed, and multiply your legal firm client intake by gaining satisfaction from them. 

Simplify your intake form by customizing it

Simplify your intake form by customizing it

Customize online client intake forms for varied personal injury cases like medical loss, work loss, accidents, etc. Don’t hustle between data, pay more attention to what’s important, analyze information, and deliver the best for your clients. 

Fill intake forms from anywhere

Fill intake forms from anywhere

Give flexible service to your personal injury clients by letting them fill their forms from anywhere. Give your client a sense of comfort and offer them flexible intake forms. With CaseFox never let your client feel stressed in the process of client intake forms.

Store everything you want and need

Store everything you want and need

Create separate columns for every field and enter all the details including clients’ medical bills, date of the incident, client statements, insurance claims, etc in a single place. Don’t let multiple documents confuse you, with CaseFox stores all of them separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal injury case management software?

The personal injury software is a platform that assists personal injury attorneys to stay organized, communicative, effective, and getting the finest results out of the matter. CaseFox personal injury case management software will help you whenever you get stuck during your case and will offer a suite of flexible features to run your cases smoothly. 

Does CaseFox monitor individual matter progress?

Yes, CaseFox has the feature to track and monitor each ongoing minute thing in your case effectively. With the help of CaseFox, the personal injury attorney can effortlessly track all deadlines using the calendaring feature and can complete all events and tasks as per the schedule. 

Does CaseFox provide the Conflict check for personal injury cases?

Yes, CaseFox personal injury software does provide an exceptional feature that helps personal injury attorneys in checking all details regarding the clients and case in order to decrease the chances of a conflict in cases. 

Does CaseFox support LEDES billing?

Yes, CaseFox fully and flexibly supports LEDES Billing. As a personal injury lawyer, it becomes easy for you to electronically draft and generate effective bills in your firm. 

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