Comprehensive Features of Legal Billing Software For Lawyers & Law Firms

With the best law firm billing software by your side, spend less time on billing and more on recording billable hours with features like automatic billing, time tracking, and more.

  • Automatic Timer For Real-Time Tracking

    Law billing software that helps you automatically track accurate time. Start timer when you begin your case or client work and record time spent on an activity. Add time increments, descriptions, legal billing activity codes, and other information. You can record time on both laptop and mobile devices with the CaseFox app.

  • Law Office Billing Software for Accurate Expenses Recording

    Record expenses that you incurred on behalf of your client. Create expense entries, add descriptions, and generate expense bills. Additionally, you can track the status of your expense bills with CaseFox.

  • Secure Manual & Automatic Billing

    Bill clients both manually and automatically with CaseFox attorney billing software. Create bills on the basis of recorded time entries anytime you want. Not just that you can set up recurring billing or subscription billing for your clients and save time.

  • Accept Payments Faster With E-billing Software

    CaseFox lets you accept payment faster with a client portal. You will get a unique and secure link to accept payments from your clients. With the additional online payment feature, your firm can accept payments through credit card, debit card, PayPal & LawPay. Reduce wait time and improve the cash flow of your firm. Accept client payments anytime & anywhere with client portal, the best lawyer billing software.

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Thousands of users, ONE VERDICT!

Thousands of customers worldwide rely on CaseFox to track, manage, and improve their law firm’s operations.

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Customizable Law Firm Billing System

Use CaseFox time and billing software for lawyers to customize the process of billing with features like Custom Branded Invoices, setting billable rates according to your firm’s needs, and so on.

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  • Choose an Hourly Rate or Flat Fee Billing

    Choose hourly or flat fee invoicing. Decide how you want to charge your clients and set the amount on the basis of your hourly pricing or flat fee and bill your clients accordingly.

  • Set Case & Client Specific Hourly Rates

    Want to set different hourly rates for different cases from one client? CaseFox lets you set different hourly rates for the same client having more than one case. Generate bills on the basis of set hourly rates.

  • Discount and Write Off Bills at Your Convenience

    Add discounts to your bills to your invoices with our invoicing software for lawyers. Apply a certain discount percentage to the final invoice generated. Additionally, you can write off unpaid bills as and when needed.

  • Segregate Time Entries on Non-billable Hours & No charge Basis

    Don’t want to charge clients, but want to create time entries for records. We have got you covered. Now record time entries and mark them non-billable or no-charge with CaseFox lawyer billing software.

  • Legal Invoice Software to Create Custom Branded Invoices

    Send clean & professional-looking invoices to clients. Align your invoice with your law firm image. Add details of your clients, discounts, the firm’s logo, invoice number, and any other information that you want to display on your custom invoice.

Detailed Legal Reporting & Accurate Accounting

Generate robust reports of your firm's finance, manage trust & operating accounts, and integrate with third-party accounting software

  • 1-Click Bulk Invoice Generation

    Don’t want to go through the hassle of manually generating multiple invoices? With CaseFox, legal invoicing software generates multiple invoices with a single click. Use pre-made lawyer invoice templates and generate numerous invoices in bulk with ONE CLICK.

  • Staff-Wise Billing

    You can log staff-wise law firm billable hours with CaseFox. Track the performance of your law firm staff with the help of staff billing data. The software allows you to generate a report of your staff billing.

  • Comprehensive Report Generation

    Legal time and billing software for law firms that lets you generate comprehensive reports. Keep a close eye on your firm's financial health and cash flow. Generate cases, clients, time & expense entry reports, productivity reports, and much more. Download reports in PDF, Excel, and Word format according to your convenience.

  • Manage Trust funds & Operating Accounts

    No more fixing trust funds with operating accounts. Choose law firm accounting software that helps you manage your trust and operating accounts separately under one roof. Additionally, stay in compliance with trust accounting regulations. Sync with third-party integrations like QuickBooks & Xero.

  • Integrate With Your Favorite Accounting Software

    The legal billing software integrates with QuickBooks and Xero for efficient account management. CaseFox offers synchronization with industry-leading accounting platforms for efficiency.

Legal accounting and reporting for law firms

Experience Easy Legal Billing With Robust Features

Gain insights into your firm financial performance, standardize LEDES billing with pre-defined UTBMS codes with CaseFox.

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  • Overview of Firm Performance

    With our intuitive dashboard, get an overview of your firm’s financial performance. Track your firm growth, keep a check on the number of billable hours, get insights into daily billing activities, keep track of overdue invoices, and compare monthly billable hours of timekeeper from the dashboard.

  • Standardized LEDES Billing Software

    Simplify the process of LEDES invoicing. Generate LEDES invoices with the help of UTBMS codes approved by the American Bar Association. CaseFox supports both LEDES 1998 B and LEDES XML 2.0 formats. Additionally, you can also generate your client’s invoices in LEDES format.

  • IOLTA Certified Legal E-billing Software

    Lawyers who practice privately and need to maintain their client’s funds in separate IOLTA accounts use Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts. CaseFox is IOLTA certified and supports you in staying compliant with IOLTA regulations, which makes billing for lawyers more efficient.

  • Communicate & Track Payments With Secure Client Portal

    CaseFox offers a secure client portal that allows you to communicate with your clients. This ensures seamless and transparent client communication. Additionally, the client portal allows you to accept payments from your clients and track their status.

  • UTBMS Codes to Standardize Legal Billing Tasks

    Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) format invoices require the use of UTBMS codes. CaseFox legal billing system offers pre-configured ABA UTBMS codes. Additionally, leverage custom task, activity, and litigation codes that allow users to create their own code groups.

Staff training

Staff Training

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Legal billing software is software that lawyers use to keep track of their bills and expenses. They track time with the help of legal invoicing software and generate bills on the basis of it. Law firm billing systems help lawyers in managing all the stages of legal billing efficiently and accurately. This software also has various other features, such as time tracking, invoicing, case management, trust accounts, and payment collection.

One of the main benefits of a law billing software solution is that it reduces the time that lawyers and attorneys spend on manual time tracking and billing. The software helps in generating accurate invoices with the help of pre-made templates. Lawyers can collect online payments and reduce wait time for bills. Legal billing systems help in managing the flow of cash.

The best billing software comes with the finest features that streamline legal professionals' practice. Among the most recent category leaders report published by Gartner Digital Market, CaseFox is in the legal billing software category in G2, which concludes the power of the billing features CaseFox includes.

Yes, CaseFox is the best free attorney billing software. CaseFox legal billing software offers both free and paid plans to users. If you are new to case management software, you can simply use the free plan to add clients and cases in that and CaseFox won’t charge you anything. If later you want to explore more features without any limitations, you can move on to the paid plan.

Lawyers use different methods of billing their clients. Some of the most common ways in which lawyers bill their clients are flat fee billing, hourly billing, retainer fees, evergreen retainers, subscription services, and contingency fees. If lawyers bill on an hourly basis, they track time with the help of legal time and billing software. They generate bills on the basis of time recorded.

The best legal billing system offers a comprehensive set of features that make case management easy. If you want to choose the best legal billing software, here are a few features that you should look for:

  • Case Management: This feature allows you to focus more on what’s important in your case by letting you maintain all case-related details in a single software.
  • Time and Expense Tracking: Keep a full track of all your expenses and track both billable and non-billable hours. The CaseFox software provides you with all productivity reports in a few clicks, so you will never have to worry about making decisions.
  • Document Templates: Create your document template with a specific format following a certain style and download your document easily with legal document management software.
  • Legal Calendaring: Never miss an opportunity to organize your entire schedule as a lawyer. Our legal calendar software notifies you of deadlines and helps you meet them on time.
  • Flat Fees and Hourly Rates: Charge your clients based on your requirements. You can set an hourly rate as well as flat fee rates for your client through our lawyer billing programs.
  • Payment Integrations: Get power boosters like LawPay and PayPal to speed up your payment process in just a few minutes with an online payment solution.
  • Customized Billing: It's time to choose the right invoice format and create it more efficiently. Add up details and create different invoicing formats as per the client's need with legal billing software.
  • Client Portal: Never miss a single client appointment and always stay ahead in updating your clients regarding the case status securely through CaseFox client portal software.
  • LEDES Billing: Get the activity and ABA task codes. Further, create custom codes and satisfy your clients by providing them with the billing they need.
  • Trust Accounting: As a lawyer, it’s hard to manage the trust accounts of your clients. CaseFox lets you manage both trust and operating accounts by giving you integrations like IOLTA in its trust accounting solution.

CaseFox lawyer's billing system starts at $39 per month, per user. We also offer a free plan with limited features. Additionally, our Enterprise plan is customized according to the client's needs and offers a custom price.

Yes, CaseFox legal billing software integrates with QuickBooks. You can simply sync your CaseFox account with QuickBooks.

Choosing the best legal e-billing software depends on various factors such as your firm's need, affordability, and features. Good lawyer billing programs should have features such as bulk invoicing, automated billing, LEDES invoicing, custom invoice templates, and integrations with top-notch applications such as QuickBooks and Xero.

There are various accounting software available for small law firms. However, only a few of them are efficient and cost-effective. QuickBooks, LawPay, and Xero are some of the leading solutions that merged with CaseFox.

Yes, CaseFox allows users to customize invoices. They can decide what they want to display on their invoices, what date format they want to set which boilerplate they want to add, etc.

Yes, CaseFox’s intuitive dashboard shows you the overview of your billing. You can see bill status and know which client has paid and who hasn’t. You can also send a reminder when a payment is due.

Explore More Features

Legal Case Management

Case Management

Manage every case detail at one place and stay organized from anywhere & anytime.

Legal Document Management

Document Management

Assemble, edit, organize and access your documents
all at one place.

Legal Document Management

Time & Expense Tracking

Streamline billing process with automated timer & track expenses with ease.

Legal Calendaring

Legal Calendaring

Manage events, tasks, notes in calendar and sync it with Google calendar or iCal.

Legal Accounting

Legal Accounting

Handle trust and operating accounts from a single place and keep a record of all the firm transactions.

Law Firm Online Payment

Online Payment

Accept online payments and offer payment flexibility to clients. Get paid faster with CaseFox.

Law Firm Task Management

Task Management

Assign and track tasks from anywhere. Generate comprehensive task reports for staff.

Legal Client Portal

Client Portal

Communicate securely with clients and accept payment from a unique client portal link.

Law Firm Dashboard

Insightful Firm Dashboard

Gain insights into billable hours, tasks, get an overview of firms' growth and finances.

Law Firm Conflict Check

Conflict Check

Run seamless conflict checks to avoid any conflict of interest with your existing clients.

Law Firm Data Security

Data Security

Industry standard data encryption and protection process to keep your law practice secure.

Legal reporting and tools

Reports & Tools

Generate comprehensive reports for cases, clients, time entries, vendors, invoices and more.

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