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Our legal billing software delivers faster payment methods, attorney invoice tracking, automated legal e-billing system, legal time tracking, and some top-notch integrations when it comes to securing billing & invoicing


Track every minute detail, seamlessly with our attorney billing software

Let CaseFox painlessly optimize your day-to-day operations by adding features like record-keeping with time and expense tracking so that you can have a smoother billing program for your law firm

Create effective record, and deliver accurate decision for your firm

Monitors document timely and deliver clear formatting styles with our time and billing software. Our time billing software lets you have an instant outlook of the report and let your firm take decisions wisely. It syncs your files within the file storage system and instantly uploads them with a click for all your law billing programs.

Make entries from anywhere in our law firm time and billing software

Update, organize, edit, and share records with our e-billing software

CaseFoxlaw firm time and billing software helps you manage all your records and automatically updates your changes without making any duplicate copies of them. Keeps all records in one place by delivering the highest accuracy in safeguarding them by the help of our law firm billing software.


Make entries from anywhere in our law firm time and billing software

Bill your time, easily process the time to time passing of entries, remove the barrier of one place and make the work look remote-friendly with our free legal billing software. Quick passing of entries and tracking of time easily available with the mobile app features are being offered within one simple legal billing platform.

Create effective record, and deliver accurate decision for your firm (1)

Get paid anytime, anywhere with CaseFox

Generates bills in macro seconds reduce time and send invoices in a click to the clients, the best online legal billing software for law firms.
Enjoy multiple payment options
Enjoy multiple payment options

CaseFox integrates numerous methods of making online legal payments digitally. It Supports both instants as well as credit payments for your clients. Our time billing software offers top-notch tools like LawPay and PayPal to easily make a payment look effortless for attorneys. 

Flexible attorney invoicing software
Flexible attorney invoicing software

Automate your online payment process by electronically monitoring outstanding as well as paid payments. Our Legal billing software retains time by offering credit card facilities to its clients and delivering them invoices in microseconds through email notifications and billing formats.

Monitors invoices from scratch
Monitors invoices from scratch

Systemized legal billing software that manages everything from pending invoices to unpaid and paid invoices in a single go. Investigate every minute transaction of payment and ensure negligible deviation by managing a proper list of all invoices. Enables your firm to follow a proper scheduled legal workflow.

Bill it like a professional

Effortlessly delivers legal bills by efficient time tracking. Provides separate billable and non-billable hours for your client through one law firm billing platform
Easy Time & Expense Entry
Generates both billable and non-billable hours

Provides a clear report of all the bills generated in your firm. CaseFox offers high standard legal billing by offering LEDES, Excel, Word formatting styles to produce professional bills. It provides a PDF format to save the bills once generated.

Safeguards the billing process (1)
Safeguards the billing process

Delivers standard security measures and keeps your data fully secure in one place. Unlike any other software, CaseFox web-based legal billing software delivers high-tech security measures to your data and protects it from unwanted means.

Get splendid integrations
Get splendid integrations

Non Disruptively carries out all the transactions by providing effortless trust accounting for your firm. Integrates with some of the best accounting tools like Xero and QuickBooks in order to painlessly manage your law firm accounting. 

Generates both billable and non-billable hours
Easy Time & Expense Entry

We help you to reduce those legal billing disputes by accurately recording detailed time and expense entries in our legal billing system. We have numerous legal billing options to make sure you’re capturing the right time and data which you need to run a profitable law firm.

Top client services for the best client experience

With the premium features in all the plans offering top notch client services when it comes to data migration and security,CaseFox makes your everyday practice easy.

The Legal billing solution is very user friendly as it requires the least of inputs.

Best Support
Best support

Get help from our exceptional customer support team via email or phone. We are here for you.

Data Security
Data security

Protect your client’s information and firm’s data with industry-leading security methods and protocols.

Free Data Migration
Free Data Migration

Easily transfer all your data from your existing software to CaseFox.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal billing software?

Legal billing software is what lawyers used to keep track of their work and expenses, and to bill clients for that work in a case. This software makes managing every stage of the legal billing process easier and more efficient by providing features such as time and expense tracking, invoicing, bill creation, bill review, trust accounting, collections, and payments.
Legal billing software seems a perfect time-effective solution as it provides automation. You can easily generate multiple invoices with a single click. The software helps in adjusting different rates hassle-free when bills get generated.

What are the benefits of legal billing software?

One of the top advantages of using legal billing software is that it allows users to bill professionally whenever they want. CaseFox legal billing software has many advantages, including flexible billing options, a secure billing process, customized invoices, and many more. It helps in creating accurate reports and bills by eliminating the chances of human errors.

Which is the best legal billing software for my law firm?

The best billing software comes with the finest features that streamline legal professionals' practice. Among the most recent category leaders report published by Gartner Digital Market, CaseFox is in the legal billing software category in G2, which concludes the power of the billing features CaseFox includes.

Which is the best accounting software for law firms?

For the best results for your law firm, we provide the best cost-effective options which serve all the purposes majorly. QuickBooks, Lawpay, Xero are some of the top leading solutions that merge with CaseFox.

Which is the best legal billing software for my law firm?

The best billing software comes with the finest features that streamline legal professionals' practice. Among the most recent category leaders report published by Gartner Digital Market, CaseFox is in the legal billing software category in G2, which concludes the power of the billing features CaseFox includes.

How can lawyers bill their clients with CaseFox?

Different lawyers bill their clients differently. Lawyers sometimes bill their clients based on hours to spend which they call hourly fees on the case or matter. Some lawyers have a fixed rate which is widely known as a flat fee which is of fix nature and doesn't change with the moving hours.

Can I apply trust funds with CaseFox to bills before sharing them with clients?

CaseFox allows users to pay from trust funds even if the invoices are already created. Lawyers can pay bulk invoices from trust funds easily without incurring long procedures. Both time and effort get saved by directly paying from trust funds.

How can I send invoices to clients with legal billing software?

Many clients have queries regarding late invoice generation and inaccurate invoice entries. CaseFox eliminates the stress on clients by giving them a separate client portal link so that they can have a view of all invoices and the payment process on a single screen.

How much a legal billing software cost?

CaseFox legal billing software starts from $12.50 to $33.40. We offer 3 pricing plansfree, silver, gold, platinum and enterprise. Enterprise plan is customised according to client's needs and offer custom price.

Can I create/generate customized invoices?

Yes, CaseFox offers multiple invoice management tools to streamline your invoice generation. CaseFox enables users to add their firm’s logo, change invoice numbers and customize email templates as per the requirement.

Can I see which clients have not paid their bills?

CaseFox legal billing software allows users to see all the clients who have not paid their bills. It provides a separator section to display the list of all clients who have not yet paid their invoices. It further allows users to update the payment status in a few clicks.

Does CaseFox's legal billing software integrate with LawPay, PayPal, Xero and QuickBooks?

CaseFox integrates with mostly all top-notch tools that can help lawyers in streamlining their legal operations. It integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, LawPay, PayPal, and many other tools to make your law practice more flexible.

What typical features does legal billing software have?

CaseFox legal billing software offers some of the most advanced features which are used by law firms and solo practitioners.

Case Management

This feature allows you to focus more on what’s important in your case by letting you maintain all case-related details in a single software.

Time and Expense Tracking

Keep a full track of all your expenses and track both billable and non-billable hours. The CaseFox software provides you with all productivity reports in a few clicks, so you will never have to worry about making decisions.

Document Templates

Create your document template with a specific format following a certain style and download your document easily with legal document management software.

Legal Calendaring

Never miss an opportunity to organize your entire schedule as a lawyer. Our legal calendar software notifies you of deadlines and helps you meet them on time.

Flat Fees and Hourly Rates

Charge your clients based on your requirements. You can set an hourly rate as well as flat fee rates for your client through our legal billing software.

Payment Integrations

Get power boosters like LawPay and PayPal to speed up your payment process in just a few minutes with an online payment solution.

Customized Billing

It's time to choose the right invoice format and create it more efficiently. Add up details and create different invoicing formats as per the client's need with legal billing software.

Client Portal

Never miss a single client appointment and always stay ahead in updating your clients regarding the case status securely through CaseFox client portal software.

LEDES Billing

Get the ABA task and activity code. Furthur, create custom codes and satisfy your client by providing them with the billing they need.

Trust Accounting

As a lawyer, it’s hard to manage the trust accounts of your clients. CaseFox lets you manage both trust and operating accounts by giving you integrations like IOLTA in its trust accounting solution.

Is CaseFox legal billing software LEDES format compatible?

Yes, CaseFox provides LEDES billing to its users so that they can generate invoices in different formats and can further add required UTBMS tasks and expense codes.

Can I calculate billable and non-billable hours with CaseFox legal e-billing software?

Yes, CaseFox billable tracker allows the user to track both billable and non-billable hours seamlessly. Know every minute detail, like how much your staff is spending on scheduling meetings, completing tasks, updating data, and so on. Check time-to-time performance and reduce non-billable hours quickly with CaseFox.

Can I operate on multiple trust accounts?

A trust account is a special bank account that a lawyer must maintain when the lawyer receives and holds money on behalf of the lawyer’s clients or third parties.
CaseFox can handle multiple trust accounts. Hence, if you have multiple trust accounts with your bank(s), you can mimic those accounts in CaseFox. Every time you withdraw money from a trust account at the bank, the same entry is made in the CaseFox.

How to choose the best legal e-billing software?

Choosing the best legal e-billing software depends on various factors such as your firm's need, affordability and features. A good legal billing software should have features such as, bulk invoicing, automated billing, LEDES invoicing, custom invoice templates and integrations with top notch applications such as Quickbooks and Xero.

What kind of software do lawyers use?

There are hundreds of papers you need to read almost daily and several you need to review in connection with the current case you are dealing with. The tools thereon are enormous, which includes google drive, google calendar, email software, etc. But with so many tools working simultaneously, the guarantee to get effective return decreases, so many firms are shifting to cloud base software, which provides them with all essential features under one roof.

Can I generate bulk invoices in CaseFox legal e-billing software?

Yes, you can generate bulk invoices with CaseFox legal billing software with it’s bulk automatic invoice generator feature in CaseFox you can generate hundreds of invoices within few minutes with single click.

Should I choose a cloud-based legal billing software?

The cloud-based billing software is just a paragon. It offers great mobility and safety at the same time. By using cloud-based billing software, you do not need to worry about losing data since they are stored in the cloud which you can access anytime and from anywhere unless you do not have an internet connection.
Above all, it offers mobility, ‌with cloud-based billing software, you can oversee your business activities from any remote location. You do not need to sit behind a table to do so.

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