Software for Small Law Firm

Running your small law firm is now easier with our intuitive legal software.

Small law firms provide best-in-class client experiences to their clients and hence we've designed industry-leading software for ours. CaseFox offers you comprehensive cloud-based legal practice management software to help you run your legal practice smoothly.

software for a small law firm

Manage your team and automate your legal billing

Administrative tasks can be exhausting, save your time by automating these tasks. You can also manage your team and work collaboratively.

Manage your team of attorneys and paralegals, provide them separate login credentials and work collaboratively on cases with them.

Administrative tasks consume a lot of time and can affect your small law firm’s productivity & revenue. CaseFox helps you save time and work efficiently by making legal billing easy for you. Automate billing and invoicing for your small law firm.

Create multiple professional invoices with CaseFox’s LEDES invoicing feature. Bill your clients effectively and get paid on time.

CaseFox Case And Client Management Software

Organize and run your law firm effortlessly

Optimize client retention by providing them top-notch services. Keep your client and case data in order, arrange, and manage legal documents for your small law firm conveniently.

Maintain numerous case files of your small law practice on our legal case management software.

Store all the details of your clients in one place, making it easier for you to skim through important information in one go.

As the size of your law firm expands, the number of documents also compounds. With the increasing heap of paperwork, it can be tough sometimes to keep it all together. CaseFox makes it convenient for you to manage those documents with its legal document management software.

CaseFox Staff Management Software

A suite of tools to help you run your mid-sized or corporate law firm smoothly

Get paid faster by offering your clients a customized client portal. Manage everything with us, as we integrate with all the important apps you need to practice trouble-free.

CaseFox provides you with a personalized client portal, especially for you to offer your clients. The client portal takes the trouble out of getting paid for your small law firm by making it easier for your clients to keep track of the payment deadlines.

Integration with apps like Google, PayPal, LawPay, Box, Quickbooks, etc. makes it painless for you to manage everything in one place.

casefox integration for your daily use

Top client services for the best client experience

With the premium features in all the plans offering top-notch client services when it comes to data migration and security, CaseFox makes your everyday practice easy.

The Legal billing solution is very user-friendly as it requires the least of inputs.

Best Support
Best support

Get help from our exceptional customer support team via email or phone. We are here for you.

Data Security
Data security

Protect your client’s information and firm’s data with industry-leading security methods and protocols.

Free Data Migration
Free Data Migration

Easily transfer all your data from your existing software to CaseFox.

Stay organized and work intelligently with CaseFox.

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