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As a civil litigation attorney, you strive to safeguard the rights and investments of your clients. Let CaseFox assist you in managing your discovery, trials, and litigations all in a single go. 

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Never let slip any information from your hand, hassle-free manage document with CaseFox

Whether it be drafting pleadings, case investigation, discovery, managing all information securely with CaseFox. Seamlessly store and update documents from anywhere, anytime.

Organize Documents Systematically

Customize documents and store everything systematically with no unprofessionalism. Investigate your case and edit documents in the software itself and be paperless with CaseFox. Customize fields and make a proper order of all documents on a single screen.

Access Any Document Flexibly

Let no investigation get delayed because of a lack of information. Search any document from anywhere with no time wastage, and invest more in what’s important for the litigation.

Execute all tasks timely, let no task go undone

Whether it be corporate litigation or individual litigation, execute each one of them timely, with no delay. Assign tasks to each staff member and remove the chances to incur duplication of work.

Be Ready With the Whole Schedule

Prepare the entire schedule and mark deadlines for the same. Mark task status as completed and lower your workload by allowing staff members to make their edits. 

Manage Deadlines Before Time

Create personalized reminders for yourself and work with a stress-free mind. Never let late tasks affect your law practice. 

Pace your payment mechanism, get paid instantly

Deliver effective invoices and get paid faster with CaseFox. Use different integrations and generate the best for your civil litigation case.

Access Online Payment Methods

Access Online Payment Methods

Remove the payment stress of your clients and allow them access to online payment hassle-free. Get the benefit of CaseFox’s integrations like LawPay and PayPal, and directly send payment links through the client portal securely.

Charge Different Rates

Charge Different Rates

Get paid accurately, with no errors or omissions. Charge rates according to the task and service delivered. 

Manage Trust Accounts

Manage Trust Accounts

With CaseFox, integrations like Xero and QuickBooks manage clients’ trust accounts effortlessly. Allow clients to hassle-free deposit different funds in their trust accounts directly.

Keep Track And Be Updated

Keep Track And Be Updated

Be updated with all the work, and know when to perform what seamlessly. Be ready with all the data and consistently work on pending payments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is civil litigation software?

Civil litigation software is the platform that provides you with majorly all the tools that you need to run your litigation case. It further allows you to seamlessly manage your documents, ensure security, generate bills, manage online payments, and many more.

Can I do a conflict check in CaseFox?

Yes, CaseFox civil litigation software helps you in performing time to time civil litigation case conflict checks investing at no additional cost. It helps you detect the exact conflict check before entering an additional matter.

What does civil litigation software do?

Civil litigation legal software helps civil litigation attorney in managing plenty of documents in a single go. Time to time invoice generation results in timely payments from clients. It takes into consideration a proper conflict check before running an additional matter. It allows clients to pay flexibly by enabling a credit card facility.

Is CaseFox law software built specifically for my practice area?

Yes, if you are a civil litigator looking for a legal tech solution to manage all your litigation cases, then yes, CaseFox civil litigation software suite is the right choice for you. It offers you a wide range of features that allow your civil law firm in managing litigation cases.

CaseFox not only helps civil litigation attorney in making your litigation hassle-free, but it also helps in proper decision-making by offering an errorless financial report for your litigation case.

Does civil litigation software help me keep track of new clients and cases?

Yes, CaseFox litigation law software helps civil litigator in gaining more clients through its online intake forms. It enables the best client relationship management, which makes your client feel connected and satisfied with your work.

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