Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality is surfing in the steepest waves in the global tech industry. Where AI is breaking the ground rules, Mixed Reality is designing the grounds of its own. 

This leaves humans in a frightening side of the future where the robots will take over essential human roles. Who knows ten years down the line you may witness robots performing medical operations, or fight wars with soldiers shoulder to shoulder. 

Enrouting AI in Legal Tech

AI has its roots in almost every business vertical including legal tech. AI is getting proficient at assisting various legal services such as contract management, legal predictions, eDiscovery, and sooner or later courtroom hearings. 

AI applications are getting to the roots of legal tech and redefining the definition of the legal profession. Offering an in-depth understanding of AI in legal tech, we will discuss a few pointers where AI is performing stars assisting the legal professionals.

God Level Legal Professionals – Lawyers and Attorneys

Even when lawyers are not tech savvy, Artificial Intelligence has made things easy for the legal professionals to utilize AI. From reviewing contracts to performing critical research or even predicting legal outcomes, AI is making lawyers paralytic. 

This does not stop here. When AI takes the lead, Machine Learning strengthens its effectiveness. Earlier, it was difficult to understand how to frame marketing emails to attract potential clients. However, with marketing automation via AI lawyers are performing comparatively high in terms of email marketing. 

One such AI, breaking the ground rules in legal tech, is ChatGPT. An OpenAI software capable of helping legal professionals in legal research, reviewing contracts to list a few. If you have used the app, you know where I am guiding you to! 

From Past to Present! AI Everywhere

As an attorney, it was almost impossible to predict a case outcome a few years back. But, now things have changed inside out. With the help of AI, lawyers can predict the outcomes via evidence mapping. Precisely this can be attained analyzing the past cases, related parties, on-stake legal issues, and whoosh! AI may offer an outcome worth a million. 

Recently in January 2023, a judge from Columbia ruled out a decision with the help of an AI text generator. Judge Juan Manuel Padilla Garcia, used an AI tool to pose legal questions about a case and made a decision. 

Assisting the Legal Tech via AI

Law firms are shifting towards enhanced automation services for smooth and optimal functioning of legal services. In search of a perfect market fit AI is helping law firms in various ways, one of which is Virtual Assistant. Getting a virtual assistant or various tasks such as legal research, contract management, document framing is currently in trends. 

Artificial intelligence is making unexpected changes to legal services and legal professionals. On the other hand, it’s creating a space where intermediate and beginner level jobs will be crushed. From associates to paralegal to lawyers AI is moving up to replace every legal profession sooner or later. But, what AI cannot do, as of now, is hitting the right emotional quotient.

Law firms are opting for AI tools for various legal services. But relying on AI can turn things ugly in the future. Better as a community together law firms must opt for legal services that can bring humans and machines on the same page. 



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