Wills and Estate Planning Law Software

Help your clients create their own will or modify their existing will with CaseFox wills and estate planning law software. From automated document management to uninterrupted client relationship management, we all have everything under CaseFox.

Wills and Estate Planning Law Software

Organize and manage estate case documents, access them anytime

Be ready with all the data that you need to manage estate cases, organize and track every detail for estate cases. Get every minute property and trust detail in a single place.

Get access to any document

Keep all estate planning cases documents, wills, etc in a centralized location. Access them anytime by directly searching the case with its name or keyword. Information related to will, witnesses, dates, family members, etc can be accessed from anywhere flexibly.

Professionalize work

Never let any document get mixed up with another. CaseFox systematically manages all estate-related documents in a single software. Let the staff know where to access what documents from. Never let any time wastage while storing, editing, deleting estate-related documents.

Organize and manage estate case documents, access them anytime 1 (2)

Make your payment and billing process seamless

Create an errorless billing report and get paid faster with CaseFox. Never worry about payment convenience. Get a complete insight into how time is being spent and turn your vehicle towards what will help your law firm to be the most productive. 

Online Payment - Track Bills - Wills and Estate (1)

Access online payment

Easily allow clients to pay using online payment mechanisms.  Allows both debit and credit card facility and makes the payment look more flexible. Compensate staff members timely by receiving payments from clients seamlessly without any additional cost. 

Track both billable and nonbillable hours

Track efficiency and get a detailed report of both billable and non-billable hours. Get to know about what are the areas for improvement and make decisions effectively. Manage your team with the right decisions and make an impact on your law firm’s profits.

Boosts client intake hassle-free

With CaseFox onboard as many clients as you wish, grow with ease, and manage multiple clients without chaos.  Let your client fill online forms without any stress of having long procedures.

Onboard in a click (1)

Onboard in a click

Never let your client feel stressed, onboard them remotely by allowing them to fill virtual intake forms. Never let your clients wait to get themselves registered. Get productive clients and let positivity rule your estate law firm. 

Know your client’s background

Know your client’s background

Keep a full detailing about who referred your client, and how your client reached you. Check your sources and follow what’s beneficial for your law firm. Go paperless and get all insight about your client and onboard after knowing your client fully. 

Customize intake forms (1)

Customize intake forms

Easily access any information you need anywhere, without involving much effort. Create effective intake forms for different estate cases and manage them accordingly. Manage property, contracts, wills, etc all in a simplified and user-friendly way. 

Create custom fields (2)

Create custom fields

Manage separate columns for separate details like marriage date, will owner name, and many more in an organized way. Create separate custom fields for whatever you need in your estate case documents. Let your staff easily know about where a particular document is stored, and simplify the areas of estate cases by directly customizing it with CaseFox. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is estate planning law software?

Estate planning law software is a one-in-hand solution to carry on any estate-related cases effortlessly without much time wastage. Store any number of your estate planning documents and manage them all in a single software. 

Access any information with CaseFox estate planning software and make effective decisions to boost your work productivity.

Is CaseFox’s software built specifically for my practice area?

For a lawyer looking for a smart solution to run their estate practice law cases, CaseFox is the best option to go with. From document management to providing high-tech data security, everything gets easily managed with CaseFox. 

Communicate with your clients with any fear of misplacement of information or data. Track your efficiency by getting an accurate billing report in seconds.

What does estate planning software do?

Estate planning software helps lawyers in organizing their estate cases and documents. It assists in easing their administrative work to a very great extent. 

With CaseFox estate planning case software, lawyers can easily focus more on what clients are wanting and can work effectively for their clients.

Is CaseFox secure for storing estate documents?

CaseFox offers high-quality security to all the data which gets stored in the software. It takes into consideration all information that a lawyer wants to manage. No misplacement of data gets missed from the hand of an estate planning client with CaseFox. Store, update, edit, delete any documents anytime. Never let any document get missed, easily recover it wherever needed with the CaseFox document backup feature.

Can we charge flat-free rates with CaseFox?

Yes, CaseFox allows you to charge flat fees for your estate cases. You can flexibly charge hourly rates according to the different services offered, like wills, trusts, and many more. Even if you forget to set hourly rates, then automatically your staff global hourly rates are used to calculate billable hours.

Is CaseFox legal software specially built to help estate planning attorneys?

Yes, CaseFox comes up with many features that will help estate planning lawyers easily manage all documents and information in a single and safer place. As an estate planning attorney, you might be busy settling your client in their property. Focus more on core work and let CaseFox automate most of your work.

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Best support

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Free Data Migration

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