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With human expertise and technology upfront, get hold of all your cases in a seamless manner with CaseFox’s ultimate government law software and the ultimate robust features which we have. From the Public attorneys, system legal divisions, and government offices, our case management software sorts it all for you.

Government Law Software (1)

Simplify your law practice, store and access case information indisputably

Get access to a centralized location to store, manage, and update all information related to any case.

Stores Data Painlessly

Quickly analyze cases and matters. Effectively draft your documents and store all types of departmental data. CaseFox gives unlimited storage features to store documents with document management, in a secure and organized place. Store any sort of departmental information in a centralized place. Distribute separate columns and eliminate the chances of chaos in your workspace.

Access Any Legal Files When Needed

With the CaseFox feature of document management, law firms coordinate with virtual operations. It offers flexible access to data and enables in-depth research by assisting in finding witnesses about cases and legal matter management. Use short keywords or names and access what you need anytime.

Simplify your law practice, store and access case information indisputably (1)

Boosts your firm's productivity every minute, assemble and assign tasks to staff

Smoothly manage workflow and ensures positive output in the whole organizational Structure, search in seconds, and deliver exceptional results

Get notified, set deadlines, and keep your practice on track (1)

Boosts Search Speeds

Generates accurate answers and prepares effective legislation, enabling access to any case-related information in a go. Deliver effective legal documents and save your time by searching any bit of information with a click. Stop looking for data outside your comfort, get instant access to any information in just a click.

Track Mails And Manage Automatic Notifications

Avoid event and task scheduling conflicts, keep proper track of each date and deadline and send emails whenever needed. Handle both civil and criminal litigation with proper scheduling. With CaseFox get instant emails and update clients whenever required.

Get notified, set deadlines, and keep your practice on track

Defend each case in court without missing a single hearing, hassle-free manage day-to-day tasks in your law firm.

Automates Events And Enables Task Scheduling

Automates Events And Enables Task Scheduling

Provides a customized dashboard, easily schedule and update events and tasks on a single screen. Be updated with all tasks analyzed in a single place. With CaseFox keep your important tasks on top, and never forget what all needs to be completed before a particular time period. 

Set Timely Alerts

Deadline Calculator

Manage different legislation tasks and set reminders for each deadline. Handle and prosecute cases smoothly, and never let a single case get missed. CaseFox sets individual deadlines for individual tasks in just a click. Prioritize tasks and automate task reminders thereon.

Billable and Non billable Hours

Set Timely Alerts

Perform multiple tasks on a single screen. Get a complete record of completed and uncompleted work, and set updates thereon. Get notified with emails and alert reminders in an automated way. Work with a free mind by letting CaseFox government law software handle what needs to be remembered. 

Deadline Calculator

Open New Cases In A Click

Analyze case files and relate them with parties. Assign tasks and reassign it again when needed. Create effective teams in a single go. CaseFox offers a simple way to tackle existing as well as new cases, without any extra confusion taking place. Complete pending cases and mark cases completed once it’s done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are government lawyers?

Government law attorneys are employees in different departments who typically work for the government. They play the role of advising various members of the government on many legal issues like the environment, discrimination, justice, and many more.  

How CaseFox legal billing software helps government agencies/law firms?

CaseFox Government Law Software assists government attorneys and law firms by painlessly helping them in preparing different legislations, researching and drafting legislation, securing document management solutions, managing cases, and so on. Government case management software solutions work with proper guidelines and protocols so that no error is incurred while executing tasks in your law firm. 

How CaseFox legal case management software reduces cost and saves time for government agencies/legal experts?

CaseFox helps government attorneys in managing and coordinating different cases and legislations in a less time-consuming way. Government case management software helps government attorneys and law firms by offering top-notch tools like calendaring, document management solutions, case management, staff management, and many more. 

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