It saves and makes thousands of dollars for you by capturing your consultant time.

Time is money and every lost minute results in loss of revenue, hence, keep track of your time using CaseFox and never let a billable minute go wasted in billing manually. Easily track your time and log your routine and special tasks and events using CaseFox.

CaseFox Save Tthousands of dollars (1)

It saves you from being buried in paperwork by keeping all your data in one place.

CaseFox keeps all your law firm’s data including cases and client's detailed information, documents, invoices, calendar, contact, email, etc., all in one place. It provides you a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify and streamline your legal practice which will take loads off your shoulders.

It's accessible from anywhere, anytime and any device.

CaseFox is a cloud-based software and can be accessed from anywhere anytime. You can easily operate your law firm using CaseFox, whether you are at work, at the tribunal or anywhere else. CaseFox offers Android and iOS mobile applications for routine use of important features on your handy device. It also offers chrome extension for directly logging into your account without hassle.

It spares you more time for growing your business by automating your billing process.

Billing manually is outdated and causes unnecessary hassle, switching to our legal billing software will help you automate your billing process. Easy and convenient online invoicing and billing features will give you more time to focus on growing your business than doing your routine billing tasks.

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