Legal Practice Management Software for Health Law Attorneys

Go digital and work smarter with the complete health care case management software for lawyers

Legal Practice Management software for Health Law Attorneys

Take care of the healthcare law while we take care of your law firm's health.

As a healthcare lawyer, you're busy working with doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities, guiding them about their rights & obligations. We understand your workload has increased massively during the pandemic. You have one less thing to worry about with CaseFox. We will manage all your health law client's bills, communication, matters, calendars & appointments, and more on a single software.

Plan your day beforehand & Hit every deadline on time

Managing health law matters and meeting deadlines is not an easy task and that’s why you need legal software to take loads off your shoulders. CaseFox offers a top-notch legal calendar management solution for your law firm. Plan and schedule your entire day, set meetings with healthcare clients, drop them a reminder to avoid no-shows, and meet every deadline on time with CaseFox.

Business Productivity Reports

Document management solution for health law attorneys

As health law attorneys, you spend a lot of your time in drafting legal documents and managing the pile of paperwork. To save you hours of your billable time and make document management easy for you, CaseFox offers hassle-free document management solutions for your law firms. Go paperless, organize your documents, and practice healthcare law effortlessly.

CaseFox Document Management Software

Health law matters, clients - all in one place

Skimming through multiple case files and delivering top-level services to your healthcare clients can be a hassle sometimes. To help you with Legal matter management & client management, CaseFox- legal Practice Management software offers an intuitive interface that helps you take your law firm on-the-go. Manage multiple cases, clients, staff, and your law firm’s data- all in one place.


Get paid faster than ever before using the client portal

Getting paid for your legal services has never been easier than with CaseFox. We offer you a secure client portal that enables your clients to pay you trouble-free. The client portal allows your clients to track their unpaid invoices and provides them an easy and hassle-free payment gateway to make payments online Get paid on time, deliver top-grade services to your clients, and run your law firm easily with CaseFox.

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Super support

Amazing, cost-effective case management and billing software

We have tried out literally 4-5 different practice management software solutions over the years, and we have finally found one that is simple, straightforward, and cost-effective. We love it.

User-friendly, intuitive, easy to fix mistakes...and, of course, the price.

Top client services for the best client experience

With the premium features in all the plans offering top notch client services when it comes to data migration and security,CaseFox makes your everyday practice easy.

The Legal billing solution is very user friendly as it requires the least of inputs.

Best Support
Best support

Get help from our exceptional customer support team via email or phone. We are here for you.

Data Security
Data security

Protect your client's information and firm's data with industry-leading security methods and protocols.

Free Data Migration
Free Data Migration

Easily transfer all your data from your existing software to CaseFox.

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