Competition Law Software

As a competition lawyer, you must be engaged in redressing the issues of anti-competition cases and interacting with different clients simultaneously. Let CaseFox provide a base to manage all your competition law cases cost-effectively from anywhere, anytime.  

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Competition Law Software

Never let any case deadline hinder your productivity

Set personalized reminders for all your competition legal cases and never miss a single deadline.

Keep Up with the Whole Schedule

Have a clear idea about what is being performed when. Ensure many antitrust and client meetings go on smoothly with no delay. Set personalized reminders and make yourself ready for future tasks. 

Track Every Task Anywhere Anytime

Whether it be a merger control task or an antitrust issue, manage and track everything in just a click. Create a separate customized task list and let there be a smooth workflow.

Save all data at a centralized place, never let any information get missed.

Easily manage case information in a single set of places, keep all data organized with CaseFox.

Create Customized Case Documents

Create different legal documents for acquisitions, mergers, amalgamations, and many more on a single screen. Reduce the chances of team conflict and store everything systematically. 

Track Each Detail Seamlessly

Keep yourself updated regarding all the case related elements that are being stored. Keep a track of each detail regarding the case status, payment update, billable hours and many more.

Boosts client intake seamlessly

Simply the intake process and make the process of cases much easier to operate.

Online Intake Forms

Online Intake Forms

Let your clients access online forms flexibly from anywhere, anytime. Boosts client intake in your law firm with CaseFox, by letting your client book appointments online. 

Customized Intake Forms

Customized Intake Forms

Create different antitrust law client intake forms and customize the forms according to the different types of competition cases. 

Secure All Information Hassle-Free

Secure All Information Hassle-Free

Seamlessly edit, store and update any client information whenever needed. Safeguard legal case  with CaseFox data security features. 

Access Forms from Anywhere Flexibly

Access Forms from Anywhere Flexibly

Eliminate the time used while searching for a particular lawyer. With CaseFox, go paperless and access any law firm by filling its online intake forms with just a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is competition law software?

Competition law firm software is a software developed to help competition lawyers in managing a fair legal market and reduce the chances of unfair means in the legal world. It provides antitrust lawyers with case management solutions, document management, calendaring feature, conflict check, and many more on a single screen.

What does competition law software do?

Competition legal software provides a centralized place for antitrust lawyers to handle anti-competition cases, abuse case antitrust law issues, and many more by providing all requirements to handle the different sets of cases in less time. 

What does tax law software do?

Tax law software provides the tax law lawyers with all the power tools like document management, client intake, conflict check, security, etc. It helps in boosting productivity by saving a lot of your time in managing day-to-day tasks and activities.

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