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With CaseFox LEDES Billing Software, simplify your LEDES billing formats and modernize your billing process.

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How does CaseFox LEDES Billing Software make LEDES Billing Easy?

Even the LOC has realized that the LEDES billing process is not that easy to adhere to and there are updates and complications now and then.

Well, that’s when CaseFox Legal Billing Software originated

LEDES billing comes down to be one of the most tiring as well as confusing tasks for anyone to go on with, but guess what? CaseFox makes it easy (perhaps the easiest among all). In fact, other than entering a few additional pieces of information (such as law firm id, or client matter id), no additional steps are required to generate LEDES invoices within our LEDES Billing system.

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What are LEDES formats?

LEDES refers to one of the standard formats for the electronic exchange of billing among law firms and other legal professionals. LEDES is an abbreviation for Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard, which are globally accepted and acknowledged standards for electronic billing and invoicing.

These formats are universally adapted as it has been in existence for solving the complex needs of the legal industry. LEDES Billing formats have been adapted for decades now. Today’s legal invoice file should cover all elements of the parties’ financial transactions.

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Speed up your invoicing process with standardized LEDES billing codes

Our LEDES billing codes further simplify the process by allowing you to generate LEDES invoices for all your cases and clients with just a click and then help you by seamlessly downloading all the generated files in a zip. Multiple LEDES files for the same client can be combined in one file so that there is only one file to upload to your client’s billing system. CaseFox also supports LEDES validation for specific client billing rules.

For example, a client may specify certain activity codes that can or cannot be used with certain task codes. The invoice will be rejected by the client’s system if these validation rules are not followed. CaseFox can enforce proper validation of time entries according to the client’s requirements and also allows custom task/activity/expense codes.

Speed up your invoicing process with standardized LEDES billing codes

Generate LEDES Invoices using CaseFox Legal Billing Software

In seconds, create professional invoices with our legal billing software. Generate LEDES invoices with just a click.
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Generate Multiple LEDES Format

Multiple LEDES formats can be combined in one file so that your client’s billing system only needs one file to be uploaded. CaseFox also supports LEDES validation for specific LEDES billing rules.

Upload evidence, opposing parties’ motions, discoveries- ENTIRELY
Bulk Download Access

Invoices for many cases can be generated and downloaded with CaseFox legal billing software within a few minutes. Invoices for fees and expenses can also be generated with CaseFox.

Custom Code UTBMS
Custom Codes Addition

CaseFox already comes configured with ABA task and activity codes, but custom codes can be added easily and pre-configured lists can be changed easily. CaseFox also supports custom task/activity/expense codes.

With our dedicated ELM developers, get your feature requirements, customized
Consolidated LEDES Formats

Combined LEDES formats for a single client can be uploaded as one file to the billing system. CaseFox also validates LEDES billing rules to ensure compliance with LEDES billing standards.

“Our firm has been using CaseFox now for a few months to accommodate the needs of one of our clients who requested LEDES compliant invoices. However, we have been so pleased with CaseFox that we have migrated all of our timekeeping/invoicing over to this platform for all of our clients. The user interface is easy to operate, and there are several features which have improved our timekeeping, invoicing, and payment tracking efficiency. We recommend the service.”

Deliver invoices that support the ongoing standard of invoicing

Customize your invoices according to your client's needs in a universally accessible and acceptable format
Reporting & analytics are a vital part and our ELM model understands that
LEDES 1998 B

With CaseFox, you can create LEDES invoices in 1998B formats seamlessly. These plain text files have 24 fields, with just a few specifications in hand like law firm Id, case details, client Id, and matter. You can generate multiple LEDES 1998B invoices efficiently.

Reporting & analytics are a vital part and our ELM model understands that

Generate LEDES XML2.0 invoices with CaseFox with the help of Tax jurisdiction, Tax type, Tax percentage, clients’ Tax Id number, and fee work location, and deliver invoices to your client and firm easily in a universally accepted format.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LEDES

A Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard is a format for electronic billing. Law firms typically use this format if their clients request it. It is abbreviated as LEDES and is often pronounced “Leeds”.

Which format of LEDES billing does CaseFox support?

CaseFox supports two widely accepted and known LEDES formats, 1998B and XML2.0. We understand that LEDES invoicing can be hectic and tedious, but CaseFox legal billing software makes it easy, perhaps the easiest amongst all other software. 

Why do law firms use the LEDES billing format over manual billing?

Law firms mostly have to adhere to some legal standards while generating invoices for their clients. LEDES billing format helps legal firms to stick to these standards while generating accurate invoices. It further helps lawyers to streamline their billing process seamlessly.

Is it secure to generate invoices through LEDES format?

Yes, CaseFox LEDES invoicing gives users access to generate multiple invoices in the format needed by the user. It helps in assuring full security of all the invoices by safeguarding the complete process from the start to the end. 

Who uses LEDES Format?

LEDES billing formats were created in 1998 to address and sort out the e-billing issues which were encountered by the legal professionals. These LEDES formats were created to be used by law firms and attorneys so that they can help corporations and other insurance companies to compare and process the law firm invoices in a more uniform manner.

How do LEDES Billing formats work?

The LEDES format process requires legal firms to use a distinguished set of Uniform Task Codes (UTBMS). Different matter types require different UTBMS codes to be implemented, such as bankruptcy, worker’s compensation, trademark codes, etc. CaseFox LEDES billing software solution supports and is already configured with ABA task and activity codes which is a breeze when it comes to the billing process.

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