Get Paid Faster With Efficient Payment Process

  • Track time wherever you are

    No matter where you are, you can take CaseFox with you for simple and accurate time tracking. Record every second and bill every minute

  • Quickly create easy-to-pay bills

    Say bye to the lengthy bill generation process. Speed up the billing process with just a few clicks. Create custom and error-free bills for your clients

  • Save time & effort by generating bulk invoices

    Generate multiple custom invoices within a few clicks and share with clients over an email

  • Manage bills and payments at your fingertips

    Create an automated billing process, create recurring bills, calculate billable hours. Share and create bulk invoices, and collect client funds with a single platform


Accept Online Payments: Get Paid Faster, Save Time & Improve Client Experience

  • Get paid faster with convenient payment options

    Perform comprehensive search across the database to check for similarities between new or existing clients

  • Payment automation: your stress-relief solution

    Get instant and accurate results for a thorough conflict check within a single dashboard

  • Efficiently monitor and manage your payment

    CaseFox's legal billing software enables you to input the information representing both sides

  • Generate payment reports

    Get a detailed summary of all your transactions in one place. Download your payment reports in Excel, PDF, CSV, LEDES file and UTBMS

A Legal Online Payments Solution That Your Firm Can Trust

  • Create unique client online payment URLs

    A secure client portal allows a hassle-free payment gateway to make transactions. Generate a unique translation link from the portal. Share the link with your client, communicate and accept payments within no time

  • Communicate hassle-free with secure client portal

    You can simply share invoices, send payment links to users and communicate regarding its updates. It is a secure communication gateway for you and your users.

  • Seamless IOLTA trust accounting compliance

    Trust accounting is crucial for lawyers and legal professionals. CaseFox is fully compliant with IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts) requirements. It lets legal professionals manage their trust accounts according to industry standards


Thousands of Legal Professionals- One Voice!

Numerous legal professionals vouch for the extraordinary CaseFox experience!


Data Migration

Seamlessly migrate your system data to CaseFox without any cost.


Free Onboarding

Fast-track your legal operations with FREE online onboarding demo sessions.


Staff Training

Onboard your staff efficiently with our training session on ZERO Cost!


24/7 Support

Access CaseFox's 24/7 support team via phone, email, or chat to raise tickets and get immediate answers

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Online payment solutions can also be known as payment processing software. This system is a digital tool that helps users to make transitions electronically over the internet. It is a secure gateway that users can opt for making payments. It is a legal billing software that lets lawyers manage their daily practice and handle bills and invoices. It is the best platform for lawyers who want to accept online payments and manage their bills.

There are various reasons why law firms should use these softwares for accepting funds, such as efficiency and transparency. This solution makes it efficient for lawyers to send invoices and collect payments. The processing solution is secure. These systems protect sensitive financial data. It offers convenience for both lawyers and clients. Clients can pay online whenever they want without visiting a lawyer' offices.

CaseFox facilitates online payments for lawyers and firms by offering an efficient and secure process within its legal practice management software. Lawyers can send bills to their clients through a secure portal or email. After that, they can securely pay through the same portal by choosing methods. It offers a debit card, credit card, LawPay, and PayPal, etc.

CaseFox offers two of the most popular integrations for their users PayPal and LawPay. These integrations enable lawyers and firms to accept payments from clients through multiple methods and streamline their financial processes.

CaseFox is the best legal billing software in the industry. It allows lawyers to track billable hours, generate bills according to that and share the final invoice with the client. Lawyers can accept funds through popular platforms such as LawPay and PayPal. They can keep track of their paid and unpaid invoices and send reminders through the client portal in case of overdue.