Intuitive User Interface

Multi-User Access

Rich Feature Set

CaseFox® is an easy to understand and learn legal time and billing software. CaseFox offers a simplified and powerful approach to handling many routine (yet important) timekeeping, billing and case management tasks. CaseFox can be used by attorneys, CPAs and other service professionals. CaseFox offers multi-currency support and incorporates features that are equally useful to attorneys, public accountants and other professionals around the world. Entered time tracking data, trust fund transactions, clients and case list can be exported in Microsoft Excel format. Role based user management would allow you to control your staff's and contract attorneys' access to cases.

Timekeeping/Expense Tracking

CaseFox® legal billing software offers simplified time & expense tracking for tracking billable and non-billable time/expenses. Time entry records are automatically used for creating invoices. Export entered time data and case notes to Excel and PDF format. User friendly display layout of entered time/expense data. Easy to use simplified and common screen for entering notes, expenses and time tracking data. Simply click of "Add Note (Time/Expense)" links to enter a note, time or expense. Configure different hourly rates for different cases. Support for fix fees billing. Casefox also offers an Income Expense Ledger. Payments received from clients and invoiced expeneses are automatically imported from your expense entries for clients. Desktop timer is provided for easy timekeeping.

Client & Case Management

Keep information about clients and cases at one place. Export clients (you may also create mailing labels) and cases to Excel. Import your existing client list in CSV format into CaseFox. Functionality to enter different billable rates for different cases and controlled selected user access to cases. You control who in the firm can have access to data (useful when you have temp staff, associates, contract attorneys and independent contractors). Client Conflict Check feature is also available. CaseFox also offers logging phone messages from callers.

Case Notes Management

With time records, notes may be entered. No more writing on papers and files things about cases. Private notes (not printed on invoices) may be entered. Private notes are useful to jot down things about a case for your own later recollection. The description of a billable item automatically becomes line items in invoices.

Invoicing and Payments

Easy invoicing based on previously recorded time entries/notes. CaseFox makes billing and invoicing painless, plain and simple. PDF invoices can be emailed to clients directly from CaseFox with just one click. Automatic invoice generation allows you to generate invoices for selected or all clients in one click. Review unbilled notes (time/expense entries) by staff, case or client before generating invoices. Generate reports based on different search criterian. LEDES 1998B format is also supported (all invoices are generated both in the pdf and the LEDES format automatically, no special steps are needed for creating LEDES invoices - except entering UTBMS codes). User may enter client specific UTBMS codes. Client payments can easily be recorded, even partial payments. Invoices automatically include clients' trust fund balances. Upload your own logo for your invoices. CaseFox will also monitor unpaid invoices, unpaid amount, days overdue, unbilled amount, etc. Automatic invoicing feature to generate invoices for all cases and clients with one click. CaseFox even created ready for mailing invoice overdue letters, payment receipts, etc.

Manage Multiple Trust and Operating Accounts

Manage multiple trust and operating accounts easily. Trust and operating account transactions can be exported as Excel spreadsheets. Automatic printing of client's trust account balance on invoices. CaseFox tracks client balances in trust accounts automatically, hence, no fear of overdrawing client funds. Invoice "Pay From Trust" feature is also included.

Seamless Google Apps Integration

In addition to Single SignOn, Google Apps or Google users may benefit from CaseFox-Google seamless integration. Google contacts may be imported into CaseFox with just a click or two. Calendaring entries and tasks created in CaseFox are seamlessly and transparently synchronized (two-way) with Google account.

Role Based User Access To Data

Timekeepers in your firm will access CaseFox using their own user name and password. You can also create separate logins for your contract attorneys (so you need not enter their billable hours for them). A contract attorney can only enter his/her own time/expense and view only his own data. A normal staff can view client/case info, entered time by other users/timekeepers and may enter time/expense for other users, but cannot manage users, trust account or case/client or view/generate invoices. Admin role provides full access.

Case Documents Management

CaseFox provides seamless integration with DropboxTM. Case documents may be attached to case notes in an intuitive manner. Expense receipts may also be attached to expense entries. Since you may already be using a document storage (either third party Internet based document storage, local/shared drive, etc.) , you may simply save document links with the case notes. For example, you may use googleDocs for document storage and attach the unique URL for an uploaded document with a case note/time entry.

Tasks Management

Create tasks and calendar items for cases. Integration with gMail. Tasks created in CaseFox are automatically entered in your gMail tasklist. Users may also sign in to CaseFox using their google user name/password.

Internet Based + Data Security

Available from anywhere through a Web browser (a laptop, smart phone, iPad or Android tablet) with the Internet connectivity. No software to install, update, backup or maintain. CaseFox offers upto 256bit encryption and critical user data is stored in the encrypted form in our databases. All timekeeping and trust accounting data can be exported to Excel in one click.

Income Expense Ledger

Manage your income and expenses easily including condolidated reporting. Account payable and account receivable tracked real time.


View a list of unpaid invoices, upcoming tasks, unbilled hours for each client/case, year to date summaries, upcoming/overdue docketed items, etc. at one place. Reporting module for generating client, case, staff billable, non-billable, hours billed, invoices, etc. reports in Microsoft Excel format. CaseFox also generates staff performance report, fee splitting and various other types of reports. Almost all entered data may be exported in Excel format.

Discovery Tracking/Calendaring

In litigation matters, various types of discovery requests and responses need to be tracked to ensure timely responses. Also, various To Be Done tasks need to be docketed. CaseFox offers a simple docketing module to help you with keeping track of to be done tasks. CaseFox tracks discovery/calendar items by case. See Setting Up Ruled Based Calendaring. iCal calendar feed subscription and email reminders are also available. See Synchronizing Calendars through iCal Feed Subscription.

Fee Splitting Rules

You can setup fee splitting rules for partners and associates of your firm.

Vendor Management

Easily manage your vendors, vendor invoices and payments and account payable.


CaseFox offers a whole lot more. Setup a free account and explore CaseFox. We are available via email 7 days a week to answer your questions, if any.