Welcome GoogleApps Users

Thank you for Selecting CaseFox® in Google Apps Marketplace

CaseFox® uses Google Single SignOn to provide a seamless and transparent login to CaseFox using your Google credentials. Please click on the Google circle icon above to start using CaseFox. If you are already logged into your google account, you will be requested to permit secure.casefox.com to retrieve your name and email from your Google account. For the first time only, you will also be requested to provide your firm's name and address (to be printed on your invoices to your clients). After that, every time you click on the "Login with Google" link on the main login page, you will be taken directly to CaseFox Web Application without any login screen.

CaseFox also uses  Google Calendar, Docs/Drive, Tasks, Mail and Contacts API  . The tasks you create in CaseFox will automatically added to your Google Tasks. Similarly, calendar entries (or events) are also synced to your Google Calendar automatically. Your staff members may connect their own Google accounts too. When a task or an event is created in CaseFox, the event and/or task is automatically created in primary Google account as well as Google accounts of staff members to whom task/event is assigned to. Your communication with your clients and staff (such as sending invoices directly from CaseFox) is effectuated via your own Google Email account. In addition, you can import your contacts from Google and convert them into CaseFox clients. You may also send client contact information from CaseFox to Google Contacts. Case documents may also be uploaded to Google Drive and viewed in your case panels in CaseFox.