Data Security and One Click All Data Export

CaseFox® uses industry standard data security methods, including SSL and other data encryption methods to protect your data. In addition to real time replication (to a data center located in another state) of the database, the database is also backed up at regular intervals. Only key personnels have access the servers.

To provide further peace of mind to our users, CaseFox offers "Export All" feature to export all time/expense entries, account/trust transactions, client list, case list, invoicing data, list of payments, calendar entries, tasks, etc. to an Excel workbook in one click. CaseFox also sends daily backup emails (or backup file is copied to your own Dropbox if your Dropbox account is linked to your CaseFox account) containing month to date time/expense entries and all trust transactions. Several other data export and reporting features are provided on various screens to quickly export selected type of data (e.g., case list, client list, selected time entries, etc.).

Your Data Is Safe With Us

We use industry standard methods to protect your data against data breaches and hardware failures. In addition, your data is replicated to another server at a different location continuously 24/7. In addition, data is also backed up several times in an hour. In case of an unforeseen catastrophic event, a mirror server will be activated. For your added peace of mind, your data is packed into an Excel workbook and is mailed to you daily (or copied to your own Dropbox transparently). Also, you can export all your data in one click at anytime.