CaseFox v Quickbooks (CaseFox supports export to QuickBooks)

securityCaseFox® is a timekeeping, invoicing, trust accounting and case management system. CaseFox® also offers tracking tasks and other actions (e.g., discovery, court dates, due dates, etc.). CaseFox® can even be used for managing phone messages left with your firm's receptionist. Conflict checks (an important feature for attorneys) may also be performed using CaseFoxTM. Further, CaseFox® offers support for custom fields for storing user defined client/case information. CaseFox® offers a easy to use user interface and role based access to data (including special roles for contract staff). CaseFox® even offers income expense ledger for tracking your expenses and generating consolidated expense reports showing expenses incurred in different expense categories. A host of other features and tools are included to help you manage your practice efficiently. CaseFox supports various invoice formats such as PDF, Word, HTML, LEDES 1998B, Litigation Advisor, Juris, etc. No setup or installation is required. CaseFox® is useful for professionals that bill their time/skills to clients.

securityQuickbooks, on the other hand, is more suitable if you sell goods or perform business accounting functions. To our knowledge, Quickbooks does not offer time tracking and other case management features that are necessary for time based billing professionals or running an efficient law practice. CaseFox® offers many superior features such as batch invoice generation; just click one button and invoices for all clients and cases (projects) are generated automatically. Quickbooks, however, offers better accounting features, connectivity to banks, etc.

Import/Export to QuickBooksTM: Client list and Invoices can be exported in QuickBooks (both desktop and online versions) from CaseFox. CaseFox can also import customers from Quickbooks Online and turn them into clients in CaseFox. Visit Settings/Tools/Reports -> Export to QuickBooks. CaseFox-QuickBooks integration allows CaseFox users to use CaseFox for timekeeping, invoicing and other case management tasks and performing accounting functions in QuickBooks. CaseFox offers setting up QuickBooks Account Names and assigning time/expense entries to these Account Names. This way when invoices are importing into QuickBooks, transactions are automatically associated with correct Accounts in QuickBooks. CaseFox can also import your client list from QuickBooks. Export client list in IIF/CSV format and import the file into CaseFox (Settings/Tools/Reports -> Import Clients).

*Quickbooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.

Note: CaseFox provides seamless integration with Xero Accounting Software. Invoices generated in CaseFox can be copied transparently with just one click to your Xero account.