Top Alternative to Many Time Billing Systems

such as Clio, MyCase, TimeSlips, Bill4Time, TimeMatters, Rocket Matter (all trade names of respective owners)

CaseFox is a leading legal billing softare and time billing system that offers simple yet powerful set of features and is a top alternative to other Clio, MyCase, Bill4Time, etc. CaseFox also offers data import from other systems. Data exported from Clio and MyCase can be imported effortlessly. Please visit Settings -> Import/Export -> Data Migration. Please contact us to discuss your data import and account setup.

Client list, case list and timekeeping entries from other systems may be imported into your CaseFox account. You should contact your current product vendor to seek help exporting the data in the following format. Please click on download links for sample case list and sample time entries below to view the format that is needed for automated data import. You may also login to CaseFox, then click on Settings/Tools/Report. There you will find instructions and feature to import client list, case list and time entries.

CaseFox provides an easy to use user interface, affordable pricing, and an unmatched feature set. Compare the features with other systems such as Clio and MyCase.