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  CaseFox® LEDES Invoice Software

CaseFox LEDES Invoice Software is designed to help attorneys, virtual firms, psychiatrists, private investigators, consultants, accountants and other professionals with their timekeeping, invoicing, trust accounting, case management, rule based calendaring and task management needs. CaseFox Legal Billing Software can track both billable and non-billable hours and expenses, monitor unbilled hours, late payments and handle trust accounting, case documents and case notes. CaseFox even handles income expense accounting, conflict checks, discovery tracking/docketing, fee splitting rules and abbreviation assisted time entries. No additional efforts are required to generated LEDES 1998B invoices. The Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard is an electronically billing file format. LEDES file format is typically used by law firms for billing, if required by one of their clients.

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Features that are needed to run a law or professional office, CaseFox LEDES Invoice Software has them all. Easy timekeeping, one-click bulk invoicing, conflict checking, case document management, accounting, vendor management, account receivable, account payable, discovery tracking, over due reminders, tasks management, calendaring, trust accounting, reporting, phone call logging, Timekeeping vis Text Messaging/SMS, Dropbox integration, Google Drive, Google Tasks, Google Contacts, Google Calendar integration, LEDES 1998B, LitigationAdvisor, GreatAmerican, PDF, Word invoice formats, and more...CaseFox has it all. Just create a free account and try it out yourself. Trademarks owned by respective owners.