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CaseFox’s Reseller/Referral Program Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that govern your participation in the CaseFox referral program are included with the program and are mandatory. All participants in this referral program must abide by all the terms and restrictions.

About the Program 

The CaseFox referral program aims to provide its current clients with the upper hand and benefit of outstanding financial rewards. Customers who utilize CaseFox, as well as those who they refer, are eligible for this program.


Eligibility Requirements of Referrer

You must currently use CaseFox in order to be eligible for this referral program. You must have a CaseFox account. CaseFox has the complete right to take strict measures against you or suspend you permanently if you are discovered manipulating the form in any way.


CaseFox Unique URL

CaseFox will give you a separate, exclusive URL when you submit the referral form so you can access the advantages with only one click.


Rewards and Benefits

The reward will only be generated once the recommended prospect has successfully signed up for CaseFox.

  1. You will receive the entire 40% commission if you can refer to consumers and they choose an annual plan.
  2. You will benefit from a 25% commission for any referrals that choose a monthly subscription.


Mandatory Restrictions

While participating in the referral program, you truly work towards agreeing on the below-listed restrictions.

  1. Without the owner of the event or venue’s express consent, posting referral offers on event or venue pages.
  2. It is not allowed to open more than one free account. We reserve the right to cancel or disable any duplicate accounts that are later created and linked to the same business or individual.
  3. Content that encourages violence of any type against any group or individual, including racism, bigotry, hatred, and prejudice.
  4. Content that is offensive, abusive, threatening, or harassing.
  5. Sexually explicit, vulgar, or nudity-containing material.
  6. Any declaration that is political or religious.
  7. Content that infringes on the privacy of others.
  8. Make “CaseFox”-containing websites, domains, URLs, social media handles, or email accounts;
  9. Utilize the names or logos of rivals of CaseFox.
  10. Use pictures of famous people or other public or private personalities without getting their permission in writing.
  11. Use another person’s trademark or intellectual property without that person’s written agreement.
  12. Attempt to collect money or other sensitive information by phishing.
  13. Requesting logins or other personally sensitive information.
  14. You acknowledge that you will not pay for advertisements for the Referral Program or your CaseFox Code on websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and Craigslist.
  15. Violate or trample on another person’s rights. You won’t produce any CaseFox Code that violates a third party’s intellectual property rights.
  16. Under no circumstances may you sell, exchange, or barter your CaseFox reference. Beyond any Referral Credit or collateral provided by CaseFox, you are not permitted to pay or offer anything of value to an invited user.
  17. Making printed documents that are not approved by CaseFox.
  18. Post printed documents without prior written approval on public or private property.
  19. Engage in dishonest behavior.


If you break any of these rules, CaseFox has the right to terminate your participation in the Referral Program and/or withhold any Referral Rewards you may have received while breaking or are suspected of breaking these rules.

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