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Improve customer experience and increase flexibility

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Best support

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Data security

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Free Data Migration

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“ I have done free trials (multiple times) of MyCase, Bill4Time, Practice Panther, Clio, you name it, but CaseFox is truly the best. You cannot get me to switch.”

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“CaseFox has been a wonderful and affordable tool to help me streamline my law practice. It's a great for billing/invoicing and to keep track of IOLTA transactions.”

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“I like this system because it allows me to take my cases in an orderly manner and anywhere without affecting the storage capacity, and its interface is very versatile”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of multilingual support feature of CaseFox?

Here are some of the advantages of the multilingual support feature of CaseFox- 

Expanded User Base: Multilingual support allows Legal professionals to cater to a wider audience by accommodating users who speak different languages. This can help in reaching a larger user base and increasing the profits.


Improved Communication: Multilingual support facilitates better communication between clients and legal professionals. Lawyers and attorneys can interact with CaseFox, receive information, and provide input in their preferred language, leading to enhanced understanding and more effective usage.


Localization: Multilingual support enables the localization of the CaseFox’s interface, documentation, and user experience. This allows lawyers and attorneys to navigate CaseFox more easily and comfortably, as it aligns with their language and cultural context.


Global Accessibility: With multilingual support, CaseFox has become more accessible to users from different countries and regions. Individuals, businesses, or organizations operating in diverse linguistic environments can use it, fostering inclusivity and enabling international collaboration.

How many languages are there is the multilingual support feature of CaseFox?

There are total 7+ languages that are included in the CaseFox multilingual support feature, which are as follows:


  • English
  • French 
  • Arabic
  • Greek
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Hebrew


However, many more global languages are to be included in the upcoming days to make the software accessible and user-friendly.

How the CaseFox multilingual support is useful to the potential legal professionals?

Here’s how CaseFox multilingual support is useful to the potential legal professionals and those who are looking for a career in law:


Client Communication: Multilingual support in CaseFox enables legal professionals to communicate effectively with clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds, enhancing client satisfaction and overall communication.


Document Translation: CaseFox’s multilingual support streamlines the translation of legal documents, contracts, and agreements into multiple languages, saving time and effort for legal professionals working on multilingual cases.


International Collaboration: Legal professionals can seamlessly collaborate with colleagues or firms from different countries using CaseFox’s multilingual support, facilitating communication and data management in multiple languages for smooth teamwork.


Accessibility for Non-Native Speakers: Multilingual support in CaseFox reduces language barriers, making it easier for non-native-speaking legal professionals to navigate the software and utilize its features effectively.

In what way can I utilize multilingual support for the calendering process?

Utilizing Casefox’s multilingual support for the calendaring process in your legal profession can offer the following benefits:


Language Preference: Multilingual support allows you to set the calendar interface and notifications in your preferred language, ensuring a more comfortable and intuitive experience while managing your legal schedule.


Client communications: If you have clients who prefer communicating in their native language, multilingual support enables you to schedule and track client meetings, reminders, and deadlines in their preferred language, improving communication and client satisfaction.


International Cases: For legal professionals handling international cases or working with clients and colleagues from different countries, multilingual support feature of CaseFox allows you to input case details, hearings, and other important events in the relevant languages. This ensures that all stakeholders can easily understand and follow the calendar entries.

How does multilingual support prove beneficial in document management?

Multilingual support feature of CaseFox in document management offers several benefits:


Language Flexibility: Multilingual support allows you to store, organize, and retrieve documents in different languages. This ensures that documents can be managed according to the language preferences of users, enabling efficient document handling for multilingual teams and clients.


Global Collaboration: In international legal cases or when working with clients and partners from different linguistic backgrounds, multilingual support ensures that documents can be shared and reviewed in the relevant languages. This promotes seamless collaboration and understanding among diverse stakeholders.


Language-Specific Indexing and Searching: With multilingual support, legal case management software can index and search documents based on their language content. This enables users to find documents quickly by searching in their preferred language, enhancing efficiency and productivity in document retrieval.


Localization and Compliance: Multilingual support is valuable when dealing with documents that require localization, such as contracts, agreements, or legal forms. It allows for the translation and management of these documents in various languages, ensuring compliance with language-specific requirements and regulations.


Client Service and Communication: Multilingual support facilitates effective communication and service to clients who prefer using their native language. Legal professionals can handle client documents, correspondences, and updates in the appropriate languages, improving client satisfaction and understanding.


By leveraging multilingual support in document management, legal professionals can streamline their workflows, improve collaboration across language barriers, ensure compliance, and provide better service to clients in their preferred languages.

What are the uses of multilingual support in legal management?

Multilingual support in legal management offers several important uses and benefits. It enables effective client communication by allowing legal professionals to interact with clients in their preferred languages, strengthening relationships and improving understanding. Multilingual support also aids in document translation, facilitating international cases and collaboration with diverse language backgrounds.

In terms of compliance and localization, multilingual support ensures adherence to language-specific legal requirements in different regions, enabling seamless operations and adaptation of legal materials. It also supports international collaboration by facilitating effective communication and knowledge sharing among legal teams from different countries.

Multilingual support enhances knowledge management by organizing legal resources and facilitating research across multiple languages. Additionally, it extends to training and education initiatives, delivering legal training materials and courses in diverse languages for professional development.

Can other clients connected to my law firm utilize the multilingual support feature?

Absolutely! You can interact with your clients and colleagues through CaseFox Multilingual Support feature in your preferred language seamlessly. Clients from different regions can have their legal requirements fulfilled in the language they prefer with the help of this feature.

Do I have to buy the CaseFox subscription for this feature?

The multilingual support feature of CaseFox is absolutely free of cost, with no additional charges. Legal professionals who are using CaseFox need not to have a subscription to avail this feature. However, it is advisable to take the CaseFox annual subscription for just USD $35 so that legal professionals can add additional cases on their dashboards for a truly seamless experience in legal case management.

Is the multilingual support feature accessible in the existing free version as well?

The multilingual support feature of Casefox is indeed accessible in the existing free version as well. Casefox does not change the subscription fee for any of the updated features. All the features like customized tags, multilingual support, billable hour entry, document tracking, client messaging, and many other features are available in CaseFox for absolutely no cost. Any legal professional who wants to avail these features can simply log into their CaseFox Dashboard.

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