Best Legal Billing Software for lawyers

Timekeeping, Invoicing, Trust Accounting, legal case management, Calendaring, Practice Management, and many more, CaseFox Invoice Software Does it all, only better.

CaseFox Invoice Software

CaseFox Best Legal Billing Software for lawyers is designed to help attorneys, virtual firms, psychiatrists, private investigators, consultants, accountants, and other professionals with their timekeeping, invoicing, trust accounting, case management, rules-based calendaring, and task management needs. CaseFox Invoice Software can track both billable and non-billable hours and expenses, monitor unbilled hours, late payments, and handle trust accounting, case documents, and case notes. Not only this CaseFox handles income expense accounting, conflict checks, discovery tracking/docketing, fee-splitting rules, and abbreviation assisted time entries.


Best in class legal invoicing features

Features that are needed to run a law or professional office, CaseFox has them all. Easy timekeeping, one-click bulk legal invoicing, conflict checking, case document management, accounting, vendor management, account receivable, account payable, discovery tracking, overdue reminders, tasks management, calendaring, trust accounting, reporting, phone call logging, Timekeeping vis Text Messaging/SMS, Dropbox integration, Google Drive, Google Tasks, Google Contacts, Google Calendar integration, LEDES 1998B, LitigationAdvisor, GreatAmerican, PDF, Word invoice formats, and more, CaseFox legal billing software has it all. Just create a free account and try it out yourself.

End to end data security

Your data is safe with us. We use industry-standard methods to protect your data against data breaches and hardware failures. In addition, your data is replicated to another location. In case of an unforeseen catastrophic event, a mirror site will be activated. For your added peace of mind, your data is packed into an Excel workbook and is mailed to you daily (or copied to your own Dropbox transparently). Also, you can export all your data in one click at any time.

CaseFox integration dashboard

Support for Contract Staff and Configurable User Role

CaseFox billing Software for Lawyers offers role-based access to your data. You can assign proper roles to your staff to limit what they can see or do. Your contract attorneys and independent contractors can directly enter their billable time and expenses in your CaseFox account without being able to see any other data.

Easy Data Import From Your Old System

Tired of paying too much and spending too much time doing routine rudimentary invoicing and billing tasks in your current legacy or web-based system? Bring your data to CaseFox. We will set it up for free. CaseFox offers highly competitive subscription plans specifically for lawyers.

Google Integration

CaseFox offers integration with Google Drive, Google Tasks, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. In addition to Single-SignOn, calendaring items or events and tasks created in CaseFox are transparently synchronized with your Google Account. Two-way integration with Google enables you to edit entries in Google and synchronize the changes to CaseFox. Google Drive integration enables you to store your case documents transparently.

How much does CaseFox cost?

CaseFox billing Software for Lawyers offers a free basic plan with all features to let you test drive the system. No payment or even credit card is required. Once satisfied with the ease of use and rich feature set, you may subscribe to a $15/month plan and upgrade to higher plans as you add more cases/projects/matters. Please click on the pricing link in the menu above to see a complete listing of subscription plans. Unlike our competitors, our paid subscription plans come with 3 free users. Additional active users above 3 active users are billed $15/user/month. Compare our pricing with our competitors such as Clio or MyCase or Bill4Time (all are trademarks of respective owners).

Top client services for the best client experience

With the premium features in all the plans offering top notch client services when it comes to data migration and security,CaseFox makes your everyday practice easy.

The invoicing solution is very user friendly as it requires the least of inputs.

Best Support
Best support

Get help from our exceptional customer support team via email or phone. We are here for you.

Data Security
Data security

Protect your client's information and firm's data with industry-leading security methods and protocols.

Free Data Migration
Free Data Migration

Easily transfer all your data from your existing software to CaseFox.

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