Talking about the new year resolution isn’t a burning topic these days as many people end up giving up when it comes to its execution. 

When we look at the life of a lawyer, the new year resolution part seems even more challenging and tough. Let’s make the whole complexity of resolution a more simplified one to implement. 

The day-to-day small add-ups can sum up as a resolution for you in a more simplified and easy to go approach. Start from little and achieve more is what we focus on this blog by giving you some realistic resolutions that can help you in gaining the highest level this year.

Top 12 smart resolutions to streamline workflow

Resolutions are easy to say but tough to implement. Make this year a profit-earning year and make your law firm successful by implementing the below logical resolutions which will take less of your time and will give benefit you in both the short and long run. 

  • Focus on Time Management

No one gets more than 24 hours in a day but the person who understands the importance of each hour receives the most from the time. As a lawyer, time is one of the most precious resources and tools for you to get all your work streamlined. 

This year make your billable hour count more with the easy-to-use CaseFox billing software and make the most of your time in a productive way.  Reduce the time spent on performing a repetitive task and let CaseFox handle that part for you and earn more by focusing on wats core for you. 

  • Never Step Back from Changes

As a lawyer, you might think about not jumping to new changes by thinking about its failures in the future. But until you try something new you won’t be able to make out its importance in your work. 

Try a new implementation that fits your need and analyze the results from the same. Try and try and make your work always look new and updated with the growing trends and technology.  Attract clients with your innovation and efficiency of work from anywhere anytime. 

  • Take Less Work Stress

Organize your work in a more simplified and easy-to-handle manner so that you never get stressed about what all needs to be done and how. Plan things beforehand and make a separate task list with the help of CaseFox task management software and keep a full record of all the tasks that are complete or pending. 

Never let any task be left untouched, manage everything remotely without incurring any additional overheads and submit your client’s task timely. 

  • Shift to Automation 

With the covid situation not changing its effect on the people and on the globe overall. The need to have a smooth workflow remotely is really important especially for the legal sector. With CaseFox automate your whole lawsuit easily in a most effective and cost-friendly way. 

Get access to all the features in all our plans and take advantage of top-notch integration which adds to your law firm growth in some way or the other. 

  • Keep your Work Organized

Make a great start this year and focus on how you can organize your work in a less time-consuming and less expensive manner. Manage all your cases with CaseFox case management software and mark case as active or inactive and make yourself aware of each case running in your law firm. 

As a lawyer create a personal note section with our personal note keeping tool and store important messages inside a single head and use it whenever needed. 

  • Interact Timely with Client’s

Client Interaction is really crucial for satisfying existing clients and gaining new client intake from outside. Just getting a case isn’t what makes your firm grow, communicating case status and updates to your clients will help you in knowing the actual necessity of your clients and will also help you in improving your work whenever needed. 

Reach your clients through emails and let them know about what’s new whether it is discounts, offers, gift hampers, work status, etc. Make them feel updated and aware every time by any valuable means. 

  • Socialize More

Well, meeting new clients is not what boosts your profit but meeting new potential lawyers also increases your client base in a huge number. Try to network yourself more with new lawyers and clients through one-to-one meetings, video calls, seminars, emails, etc. 

Ger yourself involved in more common topics and trends, step out of your office and let other peo0le feel engaged with the values you are providing through different mediums. A good network connection will ensure that you create your brand value in the market and in front of potential clients. 

  • Make the Payment Process Online

If your law firm is still relying on a manual payment mechanism then make the online payment execution one of the most essential resolutions to be taken care of this year. 

Plan out the whole process and accept payments through credit cards. 

With CaseFox get top integrations like LawPay and PayPal and make your payment process secure and easy to use. Accepting payment through an online medium can help your law firm gain high profits and will help you to increase your cash flow rate quickly. 

  • Take Good Care of Yourself

As a lawyer managing work with your health is quite troublesome. But prioritize your health overwork and keep yourself healthy all the time. Implement automation and let CaseFox manage most of your administrative work. 

Invest in activities like yoga, cycling, get-togethers, and so on to have a healthy and fresh mind all the time long. Make a resolution to invest in your own health and practice different ways to boost your mind and generate huge profits with a healthy body. 

  • Invest in Marketing

Marketing is one of the most vital elements which every lawyer always tries to focus on. Most of the time marketing techniques are not up to what fits your needs and this affects the overall performance of your law firm. 

Try new ways like content marketing, email marketing, website development, guest blogging, social media reach, and many more to enhance your marketing return at less cost. Ads are also a great tool to drive huge traffic in what you are providing to your customers. 

  • Build an Online Presence

In the current time, online usage is far more than one-to-one interaction. Nowadays people don’t look for time to go to individual law firms in order to get information about the work but instead, they search online for all the information and data. 

Take this fair advantage and work towards how you create your presence in the online media. Work on website development and give all details which include about us page, contact us page, blog page, feature page and so on in a single roof. Track from where your clients are actually coming from and keep a note of everything and enable a perfect flow of client intake as well as your online presence and reachability. 

  • Make your Work Mobile-friendly

 With everything being operated from the phone, why not manage your whole lawsuit through your own mobile phone. CaseFox has built its own mobile application for lawyers which not only helps them in managing everything remotely but also makes the work of the lawyers less hectic by giving them all access through their own cell phones. 

Manage everything from the case to client management from a single click and let manage your core work without any trouble. 


Resolutions are not easy to implement. But with the right targets in head one can surely have something better in the new year. Lawyers can plan out many things which can make their work life and personal life pretty stress-free. With the correct strategies, lawyers can try out many resolutions which can increase their rate of profits in less time. Bring out new resolutions and make your law practice a success. 


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