Think about this, if you want to try a new restaurant in the city but you have no idea about the food, staff, or their service. What will be the first thing that you will do? If you are like most of the people out there, you will read the reviews of the restaurant online.

Similarly, if you are a lawyer or a law firm, your potential clients might be searching for you online and reading reviews about your service. They will be keen to know about the experience of your past clients. 

According to National Law Review reports, 90% of individuals consider reviews before making any decision. Reviews are like social proof of your service and existence. Let’s dive in and see how it can be beneficial for law firms and how firms can collect reviews. 

What are Client Testimonials?

In the marketing world, testimonials or reviews are crucial. Almost all businesses want to get a review from their clients. Reviews are valuable because they help potential clients and customers understand the product or service. Lawyer ratings and reviews will help clients understand more about lawyers and work ethics. Law firm reviews by clients to help them understand their experience with the firm, satisfaction level, and their perspective about the service they received.

How Can Your Law Firm Benefit From Testimonials And Reviews?

There are various benefits of reviews for lawyers, such as getting more visibility, credibility, and much more: 

Builds Credibility

Builds Credibility

When you are in the legal world, your past track records are everything. Most of the potential clients will be looking for reviews for attorneys online. They will be selecting you or your firm on the basis of this record. If you are winning most of your cases, chances are you can get clients easily. Online reviews for attorneys also build credibility. If you have positive reviews, clients will approach you. 

Establish Trust 

Trust is the main element when it comes to hiring a lawyer. People who are looking for lawyers are already stressed enough so they are looking for someone who they can trust. They want to be assured that the firm or attorney they are choosing will provide the best service and prioritize their legal matters. When clients see what other people are reviewing about you, it builds trust and credibility. So it is important to have reviews of attorneys’ websites. 

Reinforcing Client Relationships

Reinforcing Client Relationships

Attorney ratings and reviews can be both positive and negative. It is important to respond to both kinds of reviews. Most of the lawyers think that it is only important to reply to the negative comments, but that is not true. By responding to your clients’ positive reviews, you can build a strong attorney-client relationship. It will also have a positive impact on other potential clients who are searching for you online. They can see how you are maintaining the relationship with your existing clients. Try to make your replies as personalized as possible to build the human presence of your firm. 

Increase Visibility 

Lawyer ratings and reviews are a great way of pushing SEO rankings. It will help your law firm pop on the top of search engines when your potential clients are web-hunting for lawyers. Most people look for online reviews and if you have them, you are more likely to get visible. Even different review websites help you get visible on search engines.

Social Proof 

Most people are likely to choose a lawyer or firm if they read positive reviews about the legal services they offer. Positive law firm reviews play a major role in attracting clients for the firm. According to reports,  93% of individuals search online to find and they actively look for reviews and client experience. Client reviews are the proof of your firm existence and your trustable services. 

A study conducted by shows that an increase of a single star in reviews can increase the chances of conversion. 

How Attorneys Can Ask for Client Testimonials? 

How Attorneys Can Ask for Client Testimonials?

As an attorney, you should always ask your clients for testimonials, as they can bring more business. The most practical way of asking for attorney reviews by clients is directly asking them. Ask them to share their experience with the attorney, the overall journey of legal matters, and how stratified they are. Don’t shy away from asking your attorney clients for the reviews, too. As long as they are genuine and honest, you should ask them for a review.

You can ask your clients questions similar to some of the following: 

  • How was your experience with our firm and attorneys? 
  • What made you most satisfied with the resolution achieved? 
  • What makes us different from other firms you have worked with in the past? 
  • Can you describe a time when we exceeded your expectations?
  • How would you describe your family and friends about our firm if you referred us?
  • Would you refer to our law firm with your friends, family, or colleagues? 

You can simply email your clients and ask them for reviews. They can either write it on your website or on any other review platform. Not only that, you can also ask them to share a video of their experience. It can be more impactful. Before publishing, client testimonials ask them to sign the testimonial so it is not misused by others over the internet. 

Where should you display client testimonials?

Where should you display client testimonials?

Now that you have client reviews, the next step is to publish them, but where? 

Well, we are mentioning a few places you can display these testimonials: 

  • Your law firm’s website
  • Social media platforms 
  • Client testimonials webpage
  • Video marketing campaigns
  • Third-party review sites 

The Bottom Line 

Reviews for attorneys can be the most powerful marketing tool if used correctly. They act as social proof, help in gaining clients’ trust, give a boost to law firm SEO strategy, and much more. Attorney clients’ reviews can help you stand out from others in the industry. So always make sure that you are asking all your clients to share a review with you. If you want to generate better quality leads, make sure to showcase your client reviews on the website.


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