Naturally, we have more things to be thankful for than we think we do. Thanksgiving is the time to stop and reflect back on all those things we should be thankful for. For lawyers who have tightly packed schedules, we understand that this doesn’t come normally to them, also it’s difficult for them to adapt to these situations.

We will make this thanksgiving easy for you and your people through this blog. In this blog, we are going to remind you of all things you should be grateful for and will discuss ways to show thankfulness for them.

There are many things and people that we come across in our daily lives that have an impact and bring value to our life. For example, your clients bring business to your law firm and help you practice your profession. Similarly, your staff helps your law firm to be efficient, support you with your work or indirectly if we mention your staff is one of the supporting pillars. Friends from professional backgrounds will also make up this list. 

Having professional relationships doesn’t always have a responsibility, but also should be an opportunity. Professionals relationships teach us countless things to do in a better and productive way. It’s equally important for you to make a difference to them too. Last but not least, take this thanksgiving as an advantage to thank the people who put all their needs above you, that is your family.

Top ways to add value by offering thanksgiving

1. Creating an unforgettable client experience 

A law firm is successful in its marketing and customer service when it has a constant flow of clients. Clients are the key to a successful law firm, whether you take them for satisfying your financial needs or take them up as boosting your clientele.

It is ethical and a responsibility to have a proper flow of communication with them. Most lawyers have such a busy schedule that it becomes very difficult to have a free flow of communication with clients. 

Solo attorneys often face difficulty in handling client intake in bulk or when clients face difficulties in billing and payments it affects the client service in the long term.

Improving the client service for your clients should always be your top priority, giving them a streamlined client experience builds a strong relationship professionally and as well as personally. When they have a seamless experience they become happy and when a client is happy they become your marketing ambassadors.

This thanksgiving gives thanks to your clients by improving client experience for them, but how can you give your client a seamless experience? Start by adding an extra hour to your time for effective communication with them, and if that’s a little difficult, hire support staff for handling the needs of clients.

You can also automate your law firm by subscribing to legal practice management software, this way your problem in managing client intake can also be solved. Case management solutions have online client intake forms which can be customized according to your needs. Billing and payments also become easy as they automate almost every billing procedure. Case management software has easy payment portals for your clients to pay.

This Thanksgiving you can also give your clients vouchers to deals, or coupons for subscriptions, this way you are nurturing a personal relationship with them. 

Showing gratitude towards your clients will build a long-term, strong, and effective relationship. This will not only make your clients happy but also will make you happy.

2. Nurturing relationships with Employees 

Employees or your support staff help you to carry all your tasks in your law firm, making law practice a lot lighter for you. Your employees streamline tasks by working under a lot of pressure and handling majorly all tasks and communications with your clients.

Sometimes working under pressure, we often overlook our employee’s efforts which makes your law firm more efficient and more productive.

Nurturing relationships with employees is equally important as managing your other essential relationships that matter for your law practice.

Not taking care of your employees will lead them into thinking that their efforts are not getting enough appreciation and which will indirectly affect their performance while working. 

Take this Thanksgiving as an opportunity to show that you are grateful for your employees’ efforts and appreciate them. You can also start by having a dedicated feedback form where they can give feedback about working in your law firm. Ask them for suggestions and changes they would like to have. This way, it is communicated that you care about their working environment.

You can also give them gifts like coupons and vouchers to various different deals and if you can, then you could also take them for an informal dinner to nurture the bond between you and your employees.

3. Appreciating personal relationships

Family members have stood with you through many difficult times. Being part of a lawyer’s family is a proud moment for any family member, but you will agree to the fact that there are times where you couldn’t provide them quality time.

It’s completely normal and mostly all lawyers have hectic schedules and with piles of paperwork, there is less time on their hands. It’s quite difficult to give time.

Attorneys know that their families are sacrificing for them and they know subconsciously that they are unable to give their family members enough time.

Take this Thanksgiving as an opportunity to show how thankful you are for them and how they add value to your life.

You can also give them small gifts like electronics, there will be many deals running on thanksgiving for the holiday season.

Have a dedicated day for your family members to spend time with them. Taking out a day from a busy schedule would be difficult, but it will be worth it.

4. Other professional relationships  

Friends from professional backgrounds or your colleagues have helped you in more ways than you can name it. They have added value to your law practice by helping you network with other attorneys, introducing you to new and better ways for increasing productivity. 

Lawyers mostly have professional relationships and just talk and discuss enough where work can be finished. In the hustle and bustle of an attorney, these relationships are completely overlooked and almost never nurtured. It is equally important to show your gratitude to your lawyer friends, county members, and colleagues.

You shouldn’t be forced to communicate in order to give thanks, but rather create a free flow of communication by adding value to other people’s lives. This thanksgiving gives your thanks in a way that is not difficult for you.

Introduce them to newer ways of making law firms more efficient, where they increase their productivity and streamline their work, this way you’ll create value in their lives.

For Example, Introduce them to legal billing software, this thanksgiving almost every company will run offers. CaseFox is offering a flat 50% discount on thanksgiving for all their plans. You can give them vouchers for legal billing and case management software as a thanksgiving gift.

If you are a county member and you are looking for ways to strengthen your relationship with other members and want to show how grateful you are, take this thanksgiving as a pathway, you can start by giving coupons like amazon vouchers, or coupons of deals that are most popular this thanksgiving.

Summing up

Thanksgiving day is all about being grateful for all of the things you have in your life, whether it be personal or professional. In this hectic schedule, we always forget to be thankful for basic things. Don’t consider it as an opportunity, think about it as a blessing and step ahead to greet and thank the ones who really deserve it.

Being grateful for other people’s efforts in your life is a way to show that you respect their efforts. Take a moment, stop and thank all the people that make a difference in your law practice and indirectly in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving from CaseFox.


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