CaseFox is among the best legal practice management softwares in the industry. That’s why we understand the importance of providing users with a seamless and intuitive experience. And we are excited to share that we have launched a new “Navigation Bar” in CaseFox. With this new update, the efficiency of your practice will increase and rest. Most of our software will feel similar. 

Let us walk you through this new navigation bar feature and help you understand how it can simplify your practice on a day-to-day basis. 

Top Bar Navigation

A Top Bar Navigation To Allow You To Quickly Scan Features And Focus

The first thing that you are likely to notice is that all features navigation is now on the top of the screen instead of being displayed on the left side of the screen. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into this and understand how this top bar navigation benefits you. Firstly, you will get a gist of all the features that are necessary at the top. You don’t have to go through the hassle of finding different features within the software. 

First, we have a dashboard, and here you can get an overview of the complete firm’s dashboard. 

Only the role type ‘ Administrator’ can see the firm dashboard and has full access to see what’s going on in the firm. 

After the dashboard, you can find features like a calendar, tasks, cases, clients, and so on. Then you can find all the subcategories in the drop-down menu of the particular feature. Let’s look at this with an example. For instance, you tap on billing and this drop-down menu will appear. You can see all the features that are available within billing. Like time/expense, bills/invoices, payments, etc., that you can see below.

drop-down menu

Now if you click on time/expenses, you will be redirected to time/expense overview. 

Time/Expense Entry

See how simple it is to navigate any sub-feature. Within a click or two, you will be directed to the feature you are looking for. This easy navigation can save you time and make practicing law easier with CaseFox. 

How Shift In CaseFox Navigation Bar Shift Brings Several Advantages

  • Gone are the days when searching through the software to find a core feature was a thing. Now simply go to the top navigation bar and you can instantly see all the essential features. 
  • The top navigation bar helps in effortlessly accessing all the features. 
  • In the legal world, time is money, and a well-organized navigation bar of CaseFox boosts efficiency. 
  • A consistent navigation bar structure throughout CaseFox software promotes a unified user experience. 

Why We Changed CaseFox’s Navigation? 

CaseFox Old Dashbord

On the left side, you can see the CaseFox navigation bar. This is what navigation in our old UI used to look like. But we decided to change it, because of several reasons and some of them are mentioned below: 

1. Customer Feedback 

Customers are our priority and we like to take their feedback to improve our software. CaseFox received feedback from users that the navigation system is confusing and they have to dig in to find certain features. It would only make sense for us to consider improving our navigation to improve customer experience. Addressing customer concern is our top priority. So below you can see what navigation in CaseFox looks like after an update.

CaseFox New UI & Navigation

2. Navigation Was Time Consuming 

Some users find our old navigation situation a little time consuming. It was getting inefficient for users. So we decided to make it more efficient and user friendly. With top bar navigation users, we are able to save time and software become more user friendly after this update. 

3. Market Research 

We just didn’t change our navigation without any research. Our team did some market research regarding top bar navigation. They looked into some market trends and studied competitors. After our market research, we decided to make our software more user friendly and change our navigation to the top.

Summing Up

CaseFox legal billing software’s top bar navigation is not just an update in design, but it is a transformative step to enhance the user experience. Our main motive is to create a smoother, more intuitive experience for all our users.

We understand that as a legal professional, your time is valuable and we believe that this new change will help save your time and efforts. You don’t have to keep navigating features all around the software. 

We at CaseFox are committed to improve our software and to meet the needs of an evolving industry. The launch of our new top bar navigation bar is just an example of our commitment towards users. 

If you haven’t explored this new feature, simply login here. Stay tuned with CaseFox for more such updates. If you have questions regarding the top bar navigation feature or need any assistance regarding CaseFox, connect with our support team.  


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