Automation and technology is redesigning the legal industry aggressively across the globe. With legal tech as an advantage, there is greater transparency and better communication between law firms and their clients.

A report quoted earlier this year ‘legal tech investment is going to be increased three fold in upcoming years’. Lawyers in the US and the UK alone will accept legal tech investments three times more than the current state. The legal tech market is slowly and gradually increasing with law firms and organizations fully ready to adapt to smart technology by the year 2023 and;

We are happy to be included in the list of giving our clients the best customer service, being the change, and influencing the global legal tech industry as a growing global organization.

CaseFox feels immense pleasure to announce that we have gained recognition in multiple flagship reports of Gartner Digital Markets (Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp) yet again. With our hard work and constant support from our clients, we have climbed to the top 10 best-reviewed software on GetApp leaving our fellow renowned competitors Clio, LeanLaw among others. 

A warm and hearty thanks to all our customers, community, and team to make this possible. We continue our pledge to bring reform in the legal tech industry through our new and revolutionized products.

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“Professional service, professional-looking Invoices for clients, ease of use. There are many 

useful features built-in.” 

~ Suzanne H. ~ 

[Source: Capterra] 


“Pricing is much more reasonable compared to competitors. Support is always responsive 

and great” 

~ Troy W. ~ 

[Source: GetApp]


“This application is affordable, easy to use, and to implement for a small firm that does not 

need expensive and time-consuming software.” 

~ Yvonne ~ 

[Source: Software Advice] 


We at CaseFox have pledged to give out our best possible service to clients at affordable prices with top-notch features. We never compromise on the quality of our services.

Casefox is rated 4.7 (out of 5) on all Gartner Digital Market brands. Our users have made this possible! Thank you for loving and believing in us! 

How Can CaseFox Help Enhance Your Legal Services?

CaseFox can help you build a smooth workflow in your law firm by assisting you with day-to-day tasks and being the ultimate supporter of your law practice. Let’s dig in how.

1. Document Management

Manage all your documents, files, emails, photos, and other important parts of the case at a centralized space carefree. 

CaseFox provides custom document templates where attorneys can merge custom fields with document templates and store client data and case files. 

With CaseFox document management solution law firms get access to a variety of integrations, you don’t have to worry about juggling from one software to another as you can easily integrate your old document storage applications with CaseFox and easily migrate your data.

2. Legal Case Management  

With a seamless and easy-to-use client portal in CaseFox, lawyers and law firms can easily get hold of client communication, and payment checks. Clients can easily view their payment history and stay in the loop with their attorneys all the time. 

Store all your documents, data, and invoices in one place in CaseFox through its exceptionally advanced legal case management functionality. Create custom fields when needed to store additional data, import and export of data are effortless with CaseFox with just a few clicks you can import all your data from your old I.T infrastructure.

Simplified timekeeping and expense tracking make it very easy for attorneys to track and record their billable hours. You can easily generate automated billing through your time entries.

3. Staff Management 

Role-Based Access in CaseFox lets attorneys control what information their staff has access to. Also, you can customize access according to your staff.

With custom hourly rates you can choose an hourly rate for your staff and just in case they have not assigned one in the software then global hourly rates are followed.

With CaseFox you generate advance performance reports by setting up specified goals and letting you compare their actual billable hours to your specified goals. 

4. Legal Calendaring 

Lawyers have numerous events scheduled for a single day, it becomes quite difficult to manage all events manually. With CaseFox legal calendaring feature, you can sync your current calendar like outlook and google calendar with CaseFox and manage all your events at one place.

CaseFox calendar sends timely reminders for your events so that no event is missed. With advanced features like CaseFox’s legal calendar, you can link your events and meetings to cases and assign them to particular staff.

In advance features such as recurring events, you can add recurring entries so that you don’t have to add events again and again in the calendar. You can also keep your clients in the loop by inviting them to your calendar. This way they’ll stay updated and feel more connected.

5. Ledger and Accounts 

Managing trust accounts has never been easier, with CaseFox you can manage multiple trust accounts and easily pay off your invoices through trust accounts. You also have an option to bulk pay your invoices from your trust accounting. 

The Income and expense ledger showcases your law firm’s incomes and expenses for the year. Lawyers  can download the consolidated expense report and all transactions and also can upload related documents.

6. Billing and Invoicing 

Billing and invoicing have never been this easy with CaseFox you can generate comprehensive invoices with one click. With automated billing, you generate recurring invoices automatically at a set date.

CaseFox offers a bulk invoicing feature where you generate invoices bulk invoicing for all unbilled time entries, using this feature you can against more than one invoice at a time, starting from the oldest to the newest invoice.

With CaseFox, law firms can create professional custom invoices for their practice with CaseFox pre-made templates. CaseFox offers LEDES invoicing and UTBMS codes for smooth billing functioning. Easily integrate your Xero and QuickBooks accounting software with CaseFox.

7. Conflict Check

With advanced features such as conflict check, you can always run a last-minute quick check before onboarding a client. To know if there is a conflicting situation with your potential client make sure there is no obligation between you and your previous clients. 

8. Data Migration 

Moving to CaseFox you don’t have to worry about your data in your previous software, CaseFox team will help you in your data migration journey at no additional cost from start to the very end.

9. Support 

Our team has 24/7 exceptional support service for you and your law firm, easily reaching out to our support staff via email and call, to resolve your issue on hand. Not only that, you have more than 300+ articles and videos to support your queries.

10. Client Intake Form

Onboarding new clients every day is no longer a hassle with CaseFox, you don’t need to make forms from scratch, just add your custom fields and generate custom client intake forms in a few clicks

Summing up 

These are just a few features and functionality that CaseFox has to offer. Our ideology is to provide the best client service at an affordable cost. If you are someone who is already using CaseFox and would like to tell us about your experiences or give feedback please visit this link. We would love to hear about your experience and how we can make it even more extraordinary.


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