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Legal Consultant in the Qudah Law Firm's High-Tech team. Anas provides tech firms of all sizes and fields, FinTech, RegTech, WealthTech, InsurTech and other related clients with cost-effective and result-oriented counsel in order to optimally position them for long-term growth and to ensure that day-to-day operations are in line with the admissible tactics of strategic management of Tech firms. Anas was assigned to the national committee for preparing a National Code of Artificial Intelligence Ethics by the Minister of the Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, which is a committee concerned with codifying the principles and values to be followed in designing, training and operating artificial intelligence systems. Anas is an alumnus of Reading University (LLM), 2020 UK, and obtained the First Class Honours. During his studies, Anas presented numerous academic research on some of the contemporary issues in legal aspects of some applications under the EU and the UK policies, including the liability for detriments ensued from algorithmic malfunctions, the role of artificial intelligence in achieving clarity on market data and legislation in investment decision-making, the effectiveness of robotic judge as practical solution to the crisis of the legitimacy of international investment arbitration, as well as the difference between cybersecurity and cybercrime.
Anas Abdul Alhameed Al-Qudah
Legal Consultant

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