The legal sector is flourishing and legal professionals are looking for opting out solutions where cost can be reduced and efficiency can be maximized, while outsourcing has become a few of the feasible solutions for most law firms and legal professionals, most of the people can’t opt for expensive solutions and try to cut down the risk.

The Days are gone when invoicing and payment was something people considered tough to deal with and counting online payments in the list of solutions people were nervous about, in the legal sector not only people but attorneys have a hitch in processing the payments. That’s where legal practice management software steps in. Legal practice management software comes in with countless features like document management, legal calendaring, IOLTA accounting, billing & invoicing, and much more.

CaseFox is a law practice management and legal billing software that helps legal professionals to streamline effectively their day-to-day tasks and make billing and invoicing simpler effortless and less time taking.

CaseFox, Legal Billing Software comes with countless integrations to make practice smooth and effective, to make fair relationships with clients it’s important to have effortless billing and payments, for this CaseFox integrated with LawPay, the most efficient payment solution with an affordable Legal Billing Software solution.

Running an efficient and productive law firm includes deploying practices that make your and your clients’ lives less stressful. A convenient tool like LawPay gives you a positive toll to automate and streamline your payment process, meaning you get more of your time saved for other important work and clients convinced.

Take charge of your payments with LawPay

What is LawPay?

LawPay is an online payment solution that helps law firms and legal professionals that help them to get paid faster.

It’s a secure and simple way for clients to pay, and the process is easy to accept both online credit card or eCheck payments. LawPay ensures compliance with the American Bar Association and Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA), and it has been probed and approved by state bars in all 50 states.

LawPay is available through all 50 state bars, 60+ local and specialty bars, and the ABA as a probed and recommended payment solution for the legal sector.

Benefits of using LawPay with CaseFox

There are countless benefits of using LawPay but here are 3 benefits that will convince you to use LawPay.

1. Easy to Use

LawPay is a simple-to-utilize payment processor that sends dynamic innovation to help legal advisors to get compensated quicker. The solution removes the pressure from getting compensated, endorsing parties inside the lawful business to deal with payment to monitor their IOLTA accounts. Additionally, its Quick Bill highlight gives a simple method for emailing payment requests with a connection to your payment page. This makes the client pay on schedule while empowering lawful firms to remain precise charging records.

2. Flexibility

In addition, with CaseFox, LawPay is meant to assist lawyers to run their practice anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re within the office, at home, or on the go, you’ll enjoy the convenience and adaptability delivered by LawPay’s mobile technology. The tool’s app makes it easy to send bills, accept payments, and track transactions smoothly, directly from a mobile device. The app simply puts all the tools you would like to securely manage payments at your fingertips.

3. Easy to Create Custom Payment Pages

Even better, it’s a breeze to make custom payment pages. LawPay permits you to make custom changes to the payment page along with your logo and other data related to your firm. You’ll likewise add a safe payment connection to your site, solicitations, and messages, to offer your client a consistent payment experience regardless of the gadget they use.

4. Easy Refunds 

With LawPay you can easily refund payments to clients with a few easy steps, if the payment is done within the same day you can void the transaction completely and if the duration of the payment has crossed more than one day, you still refund payments to your clients with just one click.

5. Advanced Security 

Security of your law firm’s transactions and your client information has always been an important concern. With LawPay and CaseFox you get exceptional security for transactions and your client card. You never have to worry about handling sensitive details.

6. Schedule Payments 

With LawPay you can schedule payments. The easiest way to get paid by your clients is you can set up payment in advance. Schedule payments allow you and guarantees that your invoices get paid on time.

Why LawPay is the right choice for you 

1. Competitive pricing plan

2. No hidden fees like cancellation and set up fees 

3. No hard in office equipment needed

4. Exceptional Security 

5. Expert in house support 

If you still find yourself stuck between choosing LawPay for your firm, then here are a few more reasons why an attorney loves LawPay.

1 – Attorneys and Legal Professionals Choose Simplicity and Convenience

Not all attorneys and law firms are tech-savvy some actually consider rehearsing in old customary ways for them. LawPay gives a simple-to-utilize interface and incalculable simple-to-get-a-handle on instructional exercises.

2 – Attorneys Want a Product They Can Trust

As we probably are aware that law firms are at risk of misplacing documents,  we don’t need any more stress and risks in getting paid. With LawPay, reliability is never a question, LawPay is trusted by 48 bar associations and used widely by lawyers and law firms.

3 – Attorneys Don’t Want to Wait to Get Paid

Lawyers can avoid lengthy procedures by using LawPay and give their clients no excuse not to pay on time. With LawPay, card payments can be acknowledged by swiping the card physically face to face, or through secure online payments in a couple of straightforward steps. 


Getting paid timely and creating a easy and seamless procedure for your clients to pay is what is necessary for effective law firm, LawPay and CaseFox provides you this effective payment process with many other exciting features. If you still have doubts about LawPay take the benefit of CaseFox and try it for yourself and get amused by its features and simplicity. Hope this blog must have helped you in some way.

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