Preliminary Conflict Check

Most likely, this feature is only useful for attorneys and law firms. Conflict check on a potential client is performed to ensure that your duties and obligations to the potential client would not cause a conflict with your other current and/or previous clients. Most malpractice insurers require/suggest that attorneys setup up a conflict checking system (not necessarily using a software) in place to avoid and prevent conflicts. CaseFox can help you manage your conflicts easily.

CaseFox provides functionality to enter names of involved people in your cases, on both sides. Click on "Cases (Projects)" tab, select a case and click on "Names" tab on the right tabbed pane. Enter first and last name, check the checkbox if this person is on the "Against" side of this case. Try to enter as many names as you can find. For example, if you are representing a son, enter the name of his immediate family members. Similarly, you may enter all people somehow closely related to the opposing party.

In the listing of people, click on "Check" link to see if there are any same or similar sounding names in your other cases, against the person's current side. Similar links are provided in "Add Client" and "Edit Client" screens. After entering a new client name, click on "Conflict Check" link to get a list of all similar sounding names on the opposing sides of all your cases.

Please note that first and last names are checked separately to overcome any spelling mistakes during data entry of first or last names. Note that confict check should be peformed not only on a potential client with also opposing party of the potential client.

Names of companies/firms may also be entered in either First Name or Last Name fields. One of these fields may be left blank.

Please note that this functionality only provides one of many other steps you should be taking to avoid any conflicting situations. Also, needless to say that CaseFox conflict check depends on names entered in via "Names" tab.