Having your Law Firm or yourself listed on an online legal directory is a vital part of your marketing strategy and an essential step for improving your visibility and improving and expanding your client base. Your firm’s presence in legal directories gives you a runway to showcase your services and stand out from your competitors.

If we go back a few years, legal directories were just an online, phone book-style listing. But like every other online platform, legal directories have also strengthened.

These legal directories now serve as pathways that can generate leads for lawyers and their law firms, add a charm to your firm’s online reputation and boost your law firm ranking in search results. Listing yourself and your firm in legal directories is one of the simplest and most effective ways to grow your online presence. Being listed in legal directories also builds up your back linking for your website.

Legal Directories like Avvo, Super Lawyers, and Martindale, among others, can help law firms grow and expand their presence in search results pages, and collaborate with other professionals.

What are legal directories?

A legal directory is an online directory, a website that shows a list of other law firm websites and ways to contact them with reviews and additional information. Lawyer directories make it easier for potential leads to look and find your firm. They also offer vital marketing opportunities for lawyers, including lead generation and online reviews.

Google started de-indexing spammy directories back in early 2010 and devalued links from such sites. Submitting your firm’s website to top legal directories remains a crucial part of building presence and relevant links. Of course, no two firm directories are precisely the same and the operative word above is ‘quality’.

9 best legal directories for lawyers and law firms to list

1. Findlaw

Findlaw is one of the oldest and first online lawyer directories created. It is now a set of multiple websites and networks. These websites not only just provide legal directory information but also have online Q&A forums, free legal guides, and legal articles. In addition, the Findlaw blog website allows lawyers to create content on different legal topics, this content helps in building credibility among the potential leads they visit.

2. Avvo

Avvo is the website that has the most traffic within the legal sector, It offers a legal directory and marketing opportunities for potential clients and attorneys. But what sets the website apart is its easy and organized interface, clients can search lawyers by area, city, state, and legal topics. It also shows top-rated lawyers near you. A high rating on your Avvo profile boosts your credibility and helps you stand out from your competitors.

3. Superlawyers

This website is a different and unique style of the legal directory that acts as a rating service for lawyers. The Super Lawyers list is made and lawyers are part of it by the multi-phase selection process. You have to be nominated and selected to be part of it. They have a good social media presence and timely announce super lawyers, your reach and visibility grow higher if you are a super lawyer. On their homepage, you can search for lawyers and ask them about issues. Being a super lawyer increases your credibility among potential clients as they see you as a high-rated lawyer.

4. Justia 

Justia is not just a legal directory, but it provides free, professional lawyer profiles. This is an advantage, as Justia is one of the highest-trafficked U.S. legal websites.

When you have a Justia attorney profile, it’ll additionally assist you to seem on the Legal data Institute website, creating your presence even more visible for online searchers

5. Nolo

Nolo’s network of legal content websites and practice area-specific sites are among the most important sources of free legal information for people researching legal issues online. More importantly, out of the site’s many visitors per month, over 100,000 requests to talk with an attorney. They also have booked for everyday legal information. Nolo also publishes information about legal software and attorney helpful information. Nolo also allows you to publish blogs on your and your firm’s profile, which helps you build your law firm’s credibility and online domain authority.

 6. Lawyers.com

With over 1 million lawyer and firm profiles, Lawyers.com may be a hub for free legal information, including articles and blogs about common legal issues. It even features a recognizable name that’s simple for clients to recollect and look for. Lawyers.com makes it easy for clients to search out and contact the proper lawyer for their needs with the search feature and lawyer reviews. You can search for lawyers based on the area they practice.

7. HG.org

It is a legal directory with high domain authority and around 12 lakhs, monthly visitors. HG.org is searchable by area, law firm, or practice type. Because HG.org offers quite 260 practice area categories, the location lets lawyers build a specialized listing to draw in a selected target client base.

8. Martindale.com

Martindale.com allows you to make a top-notch lawyer directory profile that increases your visibility to potential eyes on you. A knowledgeable Martindale profile gives your firm exposure to over 15 million visitors monthly through the site’s extensive network. This network includes other legal directories networks too.

9. Lawyer.com

Though the name is similar to the legal directory lawyers.com, Lawyer.com is a separate legal directory option. Lawyer.com is global, serving all major legal sectors worldwide, and offers key features for connecting lawyers with potential clients. These features include a legal directory, free Q&A forum, free legal content, and a legal plan. You can search lawyers based on the area they practice in or the country you reside

Why is joining legal directories important?

1.Building Up Potential Leads 

Focusing on the generation of potential leads is a quick and effective way to attract more clients. Legal directories give you a straight path to make clients contact you, and it is a vital part of your law firm’s overall marketing strategy. You can generate a fast inflow of new potential business by taking advantage of the lead generation and marketing services offered by legal directories.

2.Backlinking For Your Website

Backlinks are referral hyperlinks on different websites that direct visitors to your website and play a key function in search engine optimization, and backlinks from legal directories are key to your advertising and law firm marketing strategy. The more links that your law firm receives from websites, the better your law firm’s search engine optimization credibility will be. Subsequently, the better your corporation will rank in seeking results. The pinnacle legal directories are trusted high-authority websites.

3.Build Online Presence 

What’s the point of being the best if your potential clients don’t know you? Marketing is a vital part of any business and the legal sector comes with no exception. Maintaining an online presence is crucial in times of digital innovation, your clients won’t find you in traditional phone books. They’ll search online for about the services they need. That’s when your online presence will help you to pull up leads. While making a profile on legal directories, always make sure to instate clear-cut information that would include services you offer, ways to contact you, your client testimonials, and the awards and experiences you have received.

4.Know Your Competitors

When your law firm is listed in a legal directory, you stand out from your other competitors who don’t have an online presence. Similarly, you check your competitors who have their profiles listed and see their reviews and check for critics. Knowing where your competitors are lacking and what clients want from them can help you in improving your client service and your way of doing business with your clients. Improving in the areas where others are lacking can substantially increase your potential leads.

Summing up

You are working hard for your clients and yourself. It’s fair to say that the more online advertising and marketing you get, the better. When your potential clients can easily find you online, it becomes easier for them to reach you out and you have more opportunities to win new clients and grow your practice. Legal directories are vital tools for getting yourself seen by potential clients for both your SEO rankings and boost your law firm’s business.


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