Can you interpret how important time tracking is to you? 

Fairly it’s the most important element to earn a living for law firms. From solving a case to getting every bit of information regarding your client, everything needs to get billed. 

But not everything billable is seen in manually generated billing reports. The reason behind this is the process in which these billing reports are made. A lawyer cannot remember each small thing to add to a billing report. But when we look at these small leftover tasks, then it comes out huge at the year-end resulting in poor finances and misbalanced datasheets. 

Attorneys deserve to get paid for the accurate hours they spend per case. And the clients also need to get 100% output from the law firm they are seeking help with and also the correct invoice which they need to pay.

Most of the time lawyers aren’t aware of which of the tasks will require more time or which will require less, it depends on the tasks and the research on the same. But when he/she starts using time tracking software, they stay on loop with even the minute details about each of the tasks and the time spent per task.

Now once the solo practitioner or the law firm knows about how much time is needed to perform a particular task, things get scheduled properly. Much of the time gets saved in calculating hours invested per task, and the saved time gets invested in the core work instantly. 

This blog is designed in order to let you understand how much significance the best time tracking software carries with it. It will assist you in getting insight into the importance of using a time tracking mechanism virtually. 

What Does Time Tracking Mean?

Time tracking is the overall analysis of work done per employee either weekly, monthly, or yearly depending upon the organizational structure of tracking time. Compensations and salaries are being paid according to the time invested and services rendered by the employees. So it serves as a really great tool to be managed in a law firm without any duplication or error. 

Why Move Towards Digitalization?

Is every minute detail of information or time spent being billed?

Not always or not accurately, many times time is billed on an hourly basis. Proper notes are being maintained in paper formatted documents and a final bill is being prepared. 

But what about the short conversation in the form of text, email, call being made?

Are they always recorded?

Even the time spent in gaining information from clients and answering client queries also falls under billable hours. A lawyer mostly neglects this part of billable time and thus gets less revenue than the actual amount. With the lawyer’s full-packed day, it’s not possible to bill all types of time spent in the billing report. Many things get missed out. 

It’s the next step to implement the automated time tracking tool at lawyers’ workplaces. 

Eliminating all the drawbacks of manual time tracking, online best time tracking software comes with ultimate benefits that lead to effective time tracking. With new tech solutions, time tracking has become one of the easiest tasks to be performed by a lawyer, without any extra efforts being made, time gets easily tracked and reports of both billable and non-billable hours are being generated accurately. 

Top 7 Benefits of Using Time Tracking Software?

1.Consistent Efficiency

With an accurate time tracking procedure, you can anytime present screenshots of time spent to your clients in case of any doubt. A systematic dashboard will help your client to be updated and to see what all things are done and what all is pending from the lawyer’s side. 

Proper communication is possible when both are aware of the case status. Workflows smoothly with legal case management software from both ends without letting any confusion rule over the case. Nothing gets delayed and efficiency is noticed automatically with the utilization of a perfect time tracking machine. 

2.Effective Decision Making

Does decision-making require time tracking software?

Well, time tracking sets the base for decision-making. It assists you in managing your time off work and helps you in maintaining work-life efficiency overall. 

Now while going through the process of time tracking, you get to know when the report is generated. You look around how much time is being spent on the actual case and how much time is wasted. 

Now with the full report, you can easily make out what are the modifications needed to boost your firm’s productivity on a larger scale.  With both billable hours and non-billable hours calculated, the time is being saved to recalculate what’s already calculated. 

3.Clear Billing Report

Most service businesses need a proper time tracking mechanism in order to get a full insight into how much time is being spent per customer. Revenues are calculated on the basis of employee time investment in the work. Nothing seems unreal when online reports are generated automatically. From each second detail being entered in the billing report, the client, as well as the lawyer, is aware of what all tasks are performed and what is the final payment to be paid. By including every set of times, the billable hours get more and more accurate as compared to manual billing. 

4.Increased Revenue

Does manual billing consider every second in billable hours?

With so many paper notes and entries to be made, the small data gets missed many times, due to the huge workload of lawyers. It’s not possible to remember everything when you are the only one noting down all the time of work and also managing tasks.

With legal time tracking software, one can easily access the overall report in a single go, without much paperwork. 

Now the lawyer delivers the overall time spent on a case to its client, and the client gains satisfaction and pays without asking any further questions. 

5.Paperless Work

How many papers are maintained in order to generate one billing report?

Many paper files are created and stored manually. With taking a huge amount of lawyer’s daily time, manual time tracking also involves duplication of entries. 

For a lawyer, it becomes hectic to correct the duplication or errors in a full-fledged report. Looking around different papers and files and finding a minute error seems quite time-consuming. 

With so many drawbacks seen in the most important element of the legal sector, the need to invest in the best time tracking software seems fair enough. With everything managed seamlessly, most of the lawyers’ time gets saved and accurate billing reports are generated in a single click.

6.Increased Team Accountability

Now every employee is aware of the time that they need to spend on a particular task. With the awareness about what all needs to be done, the tasks are completed before the deadline. Chaos is reduced in the law firm and a smooth flow of operations takes place. 

Once employees get into the flow of daily work, they will notice the change in working hours and productive hours. Then with proper reports in their head, they will try to manage to make less non-billable hours and more billable time. Productivity will increase with the proper flow of tasks and events in place. The team, as well as individual employees, will be able to work seamlessly without any hurdles. 

7.Accurate Performance Check

You can easily pull out any employee performance check, in just a single click without turning loads of paper.  Law firms can grow easily with proper correcting methods to boost the productivity and efficiency of lawyers. 

It’s a secure and easy handling way to check what your employee is working on, and how much is the employee working. Sometimes the most time-consuming task can be completed in less time if known timely. With CaseFox time tracking software you get each tool to track billable and non-billable time smoothly. 

8.Present Your Professional Image

Running around paper files and maintaining huge paper logs doesn’t seem to show a professional shadow in front of outsiders and clients. Neither does the use of manual billing seem flexible and time-friendly. 

Thinking about the legal profession is something that needs a tool that takes less time in execution and gives instant results. Adopting proper time tracking software needs to be kept at every legal workspace in order to generate billing reports virtually. 

Professional behavior attracts more clients and helps a business to grow in terms of efficiency and productivity. Profits are easily earned when time is managed and tasks are executed with proper coordination.Conclusion

The idea to jump towards virtual time management solutions is one of the needs of an hour for every law firm and professional. Time management seems an attractive tool in front of users and clients, it speaks professionalism in law practic


The idea to jump towards virtual time management solutions is one of the needs of an hour for every law firm and professional. Time management seems an attractive tool in front of users and clients, it speaks professionalism in law practice. CaseFox takes into account your time and manages tasks with proper time allocation so that nothing gets slipped out of your hand. If done manually, calculating billable hours and getting profits exactly what amount of time you have invested seems a really hectic task. Value your time and get paid for your real-time investment with proper legal time tracking software.


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