The legal industry in the US holds a market share of  $397 Billion approximately. Such a huge number shows that the legal industry is rushing to higher advancements and edgy competition. To gain a market fit, attorneys and law firms are stepping towards a technological approach to upgrade workflow efficiency.

Back in 2021, the global legal tech market held a value of approximately 18.4 Billion USD which is estimated to raise up to 400 Billion USD by 2025. Lawyers have always faced barriers adopting new technologies. Reports also suggest that, even before the Covid pandemic, law firms were having difficulties in tech upgrades.

However, just like every other industry, Covid pandemic left the legal industry with valuable lessons. Lessons about adopting technology, implementing it in the organizations and even in their law firm management software. However, with these updates lawyers started to tremble in deciding which software to choose.

In our blog post, we will help you draw conclusions on which legal tech to choose for your law firm. Not just this, we will also try helping you with a process while making a decision.

Filtering Goals with the Featured Funnel

An expanding legal tech industry offers you with numerous options to choose from. From case management to client communication, from filtering documents to report analysis, the market is filled with software offerings. And in such a hassle it gets confusing for lawyers and law firms to make a call. 

We understand how difficult it is to do so and have a few suggestions which will help you ease the pain. Try opting a simple approach, put your tasks and goals in a refinery and decide what’s important for you at first. May it be, client management, or case management, or timekeeping process.

This will provide you a better picture of your needs as a law firm and will help you serve better as an entity.

Outlining the Workflow Process

Operating a law firm was never an easy task and especially when you are a solo practitioner. To get through the challenge of selecting the right legal tech we need to focus on a few things. It’s time you call in a meeting with the vertical heads of your firm.  Run a SWOT analysis of your firm, find the loopholes and mark down the cross points achieving your goal.

This will guide you in ways where you can distribute your tasks between automated techniques and manual staff.

Market Research and Development Process

For a better understanding and a clear perspective, you need to prioritize things.

Make a list of things including – 

  • Is customized software required to fulfill organizational needs?
  • What will be your set budget?
  • Will there be a need for a white-label solution?
  • What are your possibilities to process a data migration?
  • What level of training will you need operating on a cloud-based tech solution?
  • What integration do you need as a law firm to operate?

Advice Worth a Million Dollar

A professional advice can always be the cherry on the cake. Before concluding a final decision, go through the reviews, have an in-depth understanding via the demo, perform intensive research, or consult a legal professional.

Selecting a legal tech as a lawyer is a difficult task to perform. However, we at CaseFox, are working towards revolutionizing the legal industry in various geographies including the US and the UK. CaseFox feels immense pleasure extending hands to our lawyers and law firms helping them select the best for them. We offer a wide range of features in our law firm management software. The list includes case management, client communication, document management, timekeeping and expense records, and so much more.

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