According to a Gartner, report lawyers spend as much as 20% of their time in collecting and assembling documents. Managing and assembling piles of paperwork is a daunting task. Document management is one of the many challenges lawyers face in the legal industry.

Yet, the bigger question is why do lawyers face challenges in document management practices?

After doing detailed research we came down to three main reasons;

1. Not being tech savvy

2. Lack of automation

3. Not enough bandwidth of knowledge

A complicated document management process can create barriers in collaboration, effective sharing, and management. To understand how law practice can be more effective,

here are the top challenges faced by lawyers in document management processing

Privacy and Security Concerns

Privacy is the top cause of lawyers budging away from shifting control to automation. Dealing with more than thousands of papers every day. It becomes difficult to keep tabs on information circulated within the firm with the increased risk of files getting misplaced and lost.

Document management solutions such as CaseFox can help you drop the stress about privacy being the number one issue. Giving features such as double encryption to give you double the protection to safeguard crucial information.

Role-based access blocks any unwanted access in retiring, editing, and sharing of files within the firm.

Not everyone works from the office and it’s next to impossible to carry all paperwork along with you. CaseFox proves to be your savior for this challenge as well. By giving you access to your files anytime and anywhere with fast and easy retrieval.

Barriers in Collaboration and Sharing

Working remotely in recent times has created a huge barrier to effective collaboration between teams. Not having an effective document solution in place creates a huge gap between colleagues resulting in a slow and hectic process.

Whereas, CaseFox gives you a greater sense of collaboration with best-in-class functionalities. With CaseFox it becomes easy to upgrade to an effective sharing through instant and safe document retrieval. Upload case-related documents to time and case entries to keep all your data in a safe and single place. Store all your documents in one single storage syncing with all edits done altogether.

Pro tip- With CaseFox you get access to unlimited storage space

1. Curating Documents from Scratch

It may be a new client onboarding, a new case, or an invoice, a lawyer needs to create a document for every single process. Building every document from scratch is not only time-consuming, but also brings a greater chance of errors and misplacing of information.

With CaseFox pre-made templates, automate your document processing with easy and efficient templates. With a few edits create your custom formats and save it for easy one-click document generation.

2. Many Repositers

Juggling between 20 applications while usual practice is nothing new for an attorney. Some files may be on a different server, conversations on a different phone, notes recorded on traditional paper, and other conversations on social platforms.

Document management software omits the need of saving various pieces of information on different applications. By giving you top-notch integrations, CaseFox helps you manage all your work and files on a unified window.

Managing and assembling documents in the old traditional way is time-consuming and frustrating hence keeping you away from adapting to new methods. Adapting a legal document management system would feel slightly different at first. 

However, it will show positive results with immediate benefits regardless of the law firm’s size. We, at CaseFox, offer robust law firm management software exhibiting exclusive features to maintain your cases, clients, documents, time entries, and so on. If you’re looking for such management solutions, we serve law firms from all categories – Solo Practitioners, Small-Sized Law Firms, Mid-Sized Law Firms, and Enterprises & Corporates. 


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