It’s often said that on average a lawyer handles somewhere around 25-30 cases annually. Whether these cases are outsourced to paralegals or handled by an in-house team to manage this much workload and cases. A law firm needs a rigorous workflow process and tech to support its practice.

2021 was a year where legal tech upsurge to towering heights with edgy competition. To gain and serve high-paying clients in a better way, attorneys have to adapt to newer tech and techniques.

However, with all the information revolving around, it’s hard to identify which one goes best for you. In this blog post, we are going to share our well-researched case management techniques for your law firm to gain a greater free flow of work balance. 

Automate! Automate! Automate!

Automation is the next big thing in the global legal industry. There are countless reasons why lawyers take a back step when it comes to legal tech, but here are the three most common reasons, why?

1.Some of them are reluctant to use the new system since they want fast ROI;

2.Other feels that case management systems are inefficient and immature solutions; 

3.Some still feel they don’t need a unified system as they are still using multiple individual systems.

Automating your law firm can bring down the manpower cost and rapidly fuel up your growth process.
Also, it can help you solve various aspects of case management such as; building an effective litigation lifecycle management, effective time tracking, organizing a legal research library, and  one-place document management. 

Prepare a Workflow Funnel 

Operating a law firm is never easy especially when you are a solo practitioner. Preparing a workflow funnel means you are segregating every task and dependency. To manually build everything, you need a ton of resources and time, rather than use case management software to do it.

With CaseFox you can accommodate almost everything from cases, clients, contacts, litigation, legal research library, e-research, and CoA. Our law firm software effectively helps you build a workflow funnel and easily segregates everything for you and your firm, offering  better productivity.

Delegating The Power 

To ensure nothing slips through the crack, it’s important to keep delegation in the loop. Not everything can be single handedly done. If you are not thorough with case management software then delegating tasks to paralegals and outsourcing to legal professionals can work wonders for an effective and fast case management. 

Get Case Management Software in the Picture 

When you are a solo practitioner an attorney is not just responsible for cases but also responsible for document management, law firm branding, billing, and effective client intake. Adapting to legal case management software will help your law firm streamline its workflow by automating all its administrative tasks such as documentation, generating bills, curating documents, and much more. Adapting to an effective case management software gets a lawyer a green flag to do other creative and important work. Moreover, on the other hand additional manpower cost is deducted or utilized for better ROI work.

It’s Vital to Understand the Power Of Legal Tech!

Legal tech has been around for a decade, bringing new evolution and changes now and then. Attorneys need to fit themselves in newer ways of working to bring greater productivity and efficiency. At CaseFox headquarters, we are working towards bringing reforms in the legal industry through our unique and upselling product MatterSuite – The Legal Matter Management Software. MatterSuite offers numerous functionalities dealing in litigation management, matter management, document management, and so on. 
We assume curiosity is generous when we talk about growth factors. And that’s why we are here to help! If you have questions regarding law firm software or advancing to the legal tech, feel free to reach out to us 24*7


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