Are you thinking of starting a new virtual law firm?

It’s something new and challenging for every professional who wants to get into a virtual business for the first time.

Legal firms deal with many areas like cases, documents, clients, conflict check, data security, payments, invoices, and many more. 

It’s important to keep a perfect setup to run your online law office smoothly without any hindrance. 

This blog will act as a full guide by providing you with all the information that will assist you in seamlessly setting your computerized law firm.

What is a virtual law firm?

A virtual legal firm is a law practice in which lawyers and attorneys deliver services and help their clients by the use of technology and a cloud-based medium. 

It is a space where lawyers operate their work from home through internet mediums. Lawyers are unable to meet clients physically but can operate and communicate from an electronic medium like zoom, google meet, Microsoft teams, etc.

With the ongoing pandemic situation, the need for online firms has been rising. It not only offers cost-effective solutions to run a law firm smoothly but it also acts as a long-term investment.

Traditional Versus Virtual Law Firms

Traditionally Law Firms used to incur more expenses for paying rent, buying machines, purchasing furniture, managing maintenance, and many more. The work-life of employees was fixed and more rigid. Traditional firms believe in working in offices set physically and never consider work from home as an option for lawyers. 

Whereas the new Electronic Law Firms have changed the overall working operation of the legal sector. It has molded the legal sector into systematic and more technology-driven firms. 

Computerized firms have reduced the overall overheads and have helped legal firms in investing the money on core work and software. The work-life balance seems more flexible and relaxed in the new virtual law firms. Lawyers can operate from anywhere and anytime and can double their revenues just by sitting in their homes and making the best use of time.

Benefits that a virtual law firm serves?

1.Overhead decrement

The beginning-up high-tech electronic firms have decreased the cost of rent, maintenance, computer cost, printing cost, and many more. Giving the leisure to work from anywhere is something more time friendly and feasible option. Many documents are easily stored and transferred in a cost-friendly way from legal document storage to tools like OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. It not only reduces the overhead cost but also delivers top features by delivering the option of legal billing software which serves the purpose and needs of the law firms in one go.

2.More competitive advantage

Due to the high cost of office maintenance and the high cost of clients, dealing with the market competition was fairly tough for the small law firms and solo practitioners. The virtual firms have made the journey of competition challenging but yet easy to cope up. The emergence of computerized offices has made it easier for lawyers to economically work from anywhere. It has given solo practitioners a way to increase their productivity with cloud-based software.

3.Flexible working

No more running around offices, clients, courts. The practice of virtual offices has made most of the law business operations automated. The unlimited paper logs are replaced with the systematic automated storage system. The electronic firms have granted most of the top-class features with just a little investment. Now a lawyer can easily manage both the work and the finances smoothly. 

A lawyer now can focus on the core work rather than rushing from client to client, making bills and entries. It’s just a click that is required and it’s all done.

4.High environment friendly

The use of paper formatted documents has been reduced due to the emergence of legal document storage like OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

The virtual firms bring along ease of work by offering eco-friendly features and space.

Things to consider before starting a virtual firm

1.Stable internet connection

Virtual operation is not possible if lawyers and clients do not have an internet connection at their home or any place from where they are operating their work. 

To start your automated computerized firm make sure you are connected with a well-stabled internet or WIFI connection to run your operations hassle-free.

2.Finance planning

Before starting any new business idea one needs to plan the resources that need to be collected to run your business. 

Proper pre-planning of calculating a rough idea around which quantity of finance will be needed. It’s vital for every lawyer, attorney, solo practitioner, and large law firm to manage finances beforehand so at the time of executing business the money doesn’t become a hurdle.

3.A well functioning computer

Once you have achieved a good internet connection and you are ready with all the finances, then it’s time to finally set your computer or laptop or MacBook, etc. according to your needs and convenience. 

It’s important to have a personalized laptop to run your business virtually. It assists in conducting virtual meetings, events, helps in managing tasks, cases, documents, and many more.

4.A running printer and scanner

A virtual firm requires many tools to help a lawyer operate its virtual business. Just a computer with a good internet connection won’t make a full electronic firm. It is important to include machines like printers and scanners to conveniently print and scan documents from the legal document storage system easily without going out. Lawyers and professionals deal with so many reports, case files, documents, etc. Many of the documents need to be printed and scanned. So a proper printer and scanner are important to complete a virtual law business.


Virtual firms are the new base for the legal business. If you are willing to change your operation from a traditional firm to a modern automated firm then this guide will surely help you to set your virtual firm effortlessly. It’s important to have a pre-plan set to start the hassle-free journey of starting a new virtual firm. Competition is easily tackled with the coming up of virtual offices as now even small firms have access to new tools that boost their productivity at the least cost.


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