Whether you’re a solo practitioner or an established law firm, clients are crucial for everyone. Getting a client onboard is as crucial as eating your first meal of the day! But the question is, what if you start skipping your meals? Let me rephrase it! Imagine having dinner without food! 

Client onboarding or client intake is the key reason to all your law firm tasks whether we say case management or document management, or timekeeping. Maintaining each client’s information in document paper files is truly an over-hectic process to gather and search for the information.

However, with advanced virtual operations, it’s easy with client intake forms software. These software are precisely designed to keep a proper record of the onboarding clients electronically.

Reasons why to make client intake a prerequisite-

1. Suppress Manual Paperwork

Onboarding new clients isn’t easy on a manual basis. It requires a lot of paperwork by the client side before engaging with a law firm. This includes their basic information including their name, information, case details, and many more.  

CaseFox offers a smooth client intake form software helping you overcome the problems in the traditional intake process. Also, it makes the intake forms look professional and highly acceptable for the new client.

2. Magnet Prospect Clients

There are several clients a lawyer deals with. It’s really important to maintain an effective clients list that will help a law firm to strategize their cases and time. These client intake forms provide clarity to the lawyers so that they can easily point out the potential clients which further helps their partners in distributing their time per client to address prospect needs and pain points.

3. Potential Time Saving 

To know a particular client, the attorneys must be well aware of the information regarding the client. Attorneys cannot go through each piece of information by gathering paper notes for the same. Client intake forms help a lawyer gather, store, and search information regarding its clients in a single click and therefore save a lot of time in the entire process. 

4. Surpassing client experience 

Law firms use a variety of marketing techniques to attract and satisfy clients. The CaseFox law firm billing software helps a law firm in tracking each information regarding the client. The client intake module also helps a lawyer set rigid deadlines regarding the case. Also, it helps them update the clients about various pieces of information on a timely basis.

5. Accurate Data Entry

Making effective decisions is only possible if a firm has accurate data with it. The virtual client intake form has shaped how a law firm can organize and store data of a particular client. Every law firm looks for options where data remains safe and has fewer chances of manipulation. CaseFox provides the top-notch facility of safeguarding your client’s data via client intake forms.


In every business, clients play a crucial part in maintaining business operations and resources. It’s important to track clients and manage their information wisely to gain their trust. The client intake forms serve as the link for the lawyer to connect with new clients. The use of the intake forms not only guarantees security but also makes a lawyer aware of the particular client beforehand. It acts as a magnet to attract new clients through the forms which help them to gain valuable clients for long-term survival.

Our team at CaseFox holds significant experience in serving the legal billing industry. We believe in offering a solution which helps solo practitioners and law firms to manage tasks at ease. We not just sell, we solve a problem from dust to dawn. Take a small tour of our product to know the infinite pool of opportunities.


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