Both paralegals and attorneys must keep up with the rapid changes in the legal field. Paralegal newsletters might assist you in staying up to date. While administrative activities were previously the domain of paralegals, businesses are increasingly using automated digital solutions to manage them. As a result, paralegals are taking on responsibilities that are getting more complicated—and generally discovering new ways to be useful. 

However, the rapid pace of change can also be a little frightening. Paralegals may find it challenging to understand their position in the midst of all the action.

It’s crucial for law firms to master the technological aspect of the business to conduct operations and stay ahead of the curve. By doing this, you not only benefit your clients by offering superior legal services, but you also benefit yourself by working more productively. Paralegals are a component of the investment that the law business is making in technology.

Fortunately, subscribing to paralegal newsletters is a simple way to stay informed. You may even contribute to creating and publishing your own legal firm newsletters to keep your stakeholders informed. 

Not sure which newsletters to follow? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will cover the top 9 paralegal newsletters to stay up to date with the legal industry. 

9 Top paralegal newsletters to get you started. 

1. Legal Tech Briefs

CaseFox newsletter Legal Tech Briefs is a one-stop platform for all your legal news and updates. CaseFox newsletter covers an array of topics from improving your law firm’s productivity to new technological updates and softwares that may benefit your firm. Their monthly publication provides information on legal conferences, legal trends, and technological support. In addition to the IOP’s analysis of the most recent significant modifications for each practice area of the law.

Legal tech briefs newsletter page

2. Family Lawyer Magazine’s Newsletter

The Family Lawyer Magazine newsletter is an excellent resource if you practice family law. With over 30,000 monthly readers, The Family Lawyer Magazine is one of the top family law journals in the US and Canada. Some of the most reputable lawyers in the professional field provide insights and opinions in their newsletter. It is therefore ideal for professionals at all career levels. 

3. Facts and Findings

The National Association of Legal Assistants, or NALA, publishes this quarterly publication. It provides content created by paralegals, lawyers, and other specialists. Each issue also features columns on ethics, technology, software, and breaking news from across the states that are all exclusively focused on the paralegal profession. These columns appear in addition to the main pieces.

4. The National Paralegal Reporter

The National Federation of Paralegal Associations, or NFPA, publishes “The National Paralegal Reporter” magazine bi-monthly as its official journal. It contains how-to articles that give readers useful advice as well as feature stories on relevant subjects. It is replete with knowledge that is relevant to the paralegal field, including case law, legislation, and technological instruction. It is available on the internet, and each NFPA member also receives a full-color print copy in the mail.

5. CaseFox’s Blog Newsletter

CaseFox gives you a complete detailed blog related to paralegals and lawyers. For example, check out the blog on how paralegals help lawyers or if you’re looking for interviewing someone, then you can read the blog related to the top paralegal interview questions you need to know.

Stay updated with the top legal blogs and let CaseFox provide you with top news and blogs.

6. @Law

NALS, the Association for Legal Professionals, publishes this quarterly journal. It covers themes including current legal concerns, office administration, buying, new technologies for law offices, and pieces about professional networking, legal education, and ethical considerations. This magazine has endured the test of time; it was formerly called The Docket. For over 50 years, NALS has been publishing it. It is intended for other legal assistants, such as legal secretaries, in addition to paralegals.

7. ‍SCOTUSblog Daily Digest

This newsletter offers a daily summary of legal news from various sources. The Supreme Court is primarily the emphasis of SCOTUSblog, and subscribers get daily updates with 4–7 links to the most significant Supreme Court-related news from throughout the internet. A multitude of SCOTUS content, including blog articles, podcasts, videos, and more, is also included on the site.

8. ‍MatterSuite’s Blog Newsletter

Here at MatterSuite, we deliver content-rich topics which not only help you in gaining insight into the legal sector but also help you in streamlining your law practice more effectively. For example, read our blog which gives you information about how you can effectively organize your documents, or if you’re looking for legal writing tips, then look at the blog of tips to improve your legal writing.

Stay updated with the latest blogs and let MatterSuite help both lawyers and paralegals in accessing everything in a centralized place.

9. ‍Criminal Law Paralegal Newsletter

From being the best in providing the latest news to giving exceptional commentary on the latest trends, criminal law newsletters prove to be the more engaging and reader-friendly newsletters. Readers get the prime benefit of accessing the newsletter, 5 days a week, which allows them to stay updated throughout the whole week.

Benefits of writing a newsletter for your law firm 

In addition to following leading newsletters, you can also consider developing your own newsletters. You can benefit greatly by developing a newsletter for your law firm.

You can increase the number of visitors to your website and the amount of time they spend there, driving targeted traffic has a significant positive impact on your website’s SEO. 

1. Stay connected to your clients

For a reason, your consumers have decided to join or stay on your mailing list. First and first, it’s because they respect and trust your law practice, and secondly, it’s because they want to hear from you with information. Your law firm’s e-newsletter gives you the chance to keep in touch with your clients in a friendly and professional manner while also offering them engaging material.

client communication and discussion taking place

2. Increase your website traffic 

By increasing the number of visitors to your website and the amount of time they spend there, driving targeted traffic has a significant positive impact on your law firm website’s SEO. As you encourage readers of your e-newsletter to visit your law firm’s website for more information on pertinent issues, videos, consultations, events, etc., your e-newsletter plays a vital part in supporting your SEO efforts.

3. Grow your social media following 

Social media platforms have to be a key component of any marketing plan. As a result, increasing your social media following through your e-newsletter is a successful strategy. 

One straightforward strategy is to urge your readers to follow you on your social media accounts for regularly updated legal news. Another strategy is to start a discussion with your readers on a certain subject in your e-newsletter and at the end invite them to your social media channel to participate in answers from other readers on the subject. In this situation, you would need to pick the material that has generated enough interest and interaction to warrant their visit.

4. Understand what intrigues your clients 

Because they want to hear from you, your subscribers are usually more likely to interact with you regarding the information you publish in your e-newsletter. Invite your readers to remark or share their thoughts by linking to a relevant blog article or Facebook post. 

Such contact frequently offers insightful information about the requirements and preferences of your clients. Another excellent strategy that e-newsletters are excellent for is surveys. Ask your consumers questions to get information about their hobbies, potential business ventures, or other worthwhile topics to write about.

Perhaps you’re considering growing your law firm and want to know if clients might be interested in branching out into various practice areas or office locations. Your newsletter may help you test the waters: whether you solicit feedback to determine interest or start writing general articles about a new practice area, your law firm newsletter can be a tool for you to grow your business.

communicating with clients

5. Increase the lifetime value of your clients 

The necessity for numerous legal services along the route may become obvious as our lives progress. Regularly communicating with your consumers through an e-newsletter has the potential to raise their lifetime value, encouraging them to come back to your law firm for assistance should they want legal services in the future. E-newsletters enable you to consistently create trust with your clients, which is a key factor in generating repeat business.

6. Move beyond just news

Beyond the news, people want richer explanations of the legal philosophies that concern them on a daily basis.  It gives you a fresh writing ability that makes it possible for you to connect with potential customers. Becoming their instructor also establishes authority while assisting readers in making better judgments. 

Accessible legal information is quite popular right now. The majority of people must deal with a legal problem at some time in their life. However, the legislation might be confusing to them. Because of this, blogs may be quite helpful. Without using less understandable legal jargon, you may instruct students on more complicated legal topics.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that legal blogs do start fresh discussions. Your authority in a perplexing and stressful media climate was built by your professional commentary on news occurrences. An excellent place to be for your reputation is as a level-headed expert who demystifies and de-sensationalizes legal news.


You can easily keep up with the constantly evolving legal sector by subscribing to paralegal newsletters. You’ll be more knowledgeable about your field of expertise, which will without a doubt improve your law firm’s performance. As you encourage readers of your e-newsletter to visit your law firm’s website for more information on pertinent issues, videos, consultations, events, and so forth, your e-newsletter plays a vital part in supporting your SEO efforts.


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