What are you waiting for, access everything from your own mobile phones?

CaseFox legal billing software is all set to make your work look hassle-free by giving you the choice to operate from anywhere anytime from your mobile phones. Your need is what CaseFox tries to fulfill, and here it is with its improvised mobile app for lawyers which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store as per your comfort and it serves you with all the necessary tools you require to have a smooth workflow from any location you are in.

It’s easy to manage any legal practice when you just have to log in from your mobile phone in order to get all that you require.

Many doubts will be in your head about how beneficial the mobile application will be? What are the new changes being made in the mobile app?

You don’t need to worry, as this blog will help you out to successfully know about what the new mobile application is all about in the form of the whole guide. 

Why CaseFox over others?

When we talk about why only CaseFox legal software, then yes it does offer exceptional features which makes the question apt for many new users. 

1.Access Data Anywhere Anytime

Manage everything from your pocket and don’t stress about work when you are away from your office. CaseFox offers hassle-free mobile access to enable you to never face trouble in case you want to manage everything from your phone. 

Get whatever document or information you need without carrying huge laptops. Avail everything and never hamper your case progress with CaseFox. 

2.Avail Profits 

Being able to work from anywhere with just a phone helps you in being effective and commendable in your work. It enables everything to be managed flexibly. 

CaseFox helps you in saving a lot of time by helping you in accessing everything that you need from anywhere with just a click on your phone. It makes your life easier by letting you earn profits even when you are away from your office. 

3.Welcoming Flexibility

Pandemic has made the whole legal practice change its working pattern by enabling remote working in their day-to-day practice. Working from home is what lawyers implement to stabilize work, but things get detrimental when lawyers are away from their desktops. 

CaseFox looked into the trouble and came up with a flexible solution to allow lawyers and clients to access the whole data from their mobile phones which made the whole process quite flexible. 

4.Keep Track Of Everything 

Being a lawyer comes with many responsibilities and if you are managing a whole law firm then you might be stressed you aren’t able to track what’s going on exactly when you are not in the office. 

CaseFox legal software is now merged in mobile applications to allow users to easily manage and track what’s happening in their absence. From tracking time to knowing what is the update of cases, you get it all in just one click. 

Key features offered by CaseFox Mobile lawyer’s app

With everything being offered in a single tool, CaseFox is ready to give all the essential features to the users in the most cost-effective and flexible way. 

1.Client Creation And Assigning Of Relevant Case

Any lawyer can now assign tasks to its staff from the app directly without visiting the law office or meeting the staff member. 

The staff gets easily notified for the task assigned and the user can also set reminders and deadlines for the same. The client’s intake gets easily managed from the mobile without any additional human effort. 

2.All Account Management With Its Overall Transaction History.

Every account and fund gets managed easily from any location with just a mobile phone and an internet connection. 

Be updated with all transactions happening in your absence and let your staff know if there is something you want to add on. 

3.Easy Calendaring 

No matter where you are, track everything online without any desktop needed. Manage dates and schedule meetings from anywhere with the legal calendaring feature.

Smoothly manage all client’s meetings and meet deadlines before time without any delay in the same.

4.Unlimited Document Management 

Managing logs of documents isn’t an easy thing to tackle. Lots of time and effort are required to separately keep each case file and client information. 

With CaseFox mobile lawyer app’s legal document management feature say no to paper files and store everything in software at a centralized place. 

What’s new this time?

1.Exceptional User Interface

A lot many changes can be seen in the new CaseFox mobile application for lawyers. The overall performance level is increased in all aspects in order to make it worth it for the users. 

The functionality of the app offers a simplified user interface that allows new users to easily go along with the app without any additional training. 

2.Access Both Bulk And Individual Invoices

Creating invoices is really one of the most time-taking and crucial tasks to be executed on time or else the client gets a lot of questions and dissatisfaction. 

With CaseFox’s new mobile application, you can easily create both individual and bulk invoices without incurring any complexity for the same. 

3.Performance Checker

Growth is possible when your law firm is able to point out where they are going wrong or what needs to get modified. 

A proper performance check is made possible from your mobile phone with CaseFox. Now you can check your whole year’s performance in just a click without any additional staff required to calculate the same. 

4.Hassle-Free Conflict Check

Running a case involves the element of checking clients’ backgrounds with existing clients. Conflict check ensures that no client gets into conflict with others.

CaseFox law firm mobile app makes it easy for you to check all the clients by submitting their names and getting the whole list in just a click from anywhere

5.Get All Updates On A Single Screen

Some information has to look upon even when you are away from the office. But with the fast-moving world, the option to access anything away from the office seems really hectic. 

With CaseFox never get stressed regarding updates, get everything from your phone in a few minutes. Information like payment status, invoice information like how much is being paid how much is received, and so on can be seen on a single screen.

6.Easy Withdrawal And Transfer Of Funds

Keeping a proper check on funds and their flow is really crucial for every law firm and lawyer. Many times deviations are seen in funds while it is being processed and the trouble needs to get resolved as soon as possible. 

All transactions related to account cards can be checked and analyzed from the mobile application offered by CaseFox.


Isn’t it troublesome to carry big laptops while traveling or when you are away from the office? Managing work while being away from the office is really hectic and sometimes stressful. CaseFox is there to help you out with all the trouble you are facing by managing work from anytime anywhere. The mobile app enables users to operate all their law practice from their mobile itself. Whether it be legal case management, legal billing, scheduling client meetings and many more can easily be done in just a click.


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