Last weekend one of our clients, Daniel, came to our office for a coffee discussion and to review our legal billing software. While discussing, he questioned me saying, “why lawyers don’t get along with tech updates and legal automation?”

And unlike him most of us have a thought that lawyers are technology averse and don’t align with legal tech automation. But, the question is: Is it really true? Are lawyers really not into technology and automation? Or is it just one out of countless myths people carry?

Let’s break this down to a conclusion before you change your mind.

A Myth or Just a Bad Assumption?

People dealing in the legal industry often have an assumption that lawyers are disinclined to automation and advanced legal tech. Also, I have heard people saying that lawyers pertain to risk free behavior and avoid changing the business model.

And this fact often creates barriers for innovators and entrepreneurs who try to build software to ease legal billing, law firm management to list a few. Humans usually have a tendency to grow and cherish what they have, so do lawyers.

Recently I read an article highlighting, “lawyers are resistant to change” and have no business skills. Is that really true? Rather, company founders don’t get enough traction from the marketing strategy and tend to blame the market.

The Fear of Losing or Complete Aversion

However, the fact is lawyers are open to change in automation and legal tech. They are willing to adopt legal technology as long as it helps them grow and fulfill their needs. Lawyers are constantly in search of tech updates that can help them in different facets of law firm management. This includes tasks such as timekeeping and expense tracking, legal billing, marketing to list a few.

The legal tech industry is fragile and tough to deal with. Lawyers usually work around with a fear of getting sued for malpractice or even losing their license is constant. If there is a disinclination in adapting legal tech, that’s not because of any genetic predisposition but because of the fear. To crack the legal industry and attain market fit with the lawyers entrepreneurs must create products offering assurance from this fear.

Legal Tech & Services – A Zero Tolerance Market

How can entrepreneurs create such a space for lawyers and law firms? Answer is simple. Lawyers often deal in a Zero-Tolerance zone when dealing in legal tech. They are keen about opting a product which offers reliability, security, and flexibility to blend in different facets. For attaining a market fit, entrepreneurs must converse with lawyers to understand their needs, meaning going beyond high-end constraints.

Unlike any other professional lawyers also needs high-end technology updates. Lawyers are also business professionals who desire substantial growth for them. And automation and tech is the key to it! So, if next time you hear someone saying lawyers are technology-averse! Break the monotony with this.

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