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Welcome to Legal Tech Brief! In this riveting episode, your host Ankita takes you on a journey through the dynamic energy landscape of the Southern African region. Joined by the esteemed Joseph Ilunga from Ilunga & Company, a seasoned professional with 16 years of expertise in Personal Injury, Energy, and Real Estate, we delve into the intricate intersections of law and technology that shape the legal landscape. From cutting-edge developments in energy law to the transformative impact of legal tech, this episode promises insights that go beyond the surface. Tune in as we unravel the complexities, challenges, and opportunities in the ever-evolving legal tech space, with a focus on Southern Africa’s unique context. It’s time to power up your legal knowledge – welcome to a captivating exploration of the intersection between law, technology, and the energy sector!

Host Bio:

Guest: Joseph Ilunga

Joseph Ilunga is a dynamic Advocate of the Supreme Court of Zambia with over 15 years experience highly focused on commercial disputes, corporate advisory and also structuring huge and complex transactions in energy and infrastructure financing and development. Joseph is the founder and Managing Partner of Ilunga & Company, a contemporary Commercial Law, domiciled in Zambia’s capital Lusaka with operations on the Copperbelt and extension to the mineral-rich North Western Province.

Ilunga & Company which extends service to Zambia’s neighbouring countries in the Southern Africa region has a dedicated approach to Commercial Disputes, Commercial Arbitration, Corporate Structuring, Trust and Settlements, Structuring and Managing Energy and Infrastructure Projects.

As Managing Partner, Joseph has continued to play a central role in helping Ilunga & Co remain on the path of consistent growth as well as navigate the period of significant changes and challenges in the legal industry and the global business landscape triggered mainly by Covid-19 and other technological advances.

Anchoring the practice on innovation, integrity and excellence, Mr Ilunga has developed a strong connection with senior executives and other key stakeholders trying to make sense of real commercial issues for the benefit of clients.

Joseph also leverages his expertise and experience to serve key players in energy and infrastructure transactions, including lenders, developers, contractors among others to promote consensus and agreement based on this broad experience.

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Zambia. He is highly experienced in
negotiating and drafting Power Purchase Agreements, Engineering Procurement and

Construction Contracts and other related multifaceted commercial transactions. Joseph is also
passionate about Dispute Resolution and Corporate Advisory and also Tax and Employment.

Prior to the foundation of Ilunga & Company, Joseph worked as an integral member of the in- house Legal Directorate at ZESCO Limited, Zambia’s largest state-owned power utility company, where he rose to Deputy Head before leaving for private practice. Upon leaving ZIALE, Ilunga worked at Corpus Legal Practitioners as an Advocate in Dispute Resolution and Corporate Advisory Departments. He was also a member of Tax and Employment practice groups at Corpus Legal Practitioners Firm.

Host: Ankita

Ankita is a dynamic professional with a passion for legal tech, social media management, and podcasting. With a keen eye for the intersection of law and technology, Ankita has carved her niche in the ever-evolving world of legal tech. Her expertise in harnessing cutting-edge technology to streamline legal processes is second to none.
As a social media manager, Ankita brings her creative flair to the digital realm, crafting engaging content and strategies that resonate with audiences across platforms. Her knack for storytelling and digital marketing has propelled brands to new heights.
Ankita’s true calling, however, lies in the world of podcasting. With a real knack for captivating storytelling, she hosts and produces insightful podcasts that delve into the intricacies of law, technology, and societal impacts. Her podcasts have garnered a dedicated following, making her a respected voice in the legal tech community.
Ankita’s journey continues to inspire, as she combines her passions to bridge the gap between law, technology, and the digital landscape.



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