In this digital era, law firm business cards still hold relevance and are essentially part of lawyers’ networking. These cards bridge the gap between the virtual and physical realms. Law office business cards can help in attracting more clients and building personal relationships. 

According to reports, some businesses experienced an increase in sales by 25% for every 2000 business cards they distribute. This number itself speaks to the importance of having an attorney business card. In this blog, we will explore why professional attorney business cards are necessary and will be sharing some attorney business card samples. 

Why is a business card of lawyers a necessity? 

Here are a few reasons why the business cards of lawyers are necessary: 

  • It is a sign of professionalism and credibility. It is a tangible representation of your legal practice existence. 
  • Business cards play an important role at the time of networking events, such as conferences, social events, lawyer’s meetings, etc. 
  • These cards succinctly provide all the contact information that an individual might need to connect with the firm. Your phone number, office location, and email address consist of everything. 
  • It also plays a vital role in law firm marketing and branding. The card consists of the name, logo, call to action, practice area, etc. 
  • It serves as the best option for referral purposes. When any client or contact wants to refer you, they can simply share your card with them.

What Should Be Included on Lawyer Business Cards?

If you are a lawyer or firm, having a business card is important. Here are a few things that your modern lawyer business card should include. An informative card can help you with more clients, so make sure you add the following things to your law firm business cards: 


Logo is your identity, so it is important to include a professional law firm logo on your business card. It encapsulates the essence of your law firm. It is a core stone of your law office business card, as it holds the power of recognition and association. 

Mission Statement 

If you want to add an everlasting impression of your law firm, ensure you have a mission statement. Not just that adding a tagline on your card can also be effective. It should be catchy and memorable at the same time. Having a mission statement can give potential clients an insight into your firm or practice.  

Firm Name 

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have your firm name on your professional lawyer business card. Make sure you are aligning your firm card with your brand identity. Write the name of your firm in bold and with the colors of your brand. Make it clear and concise for clients to understand. 

Contact Information

Contact Information

What’s a business card without contact information? Contact information is the lifeline of your law office business card, so make sure your card consists of that. Make sure to add your phone number, email, law firm website address, and social media links so it is easier for people to connect with you. If there are multiple attorneys working at your firm, make sure you are adding the identity of at least one on your card. 

Practice Areas

Adding Practice areas to your law firm business card can be a plus point. You can list your main practice areas on the card. This will provide more clarity to potential clients. 

Call to Action 

Having a call to action on your business card is crucial as it will motivate your clients to take some kind of action. Use a tagline that motivates your potential clients to contact you. A call to action is necessary, so make sure you are including a short and crisp CTA.

Lawyer Business Card Examples

If you are planning to get a card for your law firm, here are some of the best attorney business cards examples: 

lawyer business card examples

This is the first and the basic lawyer business card examples. This card spoke simplicity, if that is something your law firm roots for you can choose it. The card consists of a name, tagline, and other contact information. By using a card similar to this, you can have a minimal approach and provide the necessary information to your potential clients. 

 sample business cards for lawyers

On the list of sample business cards for lawyers, we have this card, which is appealing and catchy for the eyes. This card represents the brand’s color. By selecting a card like this, you can reflect your firm’s identity with the help of colors. The card consists of menial contact information. If that is something you want for your business, you can get a card similar to this.

Designing your law office business card

If you want to add some color to your card and offer information like contact and address. A card similar to the above can be a quite useful option. In this card, you can add the logo of your firm, the color of your brand, and some other necessary information.

How to Design Lawyer Business Cards

Designing your law office business card is akin to sculpting your firm’s brand presence. If you want to ensure that your brand leaves a lasting impression on your potential clients and contacts, here are a few helpful design tips: 

Keep it simple, clean, and readable: It is important to design your business card in such a way that it is readable and clean. Opt for a minimal and uncluttered design so that you can clearly mention all the necessary details on your card. Use a color pallet that is professional or colors that represent your law firm. Avoid too vibrant colors as they won’t look professional. 

Keep it simple, clean, and readable

Size & Shape: The size of your business card and its shape should adhere to the standard size. Don’t just go on using any size as it can be unprofessional. The most commonly used shape and size for business cards is 88 x 55mm. 

The Bottom Line 

Attorney business cards may be old school, but they are classic when it comes to law firm branding and marketing. Whether you have a law firm or you are practicing solo, it is necessary to have a business card. 

These cards help in making professional connections. Make sure to create a minimal and informative business card. You can take inspiration from the above-mentioned cards. We have mentioned everything that you need to know about law firm business cards so that you can have one for your business. 

Some FAQs on Law Firm Business Cards 

Can I design my attorney business card myself?

Yes, you can definitely design your attorney’s business cards for yourself. You can use platforms like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and VistaPrint. However, if you are not well versed in designing, consider hiring a graphic designer for a more professional look.

What is the best font for business cards?

Clean and easy-to-read fonts are best for law firm business cards. Arial, Helvetica, Garamond, and Times New Roman are some of the most popular and professional fonts for business cards. Make sure you are not using any overly decorative fonts as they look unprofessional and are hard to read.

What colors are the best for attorney business cards?

Colors for your business card can vary according to your logo and branding. You can opt for colors that are present in your logo and if you have any specific brand color, go for it. But make sure you are not using very vibrant colors. However, neutral colors like black, white, and gray are perfect if you want something minimal and professional.


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